Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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@Jak: That's nice.

Mine was totally better.

Pfft, I just had spaghetti. That wasn't Italian >.>.



Still nothing? *dies of suspense*

@Random: Oh yeah? Well mine had, had cheese on it! So there! <.<

Oh god I was gone all of yesterday, I had this strange thing called a life....... It frightened me but I probably missed a lot during that time.
*checks thread*

Hmm It appears I didn't miss much XD

@Jak: Mine had basil.

@Pizza: There is only one pizza. It contains nothing but meat, cheese, tomato sauce and a fluffy crust. All others are only imitations.

@Malyc: A ha ha ha no.


Margherita is the boss of pizzas. Anything else can get the fuck out.

@RaNDM: But there are vegetables on there... that automatically disqualifies it from being a legitimate form of pizza.

@Malyc: I agree, plain pepperoni pizza for me!

@Pizza: Please the best pizza is the plain cheese pizza. no need to add things to it :P

@Malyc: Tomato is a fruit. Basil is an herb. Get your foods right.

@staika: Even cheese pizza has seasoning in it. Can you guess what it is?


@RaN: Or does it......
I wouldn't know, I just eat the pizza XD

@RaNDM: But if you smash the basil fine enough, it becomes a part of the sauce. Also, I worked in a pizza shop and we never added basil to the cheese ones we made.

@Malyc: It's still in the sauce. You're still eating it. With Margherita it's just sprinkled on top.

What kind of shop?

@Randm: A delivery shop, place called Hometown Pizza in Circle Pines MN. I enjoyed working there.

@Malyc: Glad you enjoyed the work. Delivery is not real pizza.

Do I have to break out a history lesson?

@Randm: No, because delivery pizza includes more than just Domino's and Pizza Hut... We actually use real cheese there, rather than soy based cheese.

@Malyc: What kind of cheese?

@Malyc: Ever tried Pizza Bianca? No tomato sauce, but with prosciutto (or something similar), olive oil, salts, and sometimes mozzarella?

@Steke Oh man, that is so good.

@Death : Okay I was executed but I've been busy so my death won't be up until later. Hopefully tomorrow.

The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun

Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none

I'm twenty years old, why do I even know this?

@RaNDM: Nothing wrong with it. For that matter, there's nothing wrong with knowing a lot of things. For example, in a few months' time I'll be able to perform eight different dance routines. ^_^

@CA: Play Dance Central. Master all the routines.

@RaNDM: I don't own an Xbox, let alone Kinect. =P

I'm talking about real dancing: Ballroom and Latin American.


i remember watching annie when i was younger

why are we singing this?

@Death : Okay I was executed but I've been busy so my death won't be up until later. Hopefully tomorrow.

@Skye: That.

@RBMidnight: If I'm impatient enough, I might be tempted to write your death for you.

@CA: Play Dance Central. Master all the routines.

Master ALL the routines!!!

@Pizza: Best pizza is loaded with meat and pineapple. End of story. 5 different kinds of meat, extra cheese, pineapple.

@Neo: D8 I could go for that!

@dance: *sighs and points to the previous post I made*

@Neo: Pepperoni, bacon, ground sausage, barbecue chicken, and lamb. Pineapple and mozzarella. Why am I not eating this now?

@CA: Latin American ball room.

@Schizzy: Huh? I'd advise against that since my postponing the death is no longer postponing the game. That and no one writes my deaths but me.

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