Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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@staika: Was a few pages back =P

I know that this isn't exactly a Caruso, but considering all of the great (albeit groan worthy) puns, I figure this is relevant:

What I'm talking about.

@sky: they always hide from me, its time to go on a hunt!

Edit: AHA! I found it, I am the master hunter :P

Edit the second: oh shit my teacher is looking at me, abort mission abort mission >.>

I would like this opportunity to say that I am very sorry Nouw. No one should ever be apart of a pun so bad but I still must show it :P

@staika: That is not how I pictured you...
I also struggle with making a decent pun with Nouw's name. So much potential...

@Jak: Do I want to know how you pictured me XD

@staika: Probably not...

@Jak: Well then we will keep it at that shall we, I am a little curious though :P

@staika: I pictured you with a jewfro. (That's basically having poofy, curly hair.) =P

I did laugh at the .gif though :D

@sky: O.o, okay that made me laugh XD

I have tried long hair and I never liked it, I almost always have my hair buzzed :P
But I usually keep a picture in my profile of myself I'm surprised you guys didn't know what I looked like. but then again the picture I have right now has most of my face covered :P

@staika: How could you use such an obvious pun on a user of such renouwn?

Crap, I'm still doing it. It's a good thing I'm really lazy or I would be making these terrifying comics too. >.<

Also, the .gif was a nice touch. ^_^

@Link: I almost missed that one! Nice...

@Sky: OH MY GOD!!! I had thought i was the only one who used Jewfro... I can say that. I have a buddy who has one, we call him Jewbacca because he's so frickin tall.

@staika: Very nice. I see I have to one up your move, however. This will be a worthy challenge...
Also, still wondering what element is thinking. xD

@link: because someone has to and it might as well be me.
And the gif was a little hard to make since I couldn't convert it to a gif for a while but I finally managed it, I think I did a good job on it though :P

@WP: bring it, I am not a master gif maker for nothing :P

@Jak: Hehe, thanks. It's been tough keeping my posts in here pun-free as of the last couple of months for some unknouwn reason. >.<

@staika: Master .gif maker, huh? I didn't realize I was in the presence of someone so important. How does someone get bestowed a title like that? XP

@Link: I almost missed that one too! XD

@link: you must climb mt gif and wait for the hermit to come out and give you a test. Pass the test and he kicks you off of the mountain. It is at that point you are a gif master.

@Staika: I thought it was once you survived the impact with the ground that you became a .gif master...

Also, what the heck happened to the captchas? i havnt seen one in weeks...

No Captchas?

Well, looks like the spam guards...

*puts on sunglasses*

...are at a loss for words.


@Sky: Well, you wouldn't like me on a bad hair day... good thing I got it cut a couple of days ago.

@staika: Ok, I admit it. I laughed xD. It's an honour to be part of a pun :P.

@Nouw: Don't you mean honouwr?

Alright, I'll stop. >.<

@Link: Now please, continue xD. Makes my day much more interesting :).
Don't, stop, me nouw...

@Nouw: Well I was pressuring myself to come up with a pun and your's was the first thing that popped into my head XD
But my intention was to make people laugh and it appears that I have succeeded :P

@Name Puns: My name is difficult to make into a pun... But cookies and internets are available to those who can succeed at it.

@Malyc: Cookies and internets? I smell a trap. And a malycious one at that!

@Malyc I can only come up with horrible ones, so bad that I think I can be sued for posting them here. Eyes will bleed and all that...

@Malyc and @Nouw Well then, considering someone has risen and met the challenge, I'll offer a stack of cookies to the first person who can make a solid enough pun out of my name.

they might be spiked

@Nouw: That was actually a good one, I applaud your pun skills :P

@Berenzen: I will try, usually these things come to me randomly. I may even make a gif for it :P

It's great to offer cookies. In fact, I also find you very overberening, and that is always good. Very zen, if you want.

You don't have to beren this weight alone, it's not only your problem. The important thing now is to keep berening zen.

Nouw I need to hide in a hole where no one will find me for making such horrible things.

"Berenzen was found with a bottle of liquor shoved down his throat."


"Looks like the victim got a taste of his own medicine."

Ngaaah! All these puns!

@RaNDM Wait...what? There's liquor named after my username?

Also, CAPTCHA wants to get into the nouw punmaking- nouw erivelp.

@Schizzy: You mad?

(tried to think of pun for your name, couldn't)

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