Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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@Berenzen: Spit negro, should have taken a screenshot xD.

@staika: Thank you :D

@Malyc: Schizz not as difficult as you think.

@Mortis: It is when you've been up since 6, and havn't had a drop of caffeine all day...

@Malyc: Well, perhaps Nouw's a good time to get some rest.

@Mortis: Perhaps... also, Nouw is such an easy pun to make... You need to broaden your horizons people!

I agree with Malyc, try to punify my name!

It is when you've been up since 6, and havn't had a drop of caffeine all day...

I get up at 7 AM most days and have no need whatsoever for caffeine. I don't understand how most people I know on the internet can sleep away their mornings.

@Jak: I already did... No one commented on it =(

@Counter: I don't sleep away my mornings. I work pretty much every day. It just takes me an assload of caffeine to wake up in the morning so i can be functional.

@Malyc: Ah... do you eat breakfast every day? 'Cause that might help a lot if you don't.

@CA: Yeah, I eat breakfast everyday. The caffeine requirement probably has it's origins in High School for me, but now I literally can't function without coffee or an energy drink before I start work. I should think about going cold turkey... Sucks to start, but you get off it quicker that way.

@Malyc: Indeed it is. Maybe I should create a pun-rhyme with all our names. Was my Malycous one not good enough D:?

@Puns: Are we implementing perestaika on SK so that Malycious puns are allowed Nouw? That'll certainly Jak up the game... or at least cause to us enCounter Attacks of an elemental nature for them puns.

Speaking of which, I'd better Skydaddle before elementsoul gets back before he goes Neolithic and puts me head on a Steke, then leave me to die slowly before rigor Mortis sets in and leaves me in a gaLoreious macabre pose of pain and death.


Sorry all... had a acute bout of pun diarrhea.

@Malyc: "Assload of caffein"?

Now all I can think of is an ass loaded with coffee.

Or a caffein enema.

@Schizzy: Awesome :D.

Hm... wonder how hard it is to punify my name, anyone care to give it a try? I'm finding this cavalcade of puns hilarious.

@Lore: Added your name to the growing monstrosity of pun-sanity that I wrote.

Count 'em name-puns!

@CA: Some of us need our beauty sleep... Also I'm a lazy bastard ;D

@Schizzy: *applause*

About the assload of caffeine... is just an expression from the Midwest that mean a lot of something.

@CA: well I am one of those people who sleeps in a lot. I believe it is mostly caused by staying up til 3 am every night and not having class till 1 so i don't have to get up early. But I'm mostly just lazy :P

Ngaaah! All these puns!

*come in after a few hours from the thread*
*see all the puns*
Oh lord...Hell hath no fury like an element scorned...
*crosses heart, lets off a quick prayer*
HIs rage will be ever flowing...
In related news...I miss coffee...Anyone got any spare beans to share?

@Sky: Heh. Fair enough.
@Pm0n3y: I actually do have some coffee beans in my fridge... I can't find my grinder, though.

@CA: Think you can send them through air mail? I can find a grinder.

Either way...


Cross your fingers guys.

*checks messages*
Looks like I am not dead, hopefully we killed the right person.
*Crosses fingers*

But now back to making a new avatar for myself, depending on if I can even convert it right.

Not dead looks like. Hopefully the right person is dead this time.

*Checks messages* I'm still alive!
*Continues bouncing ball on wall...*

It was inevitable, really. But with my death, Round 38 is over. I shall begin work on Round 39.

@CA: Awwww, poor CA :0

.... *sneaks into his house and eats the cake*

@CA: So you were the killer, You were one of the people I thought wasn't going to be the killer XD

I'll admit, I voted for CA, but then, I was just going down the list that Ynnek provided us. CA was next on the list.

@Bere: Some of us on the list thought people would do that. =P Some felt safer than others.

@CA: Yeah...sort of called it after that message you sent me. >.<

Good game though. Would it be presumptuous to assume that you were behind Skye's fake list?

Oh, don't forget about the Priest when you make up the next round! :D

@Link: Actually, Skye did that of her own free will. I had nothing to do with it.

In regards to the Priest, I'm considering it. Have you given it any more thought since it was last discussed?

@CA: Not really. My free time has been pretty thin as of late so I hadn't really gotten a chance to work on it. I suppose we could hash through it now if you've got some time.

What concerns do we still need to address?

@Link: As far as I see it, we need to know how one becomes the Priest. Others probably see bugs and flaws that I don't, though, so perhaps some more input from people is needed.

@all others: I draw your attention to the quoted post below. It's been discussed in the past, but if I'm bringing it into the next round then perhaps feedback from people who can point out things that I've missed - which is likely a lot - would be good.

Hey guys, I just had an idea for a new role a little while ago.

Alright, so we have the Arbiter who has the power to sacrifice their own life for the chance to kill another player. So what if we also had some sort of role who was able to sacrifice their life for a chance to bring another player back from the dead? For now, I'm going to call this role the Priest (Necromancer was a thought too, but I kinda like keeping a more positive sounding name attached to a role like this).

As I said, the Priest's power would be to kill themselves to bring another player back to life. Obviously, this power would be most useful when applied to someone who had a role and was killed off prematurely. This would allow for the player with the role to have a second shot at accomplishing their work against the killer.

However, now everyone in the game knows that this player has the role. This means that the killer will have a shot to murder them again outright. But it also means that the Medic will know who has this role and will be able to protect them from any further attacks. This encourages another level of group synergy which is something I would like to see more of.

The most obvious roles that would benefit from this would be the Spy, the Arbiter, and the Double Voter. The Medic would not since they are unable to protect themselves and the Entwined would not since we would be unable to resurrect both of them.

One cheesy thing that we would probably need to outlaw right away? Allowing the Arbiter to be resurrected if they had already used their power to kill someone. This would allow for an Arbiter double kill. It would be a cool combo, but it's probably too unfair to the killer. Still, if the Arbiter had not used their power yet before death, I think it would be fair to allow them a chance to get their day in the sun.

So, what do you guys think?

((All thanks to CounterAttack for helping me form this idea. XP))

@CA: Well, really, it could be selected in just about any way you want. Perhaps it's the second closest number to the random roll that chooses the Double Voter? Or another randomly selected number?

I mean, there's only so many more ways we can choose it. XP

As for bugs, I did my best to counter the major ones already but any fresh perspective is always welcome.

@CA: Well played, bro.

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