Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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Wow I leave for about 2 hrs and I am now completely lost as to what is happening XD

@Schizzy: Plenty of poofy pretty pink priests in prissy puffy purple parkas picking plenty of pounds of plums and putting peculiarly particular particles in the pistol pocket posthaste preceding a porpoise pie party preemptively populated by puckered plants planning purposefully profane plots to pulverize the puzzled pigeons plotting perestroika pending potted posies ponying pesos to pay for paper planes planing over profound peach pudding pending persnickety potbellied piglets passionate public portrayal of the Protestant pilgrimage to the promised province but are promptly parlayed by parrot pirates who procured potassium for their prototype propagating projectiles to be promptly punted at pining pussies partying with pearly pillow puffing pandas probably for purposes pithy plinking proletariats pondering planetwide pasta protection with prefabricated pinball percussion placements prematurely premeditated by possibly pugnacious pelicans preoccupied by proving that ping-pong propulsion is positively profitable against paranoid ponies proceeding with proliferating political propaganda and pushing peculiar probable pointlessness.

@RaN: It keeps happening.

@staika: We won.

What color do you like better for the priest? Gray, black, or teal?

@Link: Hooray we won!

Let's see I like teal, but I also like gray. Really doesn't matter to me :P

@element: Nature's a real bitch sometimes. XP

@staika: Alright, your vote pretty much definitively makes gray the winner. Good job! XD

@Link: yay I always seem to win these things somehow, makes me feel important :P

@staika: I look at your avatar and I see Lelouch. I correct?

@Link: Yes you are technically correct. My avatar comes from Code Ment an abridged series of Code Geass, It's so crazy and it's my personal favorite abridged series :P

@staika: I...uh...wha...

Abridged series: Just a bit too much undirected madness for my tastes. XP

@staika: I know I'm in the minority here, but I really don't like anime that much. I guess I really haven't watched any good ones though...
When's the next round starting? *sigh*
On an unrelated note: Is anyone planning on getting a Vita?

@abridged: The Yu-Gi-Oh abridged series is the only one I've seen.

@Jak: The next round is ready to be posted, unless anyone has something they'd like to do here before I put it up.
And I don't plan on ever getting a Vita. I have no use for one, plus I'm meant to be saving for a new computer.

@Link: I love code ment, so making an avatar from it was only a matter of time XD

It was a bitch to make though since for the longest time I couldn't convert the video to a gif and I had to edit it a little so I had to convert it to different types of files about 5 times. I am surprised I was finally able to do it :P

@Jak: Nope, I am saving up for a new bowling ball at the moment so I have no spare money to spend :P

@CA: I don't think anyone has anything to say, DO WE?!?
@staika: I started saving for Vita as soon as I heard about it, in case you haven't guessed I've already ordered it. :D

@Jak: I have no spending money at the moment. Roommate troubles can leave you strapped for cash sometimes. >.<

@staika: Yeah, that's why I prefer dealing in still images. Easier for a lazy person to handle. XP

@CA: I'm ready anytime you are.

@Link: I am incredibly persistent so I wouldn't let it beat me. Sadly I usually have to take the more complicated paths for various reasons XD

@Jak: I could have guessed that, too bad the ball I am saving up for doesn't come out till march.

@staika: Welcome to planet Earth. The path of least resistance is a myth. XP

@Link: That is a very true statement especially for me, nothing is easy for me XD

I am the path of least resistance.

It's me.

RaNDM G is a myth.

I guess I've always had my suspicions. >.>

Link is right, I didn't want to believe it but it seems to be true.

@Link: image
EDIT: Does my avatar appear broken for anyone else?

@Jak: Looks fine to me, it's working just fine

@staika: I guess it's just me then, oh well...

@Jak: It seems to be happening to a lot of people recently. I have yet to experience it though.

RaNDM G is so powerful that he is able to cut through a hot knife with butter.

Alrighty, I shall post the next thread as soon as I finish a couple of minor details. RBMidknight has assured me that she will post her death from this round in this thread when it is complete.

@staika: Really? huh...
@link: O.O Bow to the great RaNDM G!
@CA: Yay! Hurry hurry hurry!

@Jak: You think that's impressive? How about the time he won a game of Connect Four in three moves?

@CA: Alrighty, just whenever. I'll likely be "working" on this paper for most of the night.

@Jak: Yep a few people I made avatars for in the avatar store have had that same problem. I think it has something to do with people's browser but then again I don't really know what's causing it.

@CA: I've been meaning to ask this but will I be a regular next round or do I have another one to go through before that?

@staika: You are a regular.

Edit: The Round is up!

@Link: How about when he won 20 games of Tic Tac Toe with just one move?

@CA: I think you meant me but Yay I'm a regular now :P

@staika: Oops, fixed. >.<'

@CA: It's all good, I make those mistakes a lot too XD

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