Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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@CA: Ooh... Yikes. Awkward. <_<

@Dew: Hm... I feel that an evil laughter would do the trick. But which one... Oh, I know!

@staika: I was playing around with your avatar again and I got kamikaze squirrel. Reminded me of this:

@CA:Oh goody. I'll steer clear of punsonly because I can't make 'em xDand arrow-to-the-knee 'jokes' don't worry!
@LinkTF: According to others, apparently not.
@staika: My speechcraft isn't too high but okay.

>Tell me or else. (Intimidate)
>Will this change your mind? ($50 NZD)
>You can trust me. (Persuade)
>I guess I'll have to find out later.

@WarP: Awkward how? I don't get it. Did I say something wrong? =/

@WP: I have no idea what I just watched but it made me LOL XD

@Nouw: Oh theres a bribe option. Fine I'll tell you the password. The password is fish.
*takes the $50*

@CA: Speculation, you say?

*speculates that speculating this early will just get him killed.*

I'm not a 100% sure I'm allowed to post here since I am not a player. X_x If I'm not then please forgive me.

-I got "Getting hit by the TARDIS", I admit I giggled.

This thread is terribly intriguing tho, or should I say; the game is. I was a tad late to be able to join altho maybe this way I can at least watch and enjoy the fun rather than be at the merciless end of it =p

Going to have to keep an eye out for future editions of this tho, this looks like a lot of fun.

Mortis Nuncius:
I think the reason most people keep coming back is because of the (please, do excuse the phrase) dying housing market. With neighbors like these, it's no wonder we're getting paid to live here.

We're getting paid to live here?!

Somebody lied to me! *cocks gun*

@staika: You fool! $50 NZD is only $40 USD. *Evil laugh.

Now if you'll excuse me, fish.

@Nouw: You evil mastermind! That's $10 less dollars that I can use on absolutely nothing! But since you know the password I guess I have to kill you now.

*slaps Nouw to an untimely death with a fish*

@spectre: Everyone seems to get hit by a tardis, it makes me think my avatar is cheating on me.

Edit: *looks at clock*
Oh escapist how are you able to consistently keep me up so late.

@CA: Well, bringing up a subject which involved lots of hate is certainly an awkward subject... in my experiences at least.

@staika: That's the Whitest Kids U Know, for ya! XD

And your killing of Nouw with a fish reminds me of this:

I'm in a video posting mood. <_<

@Staika: Thats because it is. You havn't added enough Kamikaze animals to it yet.

@WarP: I don't understand where this is coming from... you aren't making much sense. >.<
What subject do you mean?

@WP: I know they usually make little sense but its funny for some reason. Also you do seem to be posting a lot of videos XD

@malyc: they can't all be kamikaze, we need cooler things such as a gladiator giraffe or something like that :P

@CA: My guess would be that he's still talking about the Smag comment, but I could be wrong.

That was one story that I missed out on. Sounds like it was for the best. >.<

@staika Kamikaze vampire bats. Best. Enemy. Ever.

@Link What is this Smag you speak of?

@staika: At least I die in a comical-way ;)

@Link: Ah... yeah, it's better that people don't know, I think. Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it in the first place. Hindsight, thou art a heartless witch.

@RaN: SMAG is obviously a member of the Scottish Motor Auction Group. I mean, what else would it be?


God dammit, I can tell I just got done writing a McBurger Planet post. >.<

@Link/CA: Yeah, Link's pretty much got that.

@staika: For the next day or so, I'm gonna try to incorporate a video with every post in this thread.

Try to make me post one that relevant to the conversation. :D

That went quick, stuff tends to happen when i'm asleep it seems. Vote sent and preparing my defenses. Now where did i put my pointy stick...

Wow, 4 pages in less than a day.... You guys sure are chatty. :/

Vote sent. Actually I sent it way earlier, but y'know, thought I'd say it here.

I voted... an hour ago.

Let the lynchings begin!

*Opens up Witch Hunt Hut*

Get yer pitchfoooooorks here! And torches toooo!

@Schizzy: First time I read that, I thought it was some kinda Witch themed Pizza Hut... I think I'm hungry. xD

Vote sent in.

@schizzy What? no firewood? No stones for crushing? Fine, I'll take a pitchfork and a torch.

Jeez this round is going to be more active than I thought. Vote is being sent off now.

All I can say is it wasn't me. 0.0

*Looks suspicious*

@WP: That makes me think someone had too much time on their hands in order to make that >.>

Also FFFUUUUU the snow is back :/

@Staika: Send it my way please, Minnesota only has about 3 inches on the ground atm. YOU CAN'T SNOWMOBILE WITH THAT!!!

Although... doesn't stop the idiots from trying.

@staika: No way, I had snow earlier in the UK D:

Apparently I was the only one though, even the guy a town over from me didn't get any. Luckily it didn't settle.

I reeeeeeeeeeeeally hate snow

@Malyc: Please take it, I hate snow so much. It doesn't help that my car sucks in snow >.>

@sky: I hate snow too, it's been weird for us over here. Usually I get a lot of snow since I live right off of Lake Erie but the snow has come and gone too often. But when we did get snow it usually is a lot of snow >.>

Wow, it seems like the thread always explodes while I'm sleeping...
EDIT: Trilby's not playing! I guess I can live in his house instead of the attic then. >:D

@Staika: I would if I could, but they have yet to invent the device that lets people steal stormclouds...

EDIT: Holy shit, It's snowing here now. WISHES DO COME TRUE!!!

@staika snow you say? Try northern Europa for a change, we can easily have snow from October until May.

@Staika, don't send it my way. We're actually having a warm winter for the first time in years.

I just learned that we apparently have a massive snow storm that is going to hit my area on Sunday, how fantastic >.>

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