Serial Killer Round 38: The Round We Make Contact (It's All Over!)

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@staika: @sky: I envy you guys! We don't any snow at all here in Los Angeles Land. :(

If you guys really hate snow, maybe you should move down here! I'll let The Decemberists explain why:

... Okay, bad example. <_<

I used to like the snow, but after settling into the new responsibility of shovelling it and making sure the other tenants in our apartment complex get around all right in the ice, I've begun looking forward to the days when it gets warm enough that it melts.

There's only one reason I like snow; snowboarding season, but then again I'm from Northern Canada so its like if you can't take snow you don't belong up here

@snow: I don't get snow, even in winter... New Zealand just gets a truckload of rain, everywhere except the mountains. Even there snow is rare, I think.

We even get loads of rain in summer... >.<

@CA: Pfft! At least you get rain! It rains here once few months or so and after that it's dry as Hell! D:

@Lost: Why you forget Snowmobiling? It's at least as important as snowboarding, winter sports wise.

I hardly ever get snow down here in Tennessee, right now it's a frigid 46 degrees(F). >:D
Also who else thought Insomni was going to say "Then I took an arrow to the knee"?

@WP: I wish I didn't get snow, I live right on the snow belt and that gets us a lot of snow really fast.luckily it hasn't been snowing that much recently but hell I'd move to LA just to get away from the snow :P

I just need to know one thing:
Can I discuss my thoughts about who the killer (or any other role) is with others in public or with PM?

Snow... As @CA said, Auckland only gets rain. It's even worse since the weather changes all th time randomly.

@Nouw: Indeed... it's mostly a thick blanket of grey right now, from what I can see outside my windows. Might rain later.

@Stekepanne: Discussion is perfectly fine: there's also a usergroup which can be used for discussion, or suggestions of new rules and such.

@Steke: Yes, but it might get you killed if you start getting to close to the truth... ;)

@Jak23 well I did expect that. I guess most of us will talk after a while.

@Lost: Why you forget Snowmobiling? It's at least as important as snowboarding, winter sports wise.

I don't own a sled anymore so I'm unable to do such a thing. We used to take a quad and lash a snow GT to it and burn through a field mid summer. Good way to injure yourself but god was it fun

@Jak23 Oh yeah, I see that now, heh. I'm not that interested in Skyrim. Liked Fallout 3, but I have a hard time maintaining interest in fantasy settings.

Plus, that arrow > knee joke got old super quick for me.

@CA: It's a pity too since I'm going to a park with my family. Metservice says it's going to clear up I think.

@Nouw: Ah... yeah, I don't catch the Metservice forecasts that often. The Weekend Herald's forecast for Sunday was pretty good, though... a shame I'll be stuck inside all day.

Oh, wait. It's not a shame at all... Dark Ascension Prerelease! ^_^

Also, what's the occasion?

@Weather: It sucks. Second straight Friday we have a storm, only instead of snow, this one has freezing rain and winds making umbrellas useless. Loads of fun.

@Neo: Dontcha just love it when the weather is hell bent on making you uncomfortable?

@Weather Nice and sunny down here in Riverside. Shame I don't get out often enough.

so who has yet to vote?

@raNDM: youre in riverbank ca? O:!

@War_Penguin For fuck's sake man. You even fucking did that one already? I mean there was another reason for it really didn't need to be said. Oh well.

*Whistles tunelessly while running a blowtorch over a metal pipe till it is red hot. Stops whistling and walks up behind War Penguin and kicks out the back of his knee. Slams elbow into the top of your nose, and grabs your tongue in your mouth with a pair of pliers. Pulls the tongue out and slices it off below where the pliers are grabbing it. Cauterizes the wound with the red hot metal rod.

Throws your upper body to the ground, before shoving the metal rod through your back, below the shoulder blade, and into the ground; pinning you where you lay. Takes out a power drill from your bag and drills through your elbow and knee joints. Covers you in maple syrup before unleashing a colony of fire ants on your, in order to finish you off in a most painful manner.*

May this be a warning to all who wish to pun in this thread. DON'T!

Dammit, I feel as if we're behind schedule. But no matter!


No message yet, so that must mean I am safe :P

So far, so good... so what?

Also: @staika Twilight Fan-Fiction

As if I didn't already get enough of that where I live...

Not dead yet. For whatever it's worth

*rings bell*

Bring out yer dead!

*brings out his father-in-law

'Ere you go, he's dead.

(I'm not dead yet)

I'm not dead yet!

@element: Oh, there you are, man! I was getting kinda worried there for a second! Thought you were slacking in your duties. Glad to see that's not the case.


Ah... balance.

OT: I haven't died... by the executioner's hands, that is. <_<

Well, no telltale PM on my end, so I'm good.

Oh, and as an aside, would people mind putting YouTube videos in spoilers? It helps those with less bandwidth to spare... *hopes he isn't asking for too much*

*ahem* it appears the new strategy to this town is to simply never talk ever as attempting to make a guess leads to a lynch mob at my door. Fun, well to put it simply, you guys grabbed me, hung me, and then found out i was totally unremarkable in every single way and that this lynch was pointless. yay.

*news channel*: This just in, after a recent murder in murderville, the town has seemingly hanged a man for reasons unknown, when confronted about this the townspeople gave no answer and we are all still confused.

@CA: Oh, sorry about that! I went and edited all of my posts to hide my videos in spoilers. I'll keep that in mind, next time. <_<

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