Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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{ Serial Killer Round 39 }

{ Return of the Doubles Round }

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a new round of Serial Killer. I am CounterAttack, your host for this round and the resident killer of the previous game.

Rather than GM a standard round of Serial Killer, I'm going to take a leaf out of elementsoul's book and make this a Doubles Round! Please read the Special Rules spoiler to make sure you clearly understand how this is going to work.

Small Announcement: In light of the Priest role being introduced, courtesy of Link_to_Future, GMs will no longer announce to the entire thread whether or not the recently deceased had a role. The lone exception is the killer, which is kinda necessary to end the round.

Round 39 Participants:
Pm0n3y - Murder, Cycle 5
sky14kemea - Execution, Cycle 4
War Penguin - Medic #2 - Murder, Cycle 8, Priest Resurrection, Cycle 8, Murder, Cycle 9
j1-2themax - Murder, Cycle 4
axle 19 - Execution #1, Cycle 2
elementsoul - Execution, Cycle 7
NeoAC - Murder, Cycle 7
Lost In The Void - Murder, Cycle 6
RBMidknight - Medic #1 - Murder #1, Cycle 1
Schizzy - Priest #2 - Priest Death, Cycle 8
SkyeNeko - Arbiter #2 - Execution, Cycle 3
Link_to_Future - Killer #1 - WINNER!!
Fragrance of Mtn Dew - Entwined Pair #1 - Entwined Death, Cycle 6
Ynnek89 - Murder, Cycle 10
Jak23 - Execution, Cycle 5
zero_ctrl - Spy #1 - Murder, Cycle 12
staika - Double Voter #1 - Murder #1, Cycle 2
Diablo1099 - Arbiter #1 - Execution #2, Cycle 1
RaNDM G - Entwined Pair #1 - Execution, Cycle 6
Mortis Nuncius - Priest #1 - Murder #2, Cycle 2
Berenzen - Execution, Cycle 10
InsomniJack - Murder, Cycle 11
TrilbyWill - Murder, Cycle 3
Nouw - Spy #2 - Execution, Cycle 11
Loremaster P - Entwined Pair #2 - Entwined Death, Cycle 1
VonKlaw - Double Voter #2 - Execution, Cycle 9
Stekepanne5 - Entwined Pair #2 - Execution #1, Cycle 1
Malyc - Killer #2 - Execution #2, Cycle 2
Sonora 49 - Execution, Cycle 8
Gamebrother1337 - Murder #2, Cycle 1

The Game is over! Link_to_Future wins!!

I was wondering when doubles would be coming back. Yay! XP

Number is inbound.

Number sent! Yay, I'm a regular! :D

I sended de numbah!

@Jak: Congratulations! You're now part of an elite group that (usually) won't get lynched in the first round.

Oh this is going to be fun. Number to be sent once I think of one.

@staika: *Smack on the head with a lightsaber* Don't think, young padawan. Do!

On an unrelated topic (again), does anyone else have a PSN account? If you do message it to me, if you want to be my friend. You do want to be my friend, don't you?

@Schizzy: Yes master I won't think of a number I will just send one.
*sends number by way of the force*

@Jak: I do have one but my PS3 is broken so I can't use it.

@Numbers: I sent them.
*Back to work before Link catches me*

Nooooo! I thought about what number to send!
@staika: :(

@Zero: *cracks whip*


@Jak: I'm sorry, I'd add you if my PS3 worked. Blame the time my basement flooded, that basically killed it for good :/

Number sent.

@staika: I remember that! *sad face* I mean, that poor poor thing... <_<

Count me in! :D

@Jak: it seems like a lot of funny things have been happening to me this past year. Doesn't help that I almost broke my wrist a few hours ago bowling >.>

RaNDM G is so influential, he didn't send a number we are familiar with. He willed a new one into existence.

@staika: I didn't curse you! Stop insinuating that I cursed you, because I didn't! >.>
@Link: It appears I underestimated this RaNDM G.

@Jak: YOU CURSED ME! You caused all these funny things to happen to me. Now you must pay.
*takes out TNT*

May I join? Hopefully by the next round I'm a regular :P.

@staika: With the curse, it'll just blow up in your hands! >:D

@Jak: *TNT blows up in face*
Damn you and your logic, people always seem to out logic me >.>

number sent. And hey, double the killers, double the fun.

Hmmm, looking at Priest rules, it looks like numbers closest to 50 have a higher likelyhood of being a priest. Also, it looks like that priests can run a circle-jerk if they want to this round.

I just noticed this is a doubles round! Maybe, I'll get my first role!

@Jak: I just got my first role last round. I was the medic but I didn't save anyone to my knowledge.

@Berenzen: Unless we all decide to stack on the bottom half of the number scale. Everyone knows it's more fun being the kid who holds the teeter totter down rather than the kid who is stranded in the stratosphere. XP

@Link What, not everyone just punches the number that they got from their random number generator program that they wrote for computing science last semester? (Seriously, I'd never thought that I'd actually get any use out of this thing.)

If I don't get my first role this round, I'll kill somebody! You here that CA? ;)
@Berenzen: That's what I do... No seriously.

@Jak: I start typing numbers into a calculator, adding and subtracting numbers pertaining to the round number.

@Berenzen: Oh, you can never be too sure what will come back up. I mean, who would have known how many practical applications I was going to find for that blasting course I took last semester.


Suddenly I feel as though I said too much...

@Link: He who talks much, says nothing.

@Nouw: To be a regular you must have successfully completed five consecutive rounds of SK, and not been a massive dick while doing so. According to the records, you will have reached this mark at the end of the next round.

Also, number has been sent and such.

@RaN: Your wisdom speaks magnitudes. No wonder you were the one with the skill to unscramble an egg.

@NeoAC Five rounds? I guess I've a ways to go, then.

Also, it looks like that priests can run a circle-jerk if they want to this round.

What makes you say that? Each Priest resurrecting each other? By that logic, only one Priest can exist at a time. Spending their resurrections on each other is pointless.

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