Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@WP: How poorly did it end?

I was just finishing setting up my Fortune teller stand when a figure came towards me. The figure came walking towards me asking for a fortune telling.

"May I partake in a reading of my future?" He asked.

"Certainly." I said,

I'd beening having no luck getting customers as of late but I certainly wasn't going to let this man see how desperate I was. We both entered the tent, it was dark and only lit by a single candle. Two chairs and table were in the tent. The table held crystal ball along with a deck of tarot cards. I'd learn long ago that with just the crystal ball or tarot cards people wern't interested in fortune telling which had meant no business but I had come up with the ingenius idea of combining the two together, which after being tested, had proven to be a great source of entertainment had also brought in the dough. I sat down in the chair opposite of the strange man, I believed him to be a man because of his voice, but I could have been mistaken. He or she was cloaked from head to toe in a black apparel and I couldn't see his or her face but I didn't really care I had just wanted to get some money so I cleared my mind and began to work my magic - figuritivly. I moved my left hand across the crytal ball and handed the deck of cards to the stranger and asked him to shuffle. He grabbed the cards from my hand, I noticed he was wearing black gloves that felt cold to the touch.
He shuffled them deftly and then handed them back to me. I closed my eyes and started pulling the cards out. After I had placed the fifth card down I opened my eyes and gazed into crystal ball. After looking like I had actually seriously interpreted the ball I looked up to find the stranger had left. Puzzled I assumed he had left, so I started to put the cards away I noticed the last card happened to be the Death card. Just then I noticed a ticking sound. I looked around and under the table. Confused I got up and looked at the crystal ball it was blinking red. I looked closer and realized their was numbers on the inside of the ball.

3, 2, 1, 0 *Explodes*

The figure was walking along the stands well away from the tent when it exploded and went up in flames. The figure started walking towards Murderville having completed what they had come to do. All the while humming Highway to Hell by AC/DC.

@Gamebrother: Oh noes, we had a fortune teller? That's dead now. Bugger. I'll set you up with a nice casket.

@Lore: I'd like to pre-order a casket, as I didn't get issued one last round...

Any rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated. Unless there haven't been any rumours, then ignore the previous statement.

@Malyc: Cetainly, what priceclass are we talking? We have everything from firewood, teak, iron, glass, ebony, mithril, cobalt, pretty much any material you want we have it at Montys Boxes For Dead People.

@Berenzen: I find this statement highly suspicious..

@Lore: Hmmm... I've always been partial to Mithril, TBH. Very light for my pall bearers, so as they don't need to get so tired.

@Malyc: Certainly i'll start working on an ornate mithril casket then. Also sorry bout last round, i was just getting set up, i'll put in an extra casket free of charge for one of your pallbearers as compensation.

Our goal this time is to break 100 pages.

I myself would hope for 100k+ views, but that's just me.

Gamebrother1337 was indeed one of the murder victims!

We now wait for the second victim (technically first, since they were targeted by Killer #1) to post their death, or a similar announcement, before voting can commence.

Whew sure am glad I wasn't killed... :D

@Lore: Well that is MOST generous, sir. I shall recommend your shop to all of my recently deceased acquaintanances.

@Mal if you're purchasing your corpse-box, how about booking one of my premier corpse-holes? *indicates field of shallow, pre-dug graves with all the players' names, including my own, on headstones*
Contact here:
Insurer, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Illegal Organ Dealer, Gravedigger, Spontaneous Combuster, Living Embodiment of the Guy on the Monopoly Boxes.

*kicks gamebrother's leg into the grave with a bad poker face*

@Trilby: Hell, deal me in. I'll take the one under the big oak.

@Mal Hmm... are you aware that property is incredibly popular with hookers and teenagers who think smoking is cool?
Just kidding, who would have a child in Murderville?
Bentley, according to Captcha.


@Jak apparently so. And they also live in Murderville apparently.
Captcha may not be the best source of news.

@Captcha: Havnt had one of those in a long time...

@Mal really? I've had one pretty much every post tonight, and I've been posting a lot (I had 5 in a row earlier).

@Trilby: If Bentley is in murderville, I will find him!

@Trilby: Publisher's Club members don't have to enter Captchas when writing posts.

@Trilby. Might be because im pub club... actually that would make sense

@Jak I'm wondering, did you ever finish that attic, or is there just wood and a blood-stain from when you got murdered on New Years on my roof?

@Jak: I need to play that series again.

@PubClub: probably the beat investment I've ever made, I feel like a high class user all of the time :P

@staika love the new, slightly changed, avatar.

@trilby: why thank you, I had to change it a little for march mayhem. This may be my permanent avatar since I feel it fits me very well.

@staika: I agree. Good to see your MM spirit :D.

@Nouw: I didn't participate last year so I wanted to participate this year for real. I even started tweeting for this event, I am all in on this event. I am even helping out in the march mayhem avatar thread if it is started by ultimateownage.

@staika: Awesome :D.

@Nouw: I like to help out in any way I can and that was a good opportunity for me to help out :P

@staika: I wish I could help out somehow. It was the reason why I came here after all :P.

Also, does anyone know of a software called TuneUp Utilities? Just want to know your thoughts on it as I plan to buy it on a discount.

@Nouw: I know what you mean, I lucked out that I can make avatars and the march mayhem avatar thread will allow me a lot of opportunities to create avatars for people :P

Wow, my MM bracket is goofy. I don't even know why I put Double Fine for the win.

Eh, whatever. Safe brackets never seem to work. XP

@Link: I can't even get my bracket to finish xD. It keeps loading at the part where I voted last.

@Nouw: I'm pretty sure that means you've finished it. Just refresh the page and click on your final match up again to check if a vote was registered.

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