Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Link: I thought so too but I can't post in the forum yet >.>.

@Nouw: Strange...a few minutes ago it said I couldn't post in there but when I checked just now it said I could. Maybe it just takes some time to register your participation?

@Link: Hey it works now :D. A day and a half was how long it took :P. Thanks.

@Nouw: wait you couldn't post in the march mayhem forum, well I haven't really checked it yet so.....
*checks the march mayhem forum*

And yep I can't post either even though I filled out my bracket. Oh well didn't really want to post there yet anyway :P

@staika: Did you say this was your first year? I want to give some advice :P.

@Nouw: You don't have to worry about me, I am an amazing bracket picker. But sure you can hit me with any advice you have :P

@Nouw I could use some of that advice. I did one last year, but trying to predict how the community will work still remains a mystery to me.

@staika, @Insomni: Try and avoid arguments with people who seem aggressive. It won't end well. My next piece of advice is be friendly! It's always good to be nice to new people, especially people who might end up staying here. (Like me.)

Needless posting of 'GO DEV X!' is encouraged. Low content posts don't apply here so go crazy with suppourt. Your enthusiasm might convince others to vote for Dev X :P.

At least, that's how I saw it anyway. It's best to just embrace the madness and make up your own mind. As the saying goes, sanity is for the wjoajkkjkek.

@Nouw: oh then you don't have to worry about me at all. I'm too laid back to bother debating people and I know how to ignore people very well. And I try to be nice at all times so I won't go flaming people. Also I'm not a cheerleader so I'm not going to go around screaming "YYYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHHJ I FUCKING LOVE DEF X, YOU SHOULD ALL VOTE FOR THEM !!!1!1!1!!!1" even though it would be funny :P

Also sanity? What is that :P

@Trilby: Yes I finished the roof while we waited for the killers to strike. There's still a bloodstain though...
@Zero: Yes you do.

@staika: D'awww okay. Now if you'll excuse me, these Vote Relic banners won't go up themselves!

@Nouw: yes and now that i look at the time its way past the time I should have gone to bed. I still have to create some cool things still but those can wait :P

@staika: Goodnight ^^. Sleep is good :).

@Nouw: well judging that It's past 3am and i have to get up at 6am, I'm not going to get a lot of sleep. Damn screwed up sleeping habits XD

@staika: 3am o.O. When I'm in my twenties, is that how I'm going to be :P?

@Nouw: who knows, my classes are afternoon classes so I can sleep in till past noon if I wanted to. This has given me more leeway as to how long I can stay up and its snowballed to the point that I stay up till around 3 am every night >.>

@Nouw: I'm 20 standard and I go to bed around 10:20 each night, getting up at 7 AM the next morning. Unlike many of my fellows, I have a normal sleep cycle. ^_^

Though my friend in the Netherlands plans to begin a sleep cycle that allows him to use 21 hours of every day. How, I have no idea.

@staika: Well as long as you're happy! Now get to sleep, I won't mind :).
@CA: That's more or less my lifestyle right now. Except I wake up at 6 and get up at half past 6. I don't have to, I just like getting up early. A good habit am I right?

@Nouw: I would but this place keeps reeling me back in. The only possible way to fix this is to throw my phone at my cat and hope that it breaks my phone and or cat in the process. Damn cat and her need to sleep as close to me as physically possible, gets annoying really fast. But I should try to sleep now since I have to work tomorrow................

@staika: Maybe I should stop replying but that'd be too cruel.

@Nouw: maybe it actually should be you I throw my phone at...... Oh well my phone is almost out of power and I'm about to pass out now. Bed time for reals this time, hopefully >.>

@CA I think I know what sleep cycle that is. If it's the one I'm thinking of, you sleep for half an hour, then wake for an hour and repeat 6 times. Your body naturally adjusts after a week and you get ) hours of REM sleep for 3 hours of sleep.
@Thread Yay. We reached Page 14, and one person has died so far. By this rate, if the killers win, we'll finish on about page 364.

@Sleep: It is overrated. On MM, i just hope Zynga gets beaten out earlier this time and that Atlus takes it's rightful place as champion this year.

@Lore sleep isn't overrated. if you're good at it, you can become a GOD! in your dreams...

@Trilby: So I'm not the only one that dreams that? Phew! That's a load off my back!

I seem to be asking this question a lot... WHY SO MUCH STUFF HAPPEN WHEN I SLEEP???

@Mal same here! I bet its those darn timezones. I dislike them with a lit-matchy passion.

Yay. We reached Page 14, and one person has died so far. By this rate, if the killers win, we'll finish on about page 364.

@Trilby: Don't jinx it.

@Sleep: Fell asleep at two in the morning. Woke up at six and did six pull-ups.

Feels good, man.

@Randm: why u excersize after only 4 hours of sleep???

To be honest, I was slightly hung over this moning, so I determined fuck excersize...

@Malyc: That may be why I've taken to staying up very late XD

@Staika: Youve taken to stayin up late cause I was hung over this morning? You're not makin any sense at all...

@malyc: I was referring to your first post in that everything happens when you sleep.

@Staika: Oh... that would make more sense, I guess XD

@malyc: I somehow did not notice that you made another post, I guess I was too lazy to double check XD

Fear not, people of Murderville! For I, your glorious leader, am back from my exile.

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