Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Steke: What exile?

@Steke: Who let you back in...I mean... were exiled?


@Stek: Oh damn, I mean................ yay you're back >.>


@Steke Really? Because I got this when I Googled 'Glorious Leader':

@steke: Hail Steke! *salutes.*

@Nouw: That reminds me, *throws phone at Nouw*

I didn't do that because you kept me up last night but it should be obvious that I am the only logical choice for leader here :P

Nah, just messing with you about the exile, I have just been away for a few days.
And yes, I'm your glorious leader now, didn't anyone get the memo? Letter pigeons these days, they never deliver anything right.


@Trillby I have no idea who that is.

@staika: Aiiii *gets hit.* Hail Staika! Now if you'll excuse me, I have school :P.

@Steke Adam Baldwin, our new Glorious Leader, according to Google.

@Nouw: Ha, school. I'm stuck at work dealing with mortals, and not very smart mortals at that. Oh how I wish to destroy some of them......

@Stekepanne: Ain't nobody 'round here a leader o' anyone else...

Ack. Been watching a bit much Firefly recently. (Watching all the episodes again in a lead-up to Serenity, which I still haven't seen despite a friend buying it for me last year.)

@Steke: Careful about claiming a position of leadership. We have a habit of armed revolution.

@Link: *bursts through the wall with a few pitchforks and torches*
Did someone say armed revolution!?

@Link: *bursts through wall with several arms*

This is the "armed" revolution we were talkin bout, right?

@staika: & @Malyc: O_O

Guys...I only have so many walls. -.-

@Link: Walls? *looks behind him at the destroyed wall*

Ooooohhhhhh, sorry about that >.>
*puts up a poster of himself to cover the hole*
There good as new.

@Link Revolution? Meh, have some cake.

@Link *Bust through Link's third wall*

Sorry I'm late, had to grab this winch.

@Berenzen: and here I thought you weren't coming to the party. But it seems that Link doesn't want us going through his walls, go figure.

@Link: *bursts through fourth wall in a Panzer*

Wait, I have to tell you some...

...whoops. Wrong house.

@CA: I've done quite the opposite, I've seen Serenity but no episodes of Firefly...

@Berenzen: *entire room starts creaking*

Guys...come on now. My house isn't able to handle this. If someone breaks through the fourth wall, we're all going to be crushed by how meta this is becoming. And also my ceiling. :/

@Mortis: *tank crashes in*

Mother of god...

*house falls, everyone dies*

@Link: *crawls out of the wreckage*

Wow, that was some party. Link should host the party every year.

*opens the Panzer's hatch and looks at the rubble and corpses around him*

Erm... >.>

*slowly goes back into the tank, closing the hatch and driving off*

*Walks towards wreckage*
Hey look, a wallet!


*Backs away smoothly with absolutely nothing at all in hand*
Totally man

@CA: I had Serenity for ages before I eventually watched it.

... Be wary. :I

@Sky: Yeah... I've heard things about it, but don't know if they're true. =/

No spoilers, please, since I am trying to avoid them at all costs.

@CA: You know, I was irritated by some of the things that happened in Serenity. The intro in particular put me in a really bad mood.

Actually, I really should watch it again now that I know what's coming. My brother said he liked it so there must be some merit to it that I've chosen not to remember.

I tend to do that. >.<

@Thread damn it, I missed the wall party...

@Trillby Yeah, now there aren't any walls to miss.
Damn Mort and his panzer.

@Steke that's what YOU think!
*gets construction materials and builds a wall*

@Mort Really, I gave you guys a blatant fourth wall set up, and you can't deliver. I am disappointed.

@Trillby Must....resist....urge to.....SHATTER.
Damn it, I am a weak person!
*Drives Mort's panzer through the wall, laughing maniacally*

@Steke But... but... *cries* I wanted to make a cookie stand! *rebuild's wall with gaffer tape then builds an oven. then a few more walls, a roof, a serving hatch and a sign saying
TrilbyWill's Cookies
Now with 20% More Staika!

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