Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@staika: I have a crazy asian lady story too!

@Schizzy: There are times where it is perfectly acceptable to FALCON PAWNCH people, and I would have categorized that as one of them...

@Schizzy: that made me LOL pretty hard XD
O.O I just had an awesome idea.......... That should be our sales pitch for our sunglasses!

I can see it now. "YOU BUY SUNGLASSES!"
We will make billions.

@Staika: I already have sunglasses! I don't need any more of them, mine are awesome and look badass with my leather jacket.

*breaks into malyc's house and destroys his sunglasses*

@malyc: it looks like you'll need new sunglasses luckily for you at schizzy and staika's sunglasses shop we make you buy sunglasses. So why don't you come and buy some.

@Staika: *breaks into the store through the roof, steals all the sunglasses*

*makes his escape, comes in tomorrow morning for sunglasses*

OH NOES! You're out of sunglasses!

@malyc: don't worry we have more, you see we never display the real sunglasses the ones that were stolen were fake. The real ones are kept in a secret location. but now that you're here.
*locks door*
You can't leave until you buy some sunglasses.

@Malyc: Yeah... we keep the poison sunglasses on the storefront.

@Staika: Hmm... And what if I happened to have a key that will open any lock?

@Malyc: What if our locks aren't lock... but simply superglue harvested from mussels?

@malyc: well its a key code lock so you can try to use your key but I hope your key can type in passcodes.

@staika: I made our store logo for our business.

If it looks familiar, it's entirely coincidental :D

@Staika: You seem to forget that a key is anything that can undo a lock, no matter in what way.

Take this key for instance: *pulls out pump action Remington 870 12 ga loaded with frangible breaching rounds* This beauty will open damn near any door in America.

Skip to about halfway through the vid, the rest seems to be advertising for the door XD

@Schizzy: No finer logo could be made, You have done a very good job :P

@malyc: Oh, Try it. But once you're outside and you haven't bought sunglasses our guard godzilla will not like the fact that you didn't buy anything.

@Staika: Hmmm... good thing I bought these 12 ga grenade rounds... They're designed for use with the AA-12, but I think they can make an acception. Plus, if he decides to radioactive laser me to death, I'll make sure he blows up the shop as well.

@Malyc: Okay then, if you're so sure about it why don't you try and escape. Or would you like to take the easier method and buy some sunglasses.

@Staika: But the easier way is so much more BORING... I need action, I crave adrenalin!

*blows door off hinges, slaps godzilla in face with a leather glove*

@Malyc: O.o
*the godzilla inflatable balloon pops*

Dammit plan B
*throws sunglasses at malyc*

@Staika: *epically catches the thrown sunglasses*

My thanx.

*puts on the freely given sunglasses, walks out like a boss*

EDIT: Somewhat appropriate that my 1600th post is a smart ass comment...

@malyc: O.o
Dammit I gave him the poisoned ones....... Oh well he won't know >.>

@Staika: *has spent the last 22 years building up resistances to any and all poisons*

@malyc: Crap. Then i guess i need to have schizzy attack him now.

*Attacks Malyc like a rabid dog*


@Schizzy: O.O That thing looks incredibly vicious.....

Calm down schizzy, we need him alive if we want to collect.


No, we need him alive for now. Protect Malyc, Cuttlefish.

That's it, run from the Reaper.

Edit: that picture really makes me want to do a Mass Effect 3 Parody.

@staika: Not if we harvest his organs...

@Berezen: Not if I cut your cuttlefish! *Brandishes cleaver and dipping sauce*

@Schizzy: Fans of KISS am I right?

Vote sent.


Suddenly, your knife connects with a biotic barrier.

@Schizzy: Excellent, we can then sell his organs to the local organ "donor"

So I just went upstairs to get a glass of water and I look outside and you know what I saw? I saw a figure run out of the light that we have outside and disappear into the darkness, the guy who is trying and failing to break in no doubt. I really wanted to scream "ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER DO YOU SPEAK IT!?" at him for no apparent reason but I never got the chance :/

@staika: If you do ever catch one in your house, grab something and yell "You're in my house, motherfucker!" Cookie for reference.

@Nouw: I had it and lost it. But I like screaming random things at people for some reason especially if its not an acceptable time to use it XD

Edit: and now I can't fall asleep again, how wonderful......

vote sent.

I have sent the vote.
On another note, moving into a new apartment this friday, so excited :D

Oh, we're voting? I'm to lazy to search through all the pages so could someone tell me who the the second victim was?

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