Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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And now for something completely different... *thwacks Mortis upside head* PUT SOME CLOTHS ON, MAN!!!

EDIT: Seems like i'm always either first post or last post on each page... i've no idea why.

@malyc: I've been the first post on a new page for the last few pages. It's all in the timing XD

@Staika: you have a point. The fact that I keep getting it just means im on here constantly.

@malyc: Well this place is basically the majority of my life so I'm always on here as well XD

@staika: Same here, it's basically all I use my computer for. Among other things... <.<

@'scapist zombies: Operating from my phone, I can probably say I'm here all day. At least as long as my phone is on and functioning.

@Jak: ...and not being used for 'other things' at the time. XD

@Thread: Why...why is no one wearing any clothes? O_o

@Link: I am totally wearing cloths, if it makes ya feel any better.

@Link: Join us. Be free. Be enlightened. One of us...

...the breeze is quite nice, too.

@Mortis: *thocks again*

Seriously, dude, this isn't a nudist colony...

@Malyc: Was that really necessary?

...fortunately I'm an apparition and unaffected by your futile attempts at thocking.

@Clothes: I am a little concerned with what goes on when I am gone. It seems peoples clothes just fly off >.>

@Link: It was meeeeeeeeee *hisses*

*dives into the sewers*

@sky: O.o
Dammit I had a perfect opportunity to catch her but I let it slip away since I wasn't looking. Damn you sky I'll catch you one of these days.
*shakes fist at sewer*

@Sky: It was you what? I'm totally confused right now.

@Mortis: *has a +4 ghost touch thocking stick*

@sky: *grabs .44 and heads into sewers*

@everyone: I'm going hunting. You guys need anything while I'm down here?

@Randm: Yeah, bring me back that .44! Someone seems to have borrowed mine...

@RaN: If you could catch me a huge sewer gator that'd be awesome.

@Malyc: Darn you and your arcane enchantments...

@RaN: Something shiny! Or a hat. Or a shiny hat!! :D

@Mal: it was me that stole everyone's clothes? I dunno. xD

*scuttles along the pipes*

@sky: That was you!? I wondered why I was suddenly naked........

@sky: *bangs on pipes*

@RaN: O.......O Waaargh!

*scuttles away*

@sky: RUN! RUN! RUN!

@Sky: I see... You are kinda starting to remind me of Alien...

*always wanted an Alien as a pet*

@RaNDM: At the risk of being called a badass again I will refrain from quoting Pink Floyd :P.
@Malyc: Then I guess RaNDM is the Predator and we're the marines xD.

@Malyc: Then I guess RaNDM is the Predator and we're the marines xD.

In other words, @sky is screwed when I get my hands on him.

*continues hunt*

Another glorious day in the Corps!

Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen!

@Schizzy: But I like my linen where it is >.>

I would much rather that people kept their clothes on, thank you very much. We don't need this thread going into NSFW territory.

@CA: What do you mean NSFW? I never wear clothes on the job. >.>

@Link: Then I hope you work from home, buddy. I try my best to look good when shelving books at the library.

@CA: You work at the library? And suddenly, I think I've met you in real life.

@staika: I meant your bed linen. Even then would you prefer to keep your linen, or this sweet-ass pulse rifle?

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