Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Nouw: I shelve books at the Glenfield Library on Saturdays, from 1 to 4 PM.

@Schizzy: The smartgun is where it's at ;).
@CA: Damn, wasn't you. Maybe I'll pop in one day and say hello :). Haven't been there in ages, ever since I started going to the Albany one.

@Nouw: I beg to differ. The pulse rifle is only a duct tape away from becoming a pulse rifle/ flamethrower hybrid weapon system :D

@Link: Then I hope you work from home, buddy. I try my best to look good when shelving books at the library.

@CA: Wow, we have something in common.

I'm an Alien, now? Well damn....

*jumps out of the sewers and heads for the nearest dumpster to hide in*

@Sky: *pets*

@Mal: :D

*weird purring sound*

@Mortis: *acquires shiny hat*


Oh, cool.

*leaves sewer*

@Sky: YAY! My very own alien XD

@RaN: Yay!

*dons hat proudly*


*hunts the streets*

@Mal: Yay! Somewhere to stay! :D

The votes are in, and the executed have been PMed!

It's that time again, people. Check your inboxes.


It just isn't fair... *sniff*

Ok, fine, drama isn't my specialty. I'll have my death up PDQ

@Sky: *makes epic obstacle course for teh funtimes*

@Mal you got executed?
*pulls out lynching broadsword*
fine, let's get it over with

@Malyc: Dang.

Can I keep the .44?

@Randm: I suppose... It appears I have no more need of it.

@Trilby: NO! Stay away from me with that!

I want it to be painless...

@Mal It will be painless. Watch. *beheads staiklone, who screams in pain even after his head falls off*

@Malyc *attempts to hide rope and horses* Painless... does it count if you're unconcious by the time you die?

Just one question: How did you guys know I was one of the killers?

@Mal Woh. That was cool.

@Trilby: Glad ya liked it!

@Mal Random guess, but you were complaining about all your friends dying, so I voted for you.

@Mal I didn't vote for you.
*puts away lynching broadsword*

@Berenzen: So you just voted for me so i would be with them in hell? That's sweet XD

*no homo*

Malyc was indeed one of the killers for this round!

This, of course, means that each person now only has one vote to use in future cycles. The exception being the Double Voters, who have their usual two.

We now await the results of Execution #1, for Malyc was the second.

@Execution thank god we're doing doubles. imagine if we'd killed the killer on Cycle 2.
and still be on page 33...

@Trilby: Yeah, I suppose that woulda ended the fun rather fast, wouldn't it have?

@Mal well, ya never know. We still have another lynching to do.

@Trilby: Yus, I spose that's true... But what if the second excecuted is the other killer? It could undermine the entire system!

@Mal... *facepalm* that... was... the... point... I... was... making.

@Trilby: I know. That was why I was trying to act like one of the insane conspiracy theorists...

@Mal you think there's a conspiracy? *fires gun wildly at a flock of sparrows*

@Malyc We're not insane! We just know the truth!
Now where did I leave my tinfoil hat?

@Trilby @Steke: I think you two may have just illustrated my point better than I myself could...

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