Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Mortis: No no... any game with a BonerDragon is totally and completely worthy of being called sophisticated.

@Schiz: Technically it's just 'bonerdagon', as a deliberate misspelling of 'bone dragon'. It has, however, gained the fan name of 'bonerdragon'.



@Schizzy: I was being sarcastic...


@Mortis: Sure you were... sure you were...

Oh how I love being woken up early only to be told that we have the dry wall guy coming in about 5 minutes from the call and then he shows up an hour and a half late. I love dealing with these people >.>

@staika: That's pretty much par for the course. If the cable guy says that you should be home between the hours of 11 and 4, you can be certain that he won't arrive until 3:30 unless you actually decide to leave the house to run an errand before then.

Basically, Murphy's Law is real. >.<

@Link: Yeah that is sadly so true. I'm just really pissed that my parent's don't tell me these guys are coming until 5 minutes before they are supposed to be here.

@staika: Yeah, that does kinda suck. It could have been worse though.

For instance, you could have awoken to the drywallers already working around your bed. >.>

But yeah, I hate unwelcome surprises like that. It's a good way to start the day off on the wrong foot. Fortunately, I haven't had anything like that happen in a really long time.

*knocks on wood*

@Link: I'm used to it since my parents have the horrible habit of not telling me things until the last minute. And since both my parents work and all of my siblings are too afraid to talk to these people they will tell me things to tell these workers. It's all a lot of small problems compiling into one big problem :/

@staika: Blah, I hate playing middle man. Whenever I have to convey some fine details to a third party I inevitably leave out something important and end up causing a huge hassle for everyone involved.

How long are they going to be around? I mean, drywalling is a pain to do but application shouldn't take all too long.

@Link: I hope he's almost done because I'd have to leave now in order to make it to my first class. I might have to skip a class or two because of this >.>

Not to intrude on the conversation, but I completely forgot about the 48-hour deadline for votes.

The executed has been PMed. Check your inboxes.

@staika: Welp, hope that it worked out for you. Personally, I wouldn't be against skipping a class or two right now. >.<

@Execution: Not it.

@Class: Blah...I've got a song stuck in my head and I can't listen to it because of all the mine permitting. I...I think I'm going insane. %_%

@Link: luckily I only missed half of a class so I didn't miss anything important.

@execution: I had a message and I thought I was executed but then I remembered that I am a ghost.

@staika I did that all the time in the former round, and early on in this round.
I forget that I'm just supposed to ghost[1] around.

[1] Yes, to "Ghost" is now a verb.

Still not dead.

Still alive.

@Insomi: Your restraint is both noted and appreciated. ^_^

@RaN: I think it's time to break out the trumpets and declare a dawn of victory. DON'T HURT ME >_>!

@Nouw: I'm hoping that's a reference. Is that a reference?

Fuck it, I'll play the song anyway.

@Jak: Welcome to the afterlife. Now why don't you join me and together we can take over the ghost world as two smelly guys!!!

@Jak: That sucks.

@Jak: :o I will have my revenge!

@staika: O.O Did everybody enter the afterlife naked?

@Jak: Only in special cases, don't think about it too hard.

@staika: Lol, too hard...

@Jak/staika: Geez... =/

Jak23 was indeed the next execution! We now await the choices for Cycle 6.

In addition, the Arbiters' powers are now void, as their deadline has been passed.

@CA: I'm sorry, that was not my intended meaning >.>

@Jak: You sir have a dirty mind, sadly I do too at times.

@Jak Eh. The ones that didn't I stole their clothes.
Also, why were you in my room? *disappointed look*

Rapped 'Insane in the Brain' by RUNDMC, no one gets it >.>. I am ashamed of my class :P.

@Nouw: I hope you're prepared to be ashamed of me since I have no idea what that is :P

@Trilby: I moved in there when I died, remember?

@Jak But... the Kaidans!
@staika *slap* 'Insane in the Brain' is a song, you silly bear cub.
@Nouw Isn't it a Cypress Hill song?

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