Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@staika ... oh right. I thought 'that's a strange looking cat!'

@staika: You find yourself hilarious? Does that mean you're the guy who laughs at all his own jokes at the party? :P

Most of my Photobucket is...reprehensible. Most of it comes from when I was 14 and just figuring out how the internet worked. Basically, if current me came across past me, I would slap him based on most of the annoying crap in here.

Oh well, such is the folly of youth. :/

@Staika: That cat looks almost exactly like mine. o.O

@Trilby: I already have something lined up that I will most likely use since It's easier to use and records in HD.

@CA: It's no biggie I was going to give you guys a list of games and then have you vote on them so I at least have some say in which game I LP.

@Link: Sometimes I do break down when I say something funny and so yes I am that guy. A lot of what I say is completely random and sometimes inappropriate but I think it's funny.

@Von: Or maybe your cat looks like mine O.O

@staika: I don't see myself as a funny person, but there are people who laugh at my quips occasionally. Most of my sense of humor is derived from dry retorts and self deprication so if I actually tried to be funny it probably wouldn't work. As I see it, it's better to make people laugh on accident than to try and have the gag fall flat.

To each his own, of course. Humor is one of the most subjective topics on the planet. :)

@Link: Isn't that the truth. I try to harness my crazy nature and say random things and I seem to make a few people laugh so I find myself funny because of it. Some people won't find me funny and I'm okay with it as long as I find myself funny =P

@staika: Yeah, that's the attitude you need to have. More people need to live life according to their own terms rather than allowing themselves to be defined by the expectations of those around them. Having even a grain of genuine self-esteem can take a person miles down the road. :D

Oh yeah. I'm totally going to take that speech on the road. >.>

@Link: Yes that was a fine speech. I've always had very high self esteem and it helps that I don't read comments XD

Oh yeah. I'm totally going to take that speech on the road. >.>

You should. There are probably a large number of people out there who need to hear that kind of thing.

You know the last few times I pushed the red button nothing happened and now for some reason it worked and now ALL OF YOU ARE BIEBER! I don't know what I was thinking but I'm not gonna push any more buttons to prove points >.>

@staika: Red button? Bieber? These incoherent ramblings...what could they possibly mean? >.>

@Link: I'm sorry I tend to ramble about strange things all the time. It's not like I need to make sense >.>

@Side note: I have just had this inspiration hit me and Mortis and I are working on a new RP idea. The story is basically one of that the world has been flooded by a government conspiracy and now a few generations later people start to live on boats and submerged cities. Fish have also started to mutate into different types some of which are friendly and can talk and some that are mindless hunters who only seek to kill. It's still very much a work in progress but I like the premise so far.

@staika: Wow, that's an interesting premise. I think a Waterworld motif would be a fun one to play around with. XP

Government conspiracy though? What would the government possibly have to gain from flooding the world?

@Link: I know and it all came from a little fun I was having in skype and then I thought that it would be interesting to play with so I thought about it more and this is the basics of what I got.

We still need to think of why but that shouldn't be too hard since it's not that hard to think of reasons the government would want to do it. I just need to choose one that would work best with the plot I come up with.

@staika: It's...not that hard to think of reasons that the government would want to flood the world?


Care to enlighten me? I'm completely drawing a blank on why a group of people who are exerting control over the masses would think it would be beneficial to destroy the entire world as we know it. :/

Maybe global warming would be easier to justify?

@Link: It all takes a little imagination. One thing that could help is that I forgot to add that there are going to be prebuilt underwater cities that could have either been made public or hidden depending on where I want to take the story. One possible way is that something happened to the world and the governments of the world have to take a drastic measure such as that.

Another solution is that one country like Russia or China wanted to flood the world in order to get an edge in a world war. In fact if the world is sent into a world war then I think that one country could take it to the extreme and flood the world. I'd need to think about it deeper but I am preety good at coming up with reasons for people doing things. Besides the things that people can do is limitless given the right motivations =P

@staika: Alright, I see. Still seems a bit out there but it isn't totally unthinkable.

Here, I'm bored. Let me try and spin something crazy.

Let's say that there was one charismatic guy who also happened to be totally insane. This guy believed that in order for the world to be in its most natural state, it would have to be fully covered in water. Let's also say that this man happened to be a college professor.

Over the years he spoke to bright but easily impressionable students and convinced them of his viewpoint, quietly recruiting them into his crusade and allowing his pupils to infiltrate various sectors of the world. His underlings find themselves seeded in a wide variety of fields ranging from politics to economics to science. As they work in their respective industries, they are quietly working towards the goals of their leader (funneling funding into his schemes, mitigating potential enemies, researching the technology to accomplish the flooding itself).

Finally, all the factors are in place. This guy is basically a supervillian with a doomsday device. However, there are no heroes to stop him. The crazy man with the crazy plan wins, flooding the earth and wiping out most of the world's population. Only a select few survive and adapt in their own ways. Some take to the remaining technology and adapt it to this new hostile world. Others begin to evolve to this new environment, taking on the fishy traits that you described earlier.

There, that's a far reaching conspiracy that revels in its own insanity. XP

I really should get some sleep, shouldn't I? o.o

@Link: See it isn't hard once you put your mind to it :P
And your idea is very good, I like it. It's better than most of the ideas I had XD

Though Mortis just had this genius scientific idea that involved carbon sinks. From what I understood of it is that a carbon sink is the process of absorbing C02 and ocean water is the main source of these carbon sinks but because of the increased C02 in the air carbon sinks have decreased. So his idea was that the world got so polluted that the only solution was to melt the ice caps in order to increase the amount of carbon sinks that would stop the pollution.

These types of things are the things I could never come up with. I don't understand it much but I'm sure Mortis could explain it better =P

@staika: Hehe, I knew coming up with an idea isn't a hard thing to do. I was just struggling to justify it as a government conspiracy. However, as an ecoterrorist conspiracy, things suddenly start to make sense.

I like the carbon sinks idea as a story concept if not a scientific theory. That's getting into a whole facet of the climate change debate that I will spare you guys since I get tired enough listening to the debates going on endlessly in my classes. Needless to say, that seems like a particularly drastic move for any government to make even in the face of supposed excess of CO2. There would be so many interests opposing such an action from both sides of the aisle even in the face of such a crisis. I think both rational environmentalists and self-centered corporate executives would have reason to stand against such a devastating change to the biomes of the entire planet.

However, it might not be an extreme leap for an extremist. >.>

I think I'm having a little too much fun thinking about this right now. XP

@staika: Someone say Waterworld?

The horror...

@Link: yeah coming up for a reason as to why they would do that is always the trickiest part and then you have to make sure that that person acts consistently like that in the future. I do like the idea of a smart persuasive extremist as being behind it and using the carbon sinks as an excuse to get people to buy into what he's talking about. And then maybe I can make it so that guy then starts his own government in the underwater cities and they revere him. While there are some patches of stragglers who don't want to follow them and spend most of their time sailing aimlessly on large city boats. In fact I can see many places to take this but since its about 3am right now I should really get some sleep XD

@Schizzy: interesting I never knew such a movie exsisted but then again I don't watch that many movies. I'll probably have the people in my RP be a little more high tech than that :P

@Schizzy: I knew it was only a matter of time before someone brought that particular treasure up. >.<

@staika: Oh yeah, that's certainly an idea with a lot of potential and a multitude of directions you could take it in. I'm sure with a little more polishing you'll have the foundation for a rocking overarching conflict throughout.

And I concur...sleep is sounding like an excellent idea right about now. :P

@staika: I don't see anything wrong with thinking you're funny. How can anyone else laugh at your jokes if you don't find them funny yourself?

Currently donating plasma, wondering why i woke up this morning...

@Malyc: Oh, wow, you're actually going through with it. Congrats!

Unrelated: Hurrah! The view count hit 50k!

And still no sign of the recent death... an oddity. Perhaps I shall PM them for an update.

@CA: And approaching page 80. We might all hit our goals at the current rate we're flying.

We're approaching a four days wait with no progress. I wouldn't mind if they need extra time to write their death but as it stands we're all just twiddling our thumbs. >.>

@Link: Indeed... a couple of days ago they told me they would post their death tomorrow (at the time). It is now the day after tomorrow.

@Mortis: Indeed, did ya think I'd chicken out last minute or something?

@CA: Pure...awesome (referring to Bon Jovi).

@Malyc: No, of course not...


@CA: WOAAAAAH! WE'RE HALFWAY THERE! Ahem. Excuse me >.>.



Ever since I found the new none piece episode this song has been stuck in my head DX

@Staika Nice new avatar. But the music- it brings back too many bad memories. *curls up in the fetal position in the corner, rocking back and forth*

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