Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Jak: O.O A broken image, it could be anything...........

@staika: I don't know, after the reveal of this information I think believing you is going to be a tall order.

@Link: I wouldn't have it any other way :P

@staika: Good. A general mistrust of each other will help us elevate ourselves to previously unattained heights. One day we shall all tower above the huddled masses from our lofty perch among the heavens.


Alright, I'll stop. >.<


Seems like in this round...

*puts on sunglasses* will be in short supply.


@Mortis: Thank you for seeing where I was coming from. Apparently you had the proper vantage point.

Oh dammit, I said I was going to stop. :/

@Link: You trying to start something!? It's a good thing I like being tall so I don't care XD

@Mortis: Your pun is in good taste but you are soon going to have a short number of puns left.
Yeah I can't pun very good.

@staika: Nah, I'm not really trying to start anything. Really, it wouldn't be worth the mountainous amount of effort to fight a battle of that titanic stature.

Oh lord I can't stop. D;

@Link: My patience is in short supply here.

Also yay 9000 posts!

@staika: You've already used short. Perhaps a little variety would help punch your point home? Or do you think the impact would be minuscule in these truncated sentences?

Also, congrats! XP

@puns: The list is really stacking up.

If element gets wind of this, he'll be through the roof...

So are we only allowed to communicate if we have at least one pun now?
Because I'm shit at puns.

@puns His temper really is short isn't it.

@puns: He may have a very small amount of patience left after this...

@Link: I am clever in other things, puns are one of the many things I suck at. I need to expand my horizons but It's hard for my microscopic brain to come up with.

@Trilby: Puns won't be necessary, even still, all are welcome. I think...just make an effort, everyone can't be a pun-tificate of humor. Even mine are pretty lame. :P

@staika: I've always been fond of playing with words. Working on Adventures at McBurger Planet has turned this fondness into a full on addiction as of late.

The judges are still out on if this is a good thing or a bad thing. >.<


@ourimpundingdoom: Speaking on behalf myself, and myself alone, as both a pun-dit on the matter and frequent abuser, I believe most forms of virtual pun-ishment herein will likely not be uncalled for.

@Mort I think you need 2-3 years in state punitentiary.
That's all I've got.

@Mort: Well, if you hadn't been egging us on, we may not have caused such pundemonium. I blame you for this XD

@Trilby: XD

I've got a pretty good lawyer that usually keeps me out of such punal instituations.

On a punrelated note, anyone ever tried to settle a legal dispute with a deaf? You have no idea how long it took for him to realize my lawyer was saying "sign here" and not "sign 'here'". On the bright side, I now know how to sign "here".


@Malyc: I think you've mispunstrued my intentions entirely.

@Mort: I find your respunce disturbing... Although, it does make your intentions clear, and I shall make an attempt to redeem myself with the proper attitude change.

And maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead, or at least on even footing...

EDIT: Just realized I tried to use the same pun twice... Must go kill self now for punishment.

Good god guys, at least I attempted to be subtle. All this abuse of the English language is downright pungent. >.<

@Link I see what you did there.

Awww, you italcized it, so now my statement makes me look like an idiot.

For those out of context. He italicized a word in the above post, then unitalicized it to fuck with me.

@Sonora: *is suddenly suspicious of those who are of a smaller stature*

I'm 6'5" tall, so if I were playing this round I'd be paranoid as all hell.

@CA You and I are of the same height. The Awkwardly Long Legged people unite!

@Link: I could see that, I've seen adventures of mcburger planet but I just never posted in it :P

But now back to class before my teacher catches me on my phone >.>

@CA: I am 6'2" which is the perfect height, I'm not short and I am not incredibly tall :P

@CA I wish I could steal half a foot from you so we would be the same size...

@Berenzen: Italcized what?

@CA & Berenzen: All you crazy tall people. :/

@CA: You can keep the 6 inches you have on me, I like being this size. It lets me have a decently low center of gravity, so I'm harder to knock over, while at the same time letting me have enough weight to throw people off balance if I try and rush em.

I are sad. I now have a low chance of getting in the GW2 beta events... they had a million sign ups in about 48 hours.

@Berenzen: Heh. I'm good with my long legs. They help a lot on the dance floor.

@Malyc: Fair enough. I don't get into that kind of thing myself.

@CA I'm fairly skilled with them as well with regards to hockey, but I couldn't come up with a good A-word to fill the acronym.


Eight pages and no one has died?

I'm quite surprised.

...and I don't like surprises.


(Okay, I'll stop.)

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