Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Nouw: I'm drinking L&P out of a glass bottle for the first time in ages... gotta love BurgerFuel's style. ^_^

@CA: Indeed. I absolutely love soft drinks in glass bottles and L&P is no exception. What burger out of curiosity?

@Nouw: Bacon Backfire minus aioli, plus spud fries (can't stand kumara).

@The_Kiwis What exactly is L&P? The only thing that I can think of is Lea and Perrin's Worchestershire sauce, and I'm pretty sure that's not what you're talking about.

@Berenzen: It's short for Lemon & Paeroa, the latter being the town in which it originated (I think). "World famous in New Zealand" is its catchphrase.

@Berenzen: Awesome. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who browses the SA LPs. XP

Right now I'm watching Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus go through the entire Metal Gear Solid series. It's been pretty glorious to watch them goof around through the gameplay and still catch the immensely convoluted story of a franchise that I've always meant to go through.

I've seen Pokecapn's Mario Party LP around. I'll have to check it out after I'm finished with MGS. XP

@CA: Gasp! You can't stand Kumara? What kind of NZer are you xD? I kid, I kid. Now that we're talking about it, I have a sudden urge to eat it. Maybe I'll have afternoon tea there while walking from home.

@Nouw: Food from places like BurgerFuel or Katsubi (another place I freaking love) are rare purchases out of necessity. I'm trying to save money and it's kinda difficult given my slightly expensive taste. =/

Plus they're really filling, especially Katsubi, so I have to starve myself a little before buying from them.

And yeah, I hate kumara unless I can't taste it. Dunno what, but something about it doesn't sit right with me.

@Link Also check out the Kaizo Mario World thread- it's short, but it's good- in the sadistic sense that these guys are bashing their heads against a 1-metre thick iron wall.

@Berenzen: I've heard legends about about Kaizo Mario World. I'm sure any LP of it would be entertaining on a certain level.

I used to watch I Wanna Be The Guy LPs all the time on youtube. It was always a nice boost in self esteem. No matter how bad life seemed at that moment, at least I was doing better than the guy who had just jumped into the sword the old man was offering him or had just been shoryukened by Ryu randomly. ^_^

The next victim has been chosen! Time to check those inboxes once again!

Edit: Nice to know that my part of a cycle is nice and quick. Just get the PMs, PM the right people, record votes as they come in, send out another PM or two... then I just sit back and watch it all happen.

I do like GMing rounds. n.n

@Berenzen: I'll have to watch that at a point when I haven't already consumed an entire bottle of gin. All I'm hearing right now is a lot of static. ^_@

@CA: I really need to GM a round sometime. I mean, I've always got the site up and it seems like you guys have all of the heavy rule stuff in place. It seems like it would basically be like playing referee while everyone scampers around.

*fingers crossed*

@RaN: So are you hoping for something or are you attempting to betray someone? XP

@Link: It pretty much is, unless something interesting or stupid happens. A guide to GMing has been written up, for a basic round at least. For this round I took the rules element had posted in the original Doubles Round, and reworded most of them to better suit the way I write things.

On the subject of the guide, I'm updating my copy to reflect the recent additions to the game.

@CA: Hey, when you're done with the most current version would you be able to send it to me? Even if I don't get to GM anytime soon I think it would be a nice insight into a side of the game that I haven't seen yet. :P

@Link: Sure. I'll have to run the updated version past the others first, then send it to you somehow. Do you have Skype? That'd be the easiest way for me to get it to you.

@CA: Yeah, I should have my account linked onto my profile. If not, I'll send it to you over PM whenever you've got the latest version of the guide ready.

@Link: Yes, exactly. Except not at all. I just hope we can get the ball rolling after the five day wait.

We will nab the killer before we reach 100 pages. I won't allow him to continue on.

@Link: Odd... the 'Add contact' function seems to not be working properly when I use the name on your profile. Maybe it doesn't search by account name.

@RaNDM: But then we won't hit 100k views! I will be sadface!

Christ that's the first time I thought I died through a flashing '1.' It could be nice to be alive...

@RaN: Be the Ghost. Haunt the killer.

Hehe...did anyone actually ever get any use out of that role back in the day?


Yes. Density. Don't question it.

@Link: Believe me, I will.

I'm pestering him right now.

@RaN: *gasp*

Your spectral powers will certainly haunt him into suicide! We won't even be able to get the satisfaction of killing him ourselves. XP

@CA: I just sent you an invite from my side. And seeing how I got a Skype message just now, I'm guessing you got it. ^_^

@Link: That was the plan. To give him a boner.

And he... GOT one.

Ha ha!

@RaN: Was...was it in front of the entire class while he was writing on the chalk board? I think the trauma from that would be enough to drive most to hang themselves in the auditorium. >.<

@Link: *be's the ghost, haunts you*

What? You can't expect the second killer to allow you to haunt the first without some dastardly side effects and such.

@Malyc: Hey, don't you be haunting me. I have counter measures in place to annoy the hell out of ghosts, murderous or not.

*sits in a warm room with no furniture listening to the Ghostbusters theme on repeat for 12 hours*

Ack, 3 pages! We're almost at 100 guys, don't let up!

@Link: That was the plan. To give him a boner.

And he... GOT one.

Ha ha!

Do I even want to know?

@Link: *comes back 12 hours and 1 second later*

@Mal *haunts the ghost-haunting ghost*
WOO. And such.

@Trilby: HEY! You can't haunt the haunting...

Or can you

I'm not haunting anyone. It's a bit too... mainstream for me.
*Equips hipster glasses*
*Steke evolved into a hipster-ghost*
And now I want a scarf, and some indie music.


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