Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@CA: But... but... Football is FUN!!! (not soccer. The real football) You get to hit people, and no one can call the fuzz on you if you get a bit too enthusiastic. After all, it's just a game XD

@Mort you're right! *shoots nearby squirrel*

@Trilby: Nine pages, now!!

*looks at shot squirrel*

Sir Kennington the Fourth?!?


@Mort Why are all the Kenningtons getting knighthoods?

@Mortis: I'm still waiting for people to tell me things.

@Malyc: Yeah, nope, definitely not my thing. I favour dance, largely because it serves as an escape from the rest of the world... and also because there are often very few surprises in the routines. Nice and easy compared to the unpredictability of most other sports.

@CA: I thrive on unpredictability... Which is probably why I'm going to die at a young age. Speed limits are just so BORING!

@CA: I figured, so I wasn't going to blame you.


@Trilby: Because they're knights. All knights wear knight hoods.

@Height: 5'6" and still growing! In my defense, this is a good height for my age.

@Mort you sneaky... why are they all knights?

@Nouw that makes me kinda sad, because I'm 5'6" too, still growing but I'm one of the shortest people in my school, except the first and second years.

@Trilby: They fought valorously and honorably in The Queen's army. Her own personal army. Which no one knows about. Except those that are in it. So don't expect me to tell you it exists!!

@Mortis: You kinda... just did...

Sorry to break it to ya XD

@Malyc: Shhh!! He doesn't know that... >.>

@Trilby: D'aww I'm sure you'll still grow ^^.

@Mort right... so a squirrel, who is the son of a candy necklace, fought for the Queen?

@Nouw I probably will, because the majority of my family didn't break the six foot mark until about 18.

@Trilby: You know...

...too much!!

*throws Trilby into a black van occupied by shady silhouettes and drives off*

@Mort Oh, this must be the 'inconspicuous transport' I called for to get to Black-Market-Organ-Con (Yeah, I haven't forgotten. The 'barber'shop is also a bakery now).

@Trilby: Yay! I could do with a tasty pastry while I get my ears and limbs severed. And indeed this is the inconspicuous transport.

...which is considerably less so, now that you've pointed it out to everyone.

@Nouw&trilby: all you young people and your growing, I stopped growing about 2 years ago. And now I feel old >.>

@Mort hooray! my first customer. except staika. here, have a steaka pie.

@Trilby: *noms the pie* I'm having second thoughts about the trim, I'm gonna let my ears and limbs be for a while longer. I may grow to like them.

@Trilby: See? No need to worry :).
@staika: Hey, it's when a lady asks you if you're old enough to drinkI was 13 ^^when you start feeling older than you really are xD.

@Staika, Nouw, and anyone else who says their still growing: BAH! All you young pups and your getting taller on me...

(is 22, keeps getting told he looks 25, 26)

@Mal You sound like my friend Sean. He had to pay full price for bus tickets until last month because all the bus drivers thought he was over 16, but because he wasn't he didn't have a travel card. Meanwhile, I'm three months older than him and I still pay half-fares.

@Malyc: I'm 22 too, but apparently I look young. Sometimes it gets really annoying.

I don't mind having to produce ID to buy alcohol. That's fine in my book. But when the cashier is carding me for buying an R rated movie or an album with Parental Advisory sticker, I start to get really annoyed.

I was 17 five years ago. Cut it out. :/

Wow, 9 pages already? o:

Has anything actually happened yet? D:

@sky well, Mort tried to kidnap me... and then I sold him a pie made of staika.

@Sky: Ummm... No. Not really, no.

@Trilby: How did you make a pie out of staika? :0

@Sky Some atrocious puns, some discussion about age and IDing. Otherwise... no.

@RedSky: You ever seen Sweeny Todd? >.<

@sky: Very well, this pie is delicious!! *offers sky a slice*

@Trilby: Wait, I paid for this?!?

Well, I don't mind. It is quite tasty.

@Link: ... Which one? ;D

I've seen the older one, not seen the remake.

@RedSky: Either. I'm pretty sure the crux of the plot remains the same. I think your question about staika pies will be answered. XP

Bah! I refuse to eat staika. I will avenge you!

@Pie: I'm a pie O.o
When did this happen!?

Oh well if I'm a pie I must BE VERY DELICIOUS!!!

@Nouw: well I don't look like I'm 20, as you could probably tell from my gif. Some people think I'm not 17 yet, NOW THAT IS INSULTING!

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