Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Link: Oh how I wish, my friend did a couple weeks ago but they list the highest scores of the leagues in the paper and I got one of the highest scores with my 251. I took a picture of the score board too. I'll try to take a picture of my name in the paper when I get my copy in about 20 minutes.

@staika: Wow...that's a higher score then I've ever seen in person.

Then again, I'm the guy who bowls a 40 every time I've been to the alley. >.<

@staika Thassa big number. Whew.
@Link HAH! Same here.

@Link: I average about a 160 currently. I sadly didn't bowl anywhere near what I got last week tonight but I did hit a hard split shot. It was a 7,8,3,10 split and I hit it perfectly. I couldn't find a good photo of someone hitting it but These are the numbers of the pins for a mental note of what I had to hit.


*clubs all the seals in the gif from the previous page.*

I may be about lvl 11 seal clubber in KoL... but it's been a while since i played so i don't remember.

@Malyc: It's on.


@FML: My cat pissed on my dead Grandfather's laser-disc collection. She will be joining him shortly.

@staika: Swanky soul-steatin' spirit avatar you got there. What's the story behind that? Or does it involve more weird anime vids?

@Schizzy: Why thank you. There's no story behind it, I found it while looking at gifs on my "source" and I thought it was funny and cool so I made it my avatar.

@staika Tell me what your source is!

@RaN: Wow man...and I thought I was mad when my roommate's dog tore up a bunch of my DVDs. At least mine aren't difficult to replace and/or sentimental in some way. :/

Caticide is the best course of action.

@trilby: NEVER! I have yet to tell anyone what my source is so I can keep all the good gifs for myself.

@staika: Then perhaps we need to torture the information out of you.



@Link: Noooooooooooo not classic metal! My one weakness. I must hurry back to my harder metal before it rubs off on me.

@staika Tell me your source and I'll tell you some good Soilwork songs!

@trilby: you'll have to do better than that since I already have all of their cd's. Sides I don't listen to them much anymore :P

@staika: Might as well not tell. It's a secret.

@RaN: But what good is a secret if you keep it all to yourself? That's just selfish. >.>

@staika Scar Symmetry? Nightwish? Moonspell?

@Link: You can tell others. You just can't let others know when you tell others.

@Trilby: I already have all the scar symmetry songs and I don't care much for those other bands.

@staika What about Equilibrium!?

@Trilby: they are alright not the greatest band ever :P

@staika There's just no bribing you.

@Trilby: Well there is that too, there are a few things that I can be bribed with. Even less that would make me give up my source since I like the gifs it has and I don't want people stealing them >.>

@staika: Oh really? Like what?
Because, if necessary, I will try and seduce you.

@Trilby: Well there's alcohol, things that I find cool, and things that I find funny. You can't seduce me by the way, I am impervious to being seduced.

@staika Oh REEEALLY?
*buys you chocolate and lager*

@Trilby: Yes really, I choose who to be seduced by being as awesome as I am.

*drinks lager*

@staika *takes lager back, glasses you*

@Trilby: Owch that's not very nice. Now there's glass everywhere, where's a janitor when you need him.

@staika Persistent little banana! *stabs you with the bottle*

@Trilby: *starts to bleed bananas*

@staika Tell me your source or I will... make a yo mamma joke.
About your father!

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