Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Link They're putting it on hold indefinitely. Or hadn't you heard?

@Berenzen: I hadn't. I'll admit, my following is only scattershot when I don't see a new album on the immediate horizon.

So yeah, kinda sad about that. Still, if Blink-182 can come back from a hiatus, I think anyone can. >.>

@Malyc: pie IS America! How can you deny its cinnamony goodness?

@Link: ...

I can has it alamode?


@Malyc: Add chilled creamy wonderfulness to the crisp cinnamony goodness?

I can think of nothing more patriotic than that! =D

@Link: YAY!

*noms patriotic apple pie alamode*

*Laces patriotic pie with ghostly cyanide*

Thanks everyone! :D

*is apparently going to die a second, and much less dramatic death of poisoning*


*finishes apple pie and scotch*

It'd be a shame to waste good whiskey...

@Mal Oh really?
*bursts in with a Tommy gun and kills everyone, including Mal, before the cyanide can*

@Trilby: Was that necessary?

*bleeds out*

@Trill: Yeah, was that necessary?

*Pours incorporeal coagulants on Malyc*

@Malyc: Now succumb to the poison like the good killer ghost you are.

@ViolentGhostAntics: Even after death, the residents of Murderville are...murdery(?) ever.

@Malzzy: Yes. Yes it was. Very much so.

2 and a half more pages we can do it!!
But one of my classmates just broke his 8th hard drive in about 3 years. You'd think you'd learn not to experiment with your computer at the 2nd broken hard drive >.>

@ViolentGhostAntics: This is why I don't go to Jesus Infinite Buffet.

That and they don't have Coke.

@RaN: They don't?! Blasphemers!! Heretics!! This is an outrage!!

@staika You would think, wouldn't you...
How can you not think that?

@trilby: he likes to over clock his computer since he is obsessed with benchmarking his computer for bragging rights. My teachers have told him many times that its not a good idea but he never listens.

@Schizzy: Fineee...

*dies of pie poisoning, comes back 10 seconds later as... a ghost*

@RaN: They do too have Coke. It's just not on actually have to go back into the freezer and pick up one of the glass bottles.

@Malyc: A ghost of a ghost? Sounds confusing.

@Link: The freezer is locked.

No one has the key.

@RaNDM: Here, lemme get that for you. *snaps fingers, walk-in freezer door unlocks*

As owner of the JIB I'm going to have to look into this. *yells to maid-angel* Brittany, what did you do with the freezer keys?

@Link: Not a ghost of a ghost, just a ghost...

(The poison only knocked me out for 10 secs, but, since I don't breath and my heart doesn't beat, it was impossible to tell I didn't die again)

@CA: *walks into freezer*

@RaN: In retrospect, that was probably one of the worst places to store them.

Oh well, let them thaw for about an hour, crack them open, and pour them into a glass with a healthy serving of ice cream. Presto! Coke Floats! :D

@Link: *orders a coke float through the JIB*


@staika Really?

That's my two imgs.

@Trilby: Even though I've only been in class with him for about 3 months now whenever he says "Okay (teachers name) I have a story" We all groan and ask he what he did this time. Well if he doesn't learn it's his money he's wasting.


The votes are coming in nice and fast now... seven people left alive tends to do that.

And now it's time to bring that number down to six! The executed has been PMed!

Yay someone else to join the dead!

Also I was two strikes away from hitting a 300 tonight, It's a little disappointing but I at least I can take comfort in the fact that I can get it soon :P

@staika: You just really love being in the paper, don't you? XP

@staika: Dayum... most I've bowled has only ever been in the low hundreds.

@Link: Well this wasn't a league I was bowling in so even if I hit a 300 it wouldn't be in the paper. It's more about the pride of hitting a 300, and yeah I like being in the paper XD

@CA: Well I've been bowling at least twice a week for about the last 9 months so I get a lot of practice. The lanes were just right tonight but I did bowl nine games in two hour so my arm kills since I throw my ball pretty hard.

@Bowling I think the highest I've ever bowled was around 190 or so. But I haven't bowled in years, so I probably would barely make 100 if I went and did it now. However, I have been watching the bowling national championships at work because that is what's on daytime TSN.

My personal sport of choice is swimming, I managed to break 31 seconds for my 50 meter backstroke back in December, my butterfly is a bit off right now though- I'm only swimming at a 28-high 50 for that at the moment.

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