Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@CA: That does sound cute! I wonder if there's a video somewhere...

@CA: Ah...of course. I too was disgusted by the horrific things my keyboard headbanging spewed across my screen. I could not keep myself from wretching violently and clutching my sides as though a lance had been thrust between my ribs.

One more page, and this round is reaching it's end! POST POST POST!

@Jak: It's not over yet... not by a long shot. I'm still waiting for all the PMs to come in. Killer's probably taking their time to choose now. According to my spreadsheet, though, there are only enough people left for two and a half cycles at maximum. It won't be long until the round is over.

@CA: Which is all the more reason for us to POST LIKE THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!

*lights match*

@Link: I...I think that would discourage most people. Might even make it impossible for some. I mean if my house was on fire, I'd pack up my CPU and run.

I just won Most Improved Average in my bowling league. I won a magnet :D

@Link: I will post, for the good of Serial Killer!

@staika: Dat badge.

@Nouw: It's a nice little trophy that for the first time in my life I can say "I'M GONNA PUT IT ON MY FRIDGE!"



@Mortis: Oh...well then, better not light your house on fire.

*lights Mortis on fire*

@staika: Soon your average will be 300. Just watch. >.>

@Nouw: Yes, let us post! Let's push this to the max tonight! :P


*continues acting suspiciously suspicious, suspiciously*

@Link: That would be awesome but not even the best pro's average 300. Jason Belmonte (whom is believed by many to be the best bowler in the world) only averages a 249 and hasn't even hit a 900 series (3 300 games in a row). But I can dream since I only average about a 160 now.

@CA: I have a coinbox version of the cat-in-a-box thing for my daughter. Put the coin on the box and the cat pulls it into the 'cardboard' box.

@Malyc: Because flaming people post faster.

Of course.

@staika: You're hitting the 900 series within the next five years. You'll be so good by then you'll be bowling a 400.

Somehow. >.>

@Link: It's called cheating, and I can do that. Well it would technically be possible to bowl a 400 handicap series if you have a 100 handicap and you hit a 300 then that is technically a 400. I sadly can't do it that way since my handicap is at 55.

Just a few more posts to go, eh?


@Staika: Continue with the practice of bowling, and you shall eventually be crowned the CHAMPION!!!

@Page 100: I'm helping! X3

@Malyc: Soon very soon, I just need to up my average by about 40 pins and I can join the PBA so that would make me a pro :P

@staika: Well, I guess that would be one way.

Or you could just get really good at bouncing the ball between lanes.

Again, somehow. >.>

@RaN: We are so close I can taste it.


@Malyc: *notices that Mortis has not posted recently*

Uhh...actually, you may be right. Whoops.

@staika: Cheating is hard!

@100 pages: First one to reach the 100th page gets a cyanide-laced patriot pie!

@Link: Well I did once hit a strike on the lane next to me, I dropped the ball when I was throwing it and it hit the edge of the gutter well and it bounced into the other lane (which no one was on) and it hit a strike. I still have no idea how I did it.

@Schizzy: Not when you learn that you can change your score with the computer >.>

@staika: The best strike I have ever thrown went rolling about halfway down the walkway where employees get to the back before somehow bouncing back into my lane and nailing my pins.

I will never be able to duplicate it because I would need to consume another stupid dose of liquor in order to have a chance. >.>

@Schizzy: PIE PIE PIE PI...wait, what did you say about cyanide? O_o

@Link: My best strike was this one time I threw it and it almost dropped into the gutter but then it hooked all the way back and hit the head pin in the perfect spot (the right side of the head pin). I did that with my friends ball since I have a piece of crap ball and his ball is meant for heavy oil but the lanes were so dry that his ball had a crazy amount of hook to it.

@Link: Did I say cyanide? I meant cinnamon...

I know I know... my accent makes words look like something else when I type.

@Bowling: I can't play without the kiddie bumpers.

@Pie: Fuck yeah, I'll eat that pie!

*eats Schizzy's pie*

@Schizzy: Right...

@staika: I once had a ball pop out of the gutter and hit four of the pins on the side. Which was another night where I hit the lanes with a little too much alcohol in my bloodstream.

I'm actually thinking there is a theme here. :/

@Schizzy: Ah, those accents over the internet will kill you every time.

Also, yay cinnamon! An excellent choice for patriot pie!

Almost as good as arsenic.

@Link: I do that all the time. I actually hit a 7 10 split with that once awhile ago. The secret is to throw the ball as hard as you can into the gutter and have it bounce back and hit the 7 into the 10 pin.

@Staika: Is that the ONLY way to solve the split problem?

*has never been able to pick up a spare on any split*

@staika: Is that a professionally sanctioned technique? XP

@Malyc: Well I hit normal splits all the time to the point one of the other bowlers calls me "Split Shot" since I am skilled at picking up splits. It's all about hitting the pin at the perfect angle to push it into the other pin. Most people also don't know that with lighter balls your ball will actually bounce off of a pin when it hits and you can use that to bounce your ball into another pin.

@Link: Most of the 7-10 split conversions are pure luck and the pros usually try to have one of the pins bounce around and hit the other one.

@staika: So...just throw the ball harder! That will make it bounce, right?

I'm good at this game! ^_^


@Link: Well the ball has to be a light ball (about 12 lbs) for it to bounce off the pins. But the harder you throw it the more pin action (the pins bounce around and knock each other down) you get. But if you throw it too hard you won't get any pin action at all since the ball just blasts through the pins. But hey I got a strike with an 8lb ball, all that really matters is that you hit the head pin a little to the right (or left if you are left handed).

@RaN: That is actually a perfect example of what I am talking about. Though I was afraid that guy was going to throw the ball into the ceiling O.O

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