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'This war of slavery and attrition has made me its slave....' A young man suddenly burst into the office "Mr. President we have the latest news from Gettysburg and Antietam." The boy looking no older than 15, "Father...Its....The Reckoners....we...we have reports of zombified soldiers its just like the first time." The President turned around revealing than it to be no other than Abraham Lincoln albeit greatly aged. He sighed "Get me Jameson Craig tell him its urgent spare no expense to get him here on the double." Lincoln looked at the reports it was the same thing everywhere zombies, creatures from beyond human comprehension, undead gunmen, and cults,God the cults, he sighed one last time he picked up and inhaler and took a deep breath hacking and coughing green mist. 'Why did we let the Sioux do that terrible thing, why why why,no matter its to late now we fix the problem at hand.' he thought and went off to the War Room.

And so my cowboys and cowgirls so comes my game:Reckoners. now this is based of Deadlands a table top rpg but this will have numerous elements thrown into it. Now that that crap is out out the way time to get to the nitty gritty. The year is 1875. The Civil War is still going. And a great calamity has happened caused by the Sioux and other tribes which i will explain if y'all still have interest after this opening post. And as for technology flying has been perfected zeppelins fly people around. Guns have more advanced ammunition and different firing mechanisms but its still revolvers rifles and there are machine guns but the smallest are turrets but more person usable are still in the works. Also limbs organs even if your really rich or lucky can be made automatronic. Now on to geography part of Calfornia is in the ocean due to a quake. Now because of that instead of The Gold Rush happening a rush for a mineral known as Ghostrock came forth once ill explain more. Also all of Nebraska belongs to the Sioux but nobody goes there for good reason its considered no mans land it a horrifying wasteland with a glow that can mistaken for sunrise at night. America is split in two litarly right down the middle horizontally with both sides in a stalemate.

Character sheets
Name:(please be a little creative)
Race:(white,black,Native American etc.)
Age:(How old are you nothing younger than 21)
Looks:(what do you look like include a picture if you can, be descriptive)
Gear:(what do you wield, now no giant cannons if a regular human can carry it what makes you think you can and i not saying you cant but it wouldn't be a good idea to have straight knife sword or fist guy remember this is the Wild Weird West you can and will get shot at.)
Bio:(what brings you to America who are did you do something bad, how did you get particular scar details details.)

Classes:Gunman-Your typical soldier your well versed in firearms and a bit of the bladed weapons. Gunmen can come from a variety of backgrounds.

Doctor:Your run of the mill medic but with the advent of Ghostrock medicine has jumped years ahead. Experiments are encouraged in your field to see what kind of potions you can make

Shaman:Can only be this if your Native American or you have a damn good reason why the Native Americans taught you how to control spirits, now as for spirits that's how your magic works summon spirit and it does stuff for you. Which could be any number of things they're the white mage of the party with buffs.

Alchemist:With the advent of Ghost rock science turned more into alchemy. Potions and enhancing things are big thing now with Ghostrock.

Priest:With things get dark the priests say let there be light. Near magical with their powers no one knows where the holy men powers come from. Able to turn away undead, create shields, and sense evil wherever it may lurk.

Hucksters:Also known as Crazies these poor bastards wanted power they got it. At the cost of most of their sanity. Able to command great magic they are force to be reckoned with.

Name: Jonas Harris

Race: White

Age: 25


Class: Gunman

Gear: Pair of Colt SAA revolvers chambered in .44 rimfire with the 5.5" barrel, a lever action rifle in the same caliber, a Bowie knife, brown duster, and the obligatory horse.

Bio: Born in the Louisiana territory in 1850 to a rancher family, Jonas learned early on how to ride a horse, rope cattle, and other skills usable around the ranch. He was attracted to firearms at an early age, and his father purchased his first revolver for him when he turned 15.

His parents were killed in an Indian raid while he was in town getting supplies, and he started bounty hunting, hoping that the Indians who did it would end up on the wrong end of his guns. Jonas wandered much of the old west, tracking his targets with little sympathy or mercy once he found them. To him, they were just targets.

He gradually earned more fame, which meant that people contracted him for harder and harder targets, but also meant that the people he found were more likely to surrender when they found out who he was.

Why are we limited to such narrow classes? I'd like ta be a version of the alchemist that tends more towards the scientist, with a focus on the science of things like the Ghostrock, rather than be stuck with potions. Is that possible?

Yes u can ill be improving the classes so to anybody has ideas let me know.

So are you allowing Hucksters? Or is that relegated to the Shaman class or one of the other ones?

explain Hucksters please
and heres my sheet

explain Hucksters please
and heres my sheet

Oh, come on, anyone that's played Deadlands long enough has at least heard of Hucksters. They're the magic users, the guys that looked in Hoyle's book of games and found the spells in it, and use cards to cast them.? But if you don't know what they are, nevermind, lost almost all interest in this


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