The Truth Within the Truth: A Fullmetal Alchemist RP

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even if that isn't our target a man running across the rooftops is something that needs to be investigated Ken thought has he made a stone ladder on the sight of the building using alchemy, once ken reached the roof he looked all round searching for the figure he saw.

Elias's vigilance was well-placed. His first glance up at the rooftops caught him an excellent view of a shadowy figure quickly darting out of sight. He didn't have time to get a good look, but they appeared to be very thin, probably at least a head shorter than him. They were moving further in. If Elias had to guess, he deduced they were probably heading for the abandoned storage warehouse. In the past, it had been used to hold excess supplies, but the military compound's recent expansions had made it obsolete. It now stood empty, and held dozens of little alcoves and forgotten, dark places where a fugitive might hide.

The first three shots pinged off of the wall uselessly, bits of shattered brick going with it. Firing while running at this speed was a gamble at best. The fourth shot was more successful, slamming into Amaud's right leg. Instead of stopping him, however, he seemed to run with greater fervor than before.

To heighten his distance, the fugitive Lt. Colonel clapped his hands together again, and slammed his right hand against the wall he was hugging at the moment. A massive jutting barrier slid out, blocking James passage yet again. This time, however, it was only a delaying tactic. James had gotten a good enough look to know this alleyway only led to a dead-end, up against the wall of an abandoned factory.

"Really?" Solaris asked, sounding intrigued. "I've never been out west before. Perhaps you could show me around someday?"

Joy would be insufficient to describe Leo's current demeanor. Solaris held a hand up to her lips and gave that noblewoman's laugh again. "I'm getting ahead of myself. I won't be going anywhere until I finish business here. Oh, maybe you could help me? I'm looking for an old friend of mine, but everyone keeps telling me he's disappeared; have you seen a man named Amaud around?"

Victor sat silent for a moment, watching Kallu as he stared out the window. "...Thanks, Kallu. But you don't need to wait around here any longer. Please, tell the nurse that I'm ready to go; I need to get to the quartermaster, and you should, er, probably get searching again."

The conversation in the bar stopped, as dozens of patrons cast shifting glares and glances at Anton. The barman grimaced, and put on an odd tone, almost as if he were courteous.

"Oh, Octivir wine? Rare stock; not sure if I have any. Come to the backroom with me, I'll see if there's any left."

The barman led Anton down a staircase behind the bar and down into the cellar, where he kept all the various booze he sold. As soon as the door was shut behind them, he grabbed the soldier by the shoulders and shook him violently.

"Are you insane or something?!" he asked in a growling tone. "Almost every patron here is a veteran from the Ishvalan War; they don't sell out their own, so I'm willing to bet you've just made yourself a lot of enemies up there." He let Anton go and backed up a bit, lighting up a pipe from his pocket to take a puff from. "I, on the other hand, am a more pragmatic man. But if you want to know anything about that guy, you're gonna have to offer me more than a smile. Tell me what you can offer, and I'll tell you what I know."

As Ken reached the rooftops, he looked due south and saw his target. Or, at least, a target. The thing was silhouetted by distance, but it was unlike any individual he had seen. It was massive, at least three times the width of a normal man, and a bit shorter than average. Nonetheless, it danced across the rooftops like it wasn't even a challenge. It seemed to be making a beeline towards the Industrial District, particularly a cluster of warehouses.

I wonder why would she look for a wanted state alchemist... This isn't right . "I haven't heard of him... what's his last name?". As Leo's suspicion grew, so did his hunger. "Do you want to take a break and visit a coffee shop with me?", Leo asked nervously, but then retreated, "Unless, of course, you're already engaged".

"I, on the other hand, am a more pragmatic man. But if you want to know anything about that guy, you're gonna have to offer me more than a smile. Tell me what you can offer, and I'll tell you what I know."

"Heheheh... So that's how it is, eh? Well then, would this be enough of a tip Mr. Barman?"

Anton pulled a stack of 1000 Sen bills from his jacket pocket. Must have been close to 20000 Sen in there.

No point in killing him if a little money is all it takes to lubricate his vocal cords.

Anton waved the stack of bills firmly in the grip of his claws in front of the bartender.


Solaris chuckled a bit at Leo's daring come-on. "I would certainly enjoy that, Mr. Leo, but I'm afraid that this really is urgent. His name is Octivir, and the business I have with him cannot wait." She paused for a moment and considered. "Of course, if you'd really like to, you could help me search? Another set of eyes and hands would always be useful."

The bartender stared at the bribe for a moment, considering whether or not he might be able to get more. Eventually, though, he just shrugged and took the bills from Anton, pocketing them as he expounded.

"Amaud Octivir's a fugitive, big-time sort of fella in the community. Everybody who's anybody among the AWOLs goes to him for info on how to duck the military. Where to go, who to know, what to get, et cetera. He hides out in the big, old abandoned storage warehouse in the center of the Industrial District. That's not gonna be a whole lot of help, seeing as how damn big the place is, but it's all anybody knows. So that's your best bet."

He then gestured towards the cellar door back to the bar. "Now then, you've got two choices. Either you head up there again and find yourself with about twenty new best friends to get 'acquainted' with, or you pay me another 500 and I'll let you out the back door. Up to you."

What is going on. Octivr just clapped his hands and made that wall. At first I thought he had his transmutation circles tattooed to his hands. James stepped back and bit his thumb drawing three circles on the ground, clapping his hand he made three new cartridges, all of blunt bullets. Tucking them into his waist band he pulled out his gloves. Clapping his hands, he hit the ground as blue lighting surrounded him. A large cannon appeared out of the street, a large switch appeared with it as well. James pulled the lever and watch the wall Octivr had made crumble.

James walked through the hole he had made, his gun raised high, cautious of whatever Octivr had planned.
This may be a dead end but with his alchemy Octivr could blast his way through the walls. I need to be careful.

"Give it up Octivr. You know what I can do and what I'm not afraid to do. I just have to make sure you an talk. I have no orders about bringing you back with your entire body intact. Give it up now and save yourself a lot of pain.

Marlin watched curiously as the three men broke off from the crowd and ducked into a nearby alley. They were clearly not his target, but it was also fairly likely that they were involved in some shady business. Even if they aren't Amaud, they may know of him. Either way, I suppose I have no better leads yet. Marlin pondered the dilemma before taking one last glance at the crowd. He saw nothing of interest, so he quickly followed the men into the alley.

"... Hope this isn't a waste of time...." He muttered quietly to himself.

What the hell is this? well only one way to find out ken thought just before he starting running across the roof tops as fast as his feet could carry him, the things seemed to be covering a great distance across the roof tops with ease as it showed now sign of slowing down as ken was only slowly starting to catch up with it. The thing didn't seem have noticed him for some strange reason, ken was just about to land on a stone roof top at the same time as the thing was about to jump to the next. Ken landed with his hands on the rooftop, using his alchemy a stone hand rose out of the roof trying to grab the thing before it reached the next rooftop.

As James stepped in through the alleyway, he found his speech falling on deaf ears. That is to say, no ears at all. The place was empty. James tried to figure out what had happened, and only too late picked up the sound of alchemical energy crackling. It was coming from the other side of the walls.

The walls to his right roared to life, two gigantic pillars of stone smashing into the Lieutenant Colonel's side and tossing him straight through the wall on the opposite side. Brick and mortar broke, dust flew with the State Alchemist as he tumbled through, into a darkened area only lit by the tiny streams of sunlight coming through his makeshift entrance. His surroundings were indeed a warehouse. Rows upon rows of empty shelves where stock would have once been, all creating a soulless and echoing chamber to wander through. As he worked his way back up to his feet, a voice called out to him.

"Projecting. You shouldn't have come alone."

Blue sparks from the top of one of the shelves caught his attention. But rather than the metallic shelves it was the ceiling above him that reacted to the transmutation. A square pillar jettisoned from its parent structure, dropping straight down toward Projecting's head.

As Marlin approached the alleyway, he found the three men had met up with a fourth. He was not wearing one of the bandanas, and looked significantly older than him. By the boots he wore, Deep Blue recognized him as a military veteran. He looked scared, backing away from the three thugs.

"T-this isn't right." he said. "Amaud said he'd meet me here personally; he didn't say anything about other people!"

"Hey, easy, relax." the apparently leader of the trio said with a soothing tone. This completely contrasted with the lead pipe he produced from the inside of his pants. "Don't take it personally; we just don't like you military twerps movin' in on our territory, is all. Nothing against you, but we need to send a message. And you'll make as good a messenger as any."

The trio moved in closer, the other two holding pocket knives with malicious grins on their faces. The veteran backed up as far as he could go, but it was clear he was unarmed and in no mental condition to fight. "Please!" he cried. "Somebody, anybody help!"

Ken managed to grab the thing by the leg, but what he got was absolutely, positively NOT what he was expecting.


"My snack came to me?!" the thing cried out in a voice of childlike glee. "Wait til I tell Lust!"

The big lug opened its mouth wide and, rather than any logical attack, bit at Ken's arm.

"Looking forward to working with you as well, Mr. Striker."

"As am I "
Roland flashed a brief smile before returning to the task at hand.

"Well, the others are surely following up leads as we speak, I've arranged with the quartermaster to meet us ahead with sets of civilian clothes."

And then proceded to walk at a brisk pace, catching up to and past Isaac.

He reached into his pocket and produced a pack of cigarettes, he took one and placed it between his lips, and offered Isaac the packet.

"Do you have any kind of idea of where we should start Mr. Beleren?"

"Anything to be with you, miss". Leo approached the woman and let his hand out, as if he was expecting her to wrap her arm around his. "Where should we go first?".

With ken's hands still on the ground he instinctively made a wall of spikes burst up in front of him, impaling the creature, 'what the hell was that?' ken said out loud as he started backing away form the impaled creature.

Kallu turned back to the Corporal, nodded his head and began,"Very well, but you're coming with me.And keep the stone,to remind yourself what you are.I'll be back in here in about five minutes, be ready to go then."

Kallu closed the door behind him and walked back to the main lobby, and approached the nurse he had seen earlier.

"Corporal Victor Kendrall is being checked out, where do I sign,who do I give the order to, or whatever is needed, Miss?"

After accomplishing that, he arrived back at the Corporal's room,"Ok, kid, we're going, but under my supervision."

He hides out in the big, old abandoned storage warehouse in the center of the Industrial District. That's not gonna be a whole lot of help, seeing as how damn big the place is, but it's all anybody knows. So that's your best bet."

In other words right next to my apartment. The apartment I just walked away from to get downtown... Damn! And that Barefooted goofball is probably sitting on his ass who knows where... No choice but to hightail it back to where I came from. What a royal pain in the proverbial ass this is turning out to be.

"Well it appears I have no time to lose. Here's your compensation. Oh, and I will indeed accept your offer to use the back door... But..."

Anton lifted his right arm so as to offer the bartender a clear glimpse of the diamond tipped claws of his automail before violently clenching it into a fist. His narrow eyes cracked slightly open to reveal his green pupils and his smile ripped into a near psychopathic grin.

"Tell you what Mr.Barman, you let me off the hook for that 20000 and I don't redecorate your fine establishment with the entrails of your devoted patrons. How does that sound, hmm?"

James rolled to the side dodging the pillar. He ran into the the rows of empty shelf, trying to make space between himself and Octivr. As he felt pain from his left side.

My ribs are hurting. Three are cracked, maybe close to breaking. That was lucky but I can't take another hit like that. I'm at a disadvantage here. Some how he can just clap now to use alchemy. If that is the case then he has the advantage of speed. Also this warehouse is too crowded to be much good for my alchemy, unless I can get close enough to get a clear shot and stop him from using his alchemy.

James ran down into an aisle, heading away from the entrance. He turned down an aisle leading back to the middle row, which was really wide. Clapping his gloves together, James put them on the ground as ran, creating a row of cannons, all connected to one large switch at the end. He had to do everything he could to beat Octvir.

James pulled the switch launching the cannons. Before they even landed at Octvir, James was running behind the cannon balls, firing his gun, with the blunt bullets at Octvir.

"Do you have any kind of idea of where we should start Mr. Beleren?" Isaac bit back the response rising in his throat, correcting Roland's last few words. That's Major Beleren, actually.

Though slightly irritating, there was no sense in getting annoyed at the other Alchemist. Honestly, Isaac couldn't begrudge the man for the simple act of not following military protocol to the letter. Best just to roll with the informal attitude for now; it would ensure that this first mission together ended without tension between the teammates.

Shrugging, the Major responded to Roland's question, "I honestly don't know where to begin looking; East City is still pretty foreign to me. True, miscreants and criminals will typically stick to the city's underbelly, no matter where you are, but I just don't know where that might be."

Allowing his backpack to slide to the ground with a metallic thud, Isaac ruffled through a few pockets, eventually emerging triumphant, the object of his search clasped in his hand: A painfully detailed map of East City. Spreading out the large chart, Steel-Web began scanning its various twists and turns, eyes deftly navigating the mess of lines and dots. "The way I see it, odds are the Lieutenant Colonel would probably be hiding it in either the Industrial or Market District; beyond that I haven't the foggiest.

"You were saying something about the quartermaster preparing clothes for us? We might as well go retrieve those first."

"Well," Solaris said, wrapping her arm around his as they began to walk off. "I was thinking--"

At that moment, both of them noticed a disturbing sight to the south. Smoke was rising above the skyline. Either a fire or an explosion. Solaris tugged on Leo's arm and started off in that direction. "Something tells me we'll be on the right trail in this direction."

Somewhere else within the same city, Roland and Isaac could not help but notice the same smoke trails rising. Their first clue, and possibly the only one they needed was right in front of them.

The fat monster choked as blood began to drip and trail down the stone spikes piercing through its flesh. Ken backed away, getting a view of the thing as it died. He breathed a sigh of relief, just in time for the thing to take another breath. It roared and flailed itself about, the spikes shattering into a hundred pieces as it fell and charges again. Red alchemical energy sparked around its body, sealing the holes in it as it brought its massive paw of a hand to claw at Ken's right side.

Victor smiled, and nodded at Kallu. Several minutes later, he had changed into some civilian clothing, a white-button up shirt under a brown coat with tan pants. As they left the hospital, the young Corporal pointed off towards the military compound. "I'll need to get my equipment from the quartermaster, then we can--"

"Wait til I tell Lust!"

"Huh?" Victor and Kallu looked up, to see that just across from the hospital the rooftops were full of activity. They spotted Ken fighting... some kind of fat blob, as a row of spikes shot up and impaled it. They were relaxed for only half of a second before against all odds, the thing started moving again, and started assaulting their ally once more. Victor tugged Kallu's shirt to get his attention. "I'm going to go get some heavy equipment; you help him, okay?"

Before the Stone Alchemist could reply, Kendrall had already begun sprinting down the street towards the military compound.

The bartender raised his hands to shoulder-level as a show of peace. He didn't look intimidated, but he made no hostile moves. "Slow down there. I'm not stupid; just leave my customers alone and go. Inside that closet there's a ladder that leads up to a side exit for the bar. Take it and don't come back."

The bartender pointed at the closet he was referring to, to help hurry the troublemaker on out of his life.

Amaud leaped from his high position on top of the shelves, barely dodging the cannon fire as it lit up the place where he had once stood. The ceiling shattered, bits of debris raining on him as he fell the long distance to the ground. He landed on his right leg, seemingly absorbing the impact as he rolled over and clapped his hands once more. A small pillar deflected the blunt rounds as they impacted it, only chipping away small pieces before it deconstructed itself into a series of small projectiles. They shot out with the speed of bullets, all trained in James' direction.

"Who sent you?" Octivir shouted. "Was it the Fuhrer? He's done enough damage, why can't he just leave me the hell alone?!"

Anton walked down the alley and emerged onto a busy main street. He heard a distant boom and spotted the smoke coming from the industrial district.

Oh boy, just as Mr. Barman told me. Better hurry or I'll miss all the fun.

Anton started running towards the pillar of smoke. "Get out of the way! Military coming through!"

Soon enough Anton was in the district he had wondered away from only hours ago. There were things happening on two fronts, it seemed, but Anton decided to venture inside the storage area as he loaded his handguns.

"Here we go. Time to play." He said as his smile grew slightly wider.

Roland was just about to speak when he noticed the smoke rising from afar. He glanced back at the map. He was sure it was coming from the Industrial District.

"Scratch that Steel, I know where we're headed. No time to waste with clothes"

He made ran out the door of the building, lighting his cigarette as he ran. He looked back and realised he had left Isaac, he motioned to him.

"The Industrial District! We have to be quick, let's not let any of the others steal all the glory!"

He gave a sinister smile and waited for his new-found companion.

Tasha stepped out of the East City HQ dressed in a slightly oil stained grey jumpsuit, a bandana tied around her head to keep her hair back. She had changed inside her small room inside. She set off towards the commercial district of the city intending to hit up a few of the bars in search of Octivir. After a few minutes of walking, she had reached her destination and was about to head towards the nearest bar, when she heard a several voices raise nearby.

"What's happening?" She heard a woman say. "Some one alert the military!" She heard a man exclaim. Tasha's head whipped around to look at where the voice were coming from. She saw several civilians pointing to smoke raising in the distance. "Shit." She mumbled before setting off and a run towards the smoke.

Leo followed Solaris as she walked towards the smoke, leading him to the industrial district. After a few minutes of silence Leo stopped Solaris and turned to face her. "Listen, a sign of smoke is dangerous. It could be a fire or something worse and I wouldn't want you to risk your life. I will go and look for your old friend and come back as soon as I can".

He placed his hand on her shoulder, "Wait for me here, alright?".

"Smoke, huh? Yeah, that's pretty obvious." Carelessly stuffing the map back inside his pack, Isaac swung the heavy object back onto his shoulders, sprinting to catch up to Roland.

Adrenaline began pulsing through Isaac's veins as his feet pounded against the ground. The game was afoot, battle looming closer and closer as the two Alchemists charged through the streets of East City, navigating their way deep into the Industrial District.

After a few minutes of running, the pair found themselves standing outside a decrepit warehouse, twin plumes of smoke rising from within. Things were about to get interesting.

Amon twitched in surprise as thunder rocked the area near him. He spun on his feet to see smoke rising from a dozen buildings away. I love it when I don't have to do any work. he thought as he raced towards the now rising pillar of smoke that had appeared from where the explosive noise had originated. As he neared the site, Amon saw that the smoke was rising from behind a building. No time to go around, only through.

He hit the main doors running, ramming it with his shoulder. It buckled, but didn't open, and Amon fell back swearing violently as he nursed his shoulder. Growling in pain, he grabbed the handles and disintegrated the lock. With an angry kick, the doors flew open, and Amon rushed inside.

Amon didn't see anything immediately, but he certainly heard it. Cannonfire roared inside the large warehouse, skimming off metal shelves and rattling around on the floor. Followed by the gunshots, it was very hard to hear anything, much less locate where it was coming from. The damn acoustics of the warehouse made it seem like it came from all around. Amon raced through the shelves, ducking when he heard the impact of multiple bullets ahead of him. Strange, he hadn't heard that many fired. It sounded like scattershot, too. Lots of impacts all at once.

Shaking these thoughts aside, Amon moved forward carefully. As he reached the edge of his row of shelves, he finally saw what was creating all the confusing. Amon grinned. Time to earn my pay! he thought.

"Who sent you?" Octivir shouted. "Was it the Fuhrer? He's done enough damage, why can't he just leave me the hell alone?!"

Amon grabbed the metal shelf he was closest to. Alchemical energy sparked, and iron bars shot out, reaching for Amaud. The top of the shelf melted as it provided material for the metal tendrils. Amon made no reply to Octivir's question. It wasn't important, and why give away the element of surprise?

Roland threw his cigarette to the ground, it had been burnt down to a tiny stub, he crushed it with the toes of his boot.

"Do you think we should knock first, or just let ourselves in?" he said with a wide grin.

He took out his pocket watch and swung it in an arch at an incredible speed. He sent a small shock up his spine. He instantly felt like he had injected himself with a large amount of caffeine and adrenaline.

He tucked the watch back in his pocket and looked for a way in.

Muffled shouts and bursts of energy could be heard emitting from the warehouse; it wasn't hard to deduce that some conflict was centered inside.

"I think it would be rude to distract whoever's inside; let's let ourselves in."

Reaching into his pockets, Isaac pulled out a pair of white gloves, tugging them on as he approached the warehouse's wall, specifically a section of rusted iron plating, little more than a dozen feet across. "One sec."

Pressing the palms of his gloves against the wall, Isaac felt the Earth shifting beneath him, the constant movement and shifting of magma and metal and God knows what else deep beneath the ground on which he stood. The raw power channeled through him, pulsing through his feet, legs, chest, arms, and hands, pouring into the scraps of cloth around his hands. The two large circles sewn onto the palms of the gloves glowed briefly, arcane blue light pouring from the curves and angles of the transmutation circles.

With a groan, the metal wall was utterly destroyed, its atoms and molecules glowing with energy and power, twisting and shaping itself according to the unique signatures of Isaac's circles. An instant later, the wall essentially imploded, a thousand wires comprised of corroded iron slowly falling to the ground.

With a smile, Isaac waved to Roland, "Alright, let's do this."

Kallu nodded as Victor sped away and transmuted the ground underneath his feet, creating a pillar tall enough for him to jump to the building the Creature and Landscape had run across. He switched into his battle side, coldly calculating with the patience of the stones.

"You! Release him!"

Stone readied a handful of transmuted stone dust to throw at the man-thing should he charge him. The dust had been changed to small minute sharp crystals, thrown in anyone's face would cause unbelievable pain. He was mostly protected because of both his gauntlets and gloves he wore.

"You will not harm another."

I must be quick, if he charges, I'm not sure I can stop this one. But I can use his bulk against him. Blind him and maybe he'll charge over the edge, that'll at least give me the time I need to trap him. Few have escaped the Embrace of the Stone.

Solaris smiled and nodded at him, though she had a worried look on her soft face. "Please, be safe." she requested. "And if that's Amaud in there, bring him back safe?"

Leo nodded and took off toward the action. As he dwindled out of sight, Solaris' soft expression faded. She threw off her outer layer, leaving the tightly-fit black dress underneath visible. She slunk into the alleyways, a malicious grin on her face as she twirled a finger around the tattoo on her chest.


"Humans. So predictable."

Amaud looked to his side, a fearful expression as he recognized the new threat coming from the Spice Alchemist. He leaped to the side, the iron bars mostly missing, save for one hitting him square in the sternum. He gritted his teeth and slid on the ground as his momentum carried on without him. The Hotblooded Alchemist stayed true to his nature, and was immediately back on his feet, snarling at the new foe. As the final iron bar shot at him, he clapped his hands in anticipation and grabbed hold of it as it passed over his shoulder. Blue sparks shot all around as the bar reformed into an elaborately-detailed javelin.

He tossed the projectile straight at Amon, and followed up by delivering another transmutation to the floor. Twisted bits of metal, ceramics and concrete combined into crude jaws, trying to slam down on the loyalist Alchemist's legs to keep him in position for the javelin to strike.

Isaac and Roland had an odd position compared to the others. James was on the opposite side of the room to them, and at the moment Amon was to their left. Slightly to their left and in front of them stood their target, the Hotblooded Alchemist. Or at least, they assumed so considering his engagement with their teammates.

The crystals embedded themselves in the face of the charging monster, who immediately let out cries of pain and agony as they performed their grim task. Though it could hardly see, that was no deterrent apparently. It immediately turned in the direction of Kallu and charged with surprising accuracy. It was only when he saw the thing's face convulsing did Stone realize the truth: it was smelling him.

Very skilled creature, isn't he?He can still fight on, even without the use of his eyes.But I wonder, how much can he survive?

Stone slammed his hands down on the ground, transmuting simultaneously, one hand creating spikes to impale the charging Creature, the other commanding the roof to encase him in stone, as soon as the transmutations were complete, he rolled to the side and transmuted the roof again, weakening it for the creature to fall through should he manage to get out of the Stone's Embrace. His bulk was as much a detriment to him as an advantage.

Anton was slightly overwhelmed by what was happening. At the exact same time a wall to his right had disintegrated. He could barely make out Isaac and Roland through the falling debris. Amon was on the other side of the room and had thrown a flurry of metallic death at their target. James was to his left, apparently using Amon's attack as a chance to take a breath and prepare his next move.

I knew fighting these circus freaks would be more trouble than it was worth... Wonder how Octivir is doin' that? How am I supposed to contribute to this damn operation?

That's when the opportunity presented itself. Octivir was busy attacking Amon while no one was attacking him. Octivir's back? Turned towards Anton after having taken one of Amon's creations to the torso. He should be able to at least incapacitate one of Octivir's arms while taking no friendly fire.

Must be my lucky day... Anton thought to himself as he quickly discarded his jacket, wearing only a white tank top underneath, thus fully exposing his M1905 "Wolverine" arms he was so proud of.

As his grin once again widened, Anton leapt in the air towards the Hotblooded Alchemist, pulling off a quick spin in the air and bringing down his right arm towards Octivir's shoulder.

"It's time for you to taste the floor, Mr. Freak!"

Leo ran towards the site of the smoke until he stopped in front of a large warehouse, the voices from within sound eerily familiar. He walked on the cobbled street till he stopped just before entering the warehouse. He peered inside and saw the ensuing battle between his comrades and something very fast in the distance. Not wanting to be shredded to bits, Leo remains outside.

He Breaks apart the cobbled road and brings up a large boulder in the shape of a chair. He sits on it and looks through the door, watching as others run at the man and try to hit him. This doesn't work... If she was looking for Amaud and knew to run in this direction... Who was that woman? .

James threw his arm up to block the shards of rocks, his arms get cut badly in the process. Blood started to run down his arm and James felt one of his arms crack just a little. James took a deep breath as four other members of his squad barged into the warehouse.

What a lucky save. I'm not sure I could have held out much longer.

James looked down at his gloves. They were ripped, wrecking the transmutation circles on the,

Well I guess its just my gun left now.

James reloaded his gun with his second cartridge of destructive bullets. He watched as one of the new squad members attacked Octivr with his automail arms. James raised his gun, ready to fire if the new guy missed and Octivr moved towards him.

Tasha was close to the source of the smoke. She was close, maybe a block away, when the building next to her shook violently and a thundering crash was hard inside. Tasha jumped as dust a debris burst from an open window on the ground floor. "Ahhhh! What the hell!" She exclaimed. She looked to the smoke then back to the building. "Ah damn it!" She said with a shake of her head.She opened the front door to find what looked like a deformed man laying in the middle of the room, bleeding profusely.

"Oh crap, sir are you alright? What happened?" She said running to the fallen man, placing a hand on his arm.

The charging creature's forward momentum was too much. The spikes shot through his abdomen, and he choked blood out of his mouth as he continued his charge. But the stone broke beneath him nonetheless, the weakened floors cracking under his feet as he lost balanced. The thing toppled, careening straight off of the roof and into the street. Its body splintered and shattered on impact, blood and flesh spilled out over the stone below. It was at this moment that Tasha caught sight of him.

As Tasha approached, red sparks were already coursing across his wounds, stitching the monster's body back together. Its blank white eyes turned towards the Spark Alchemist. The thing snapped and chomped as its barely-healed body began to launch itself at her, clawing wildly.

As Anton dived, Octivir turned to meet his eyes. Lieutenant Wilson got a close look at Amaud's eyes, and saw a fire blazing within them. "I KNOW that sound!"

Hotblooded's right leg shot up in a high kick, slamming head-on into Anton's arms. They hung there for a moment, as the dog of the military realized that his foe's leg was automail. What was even more unusual was what Amaud did next. With a clap, he placed his hand on his own leg. It sparked with energy, and a blade shot out from its heel, propelling Anton's hands away.

The Special Ops team's target hopped forward on his good leg, making kick after kick after kick with the bladed leg, hoping to get a good blow in.

The Stone calmly watched as the man-thing collapsed the floor beneath his feet and went into a downward spiral, leaned over the roof and saw it attacking another person down on the street.

Foolish woman, what is she doing here?

He put his hands against the wall of the building and transmuted again, creating a wall that blocked the creature from the innocent as he launched itself at her. He considered his options quickly and jumped off the building, landing directly on the half-healed creature, twisting his leg in the process and feeling bones break in the creature's back.

He brought his fists into contact with the wall and transmuted again, causing the stone of the buildings to reach out and trap the thing.

His leg felt numb to him, it may have been twisted badly in that fall or he may have torn something, he wasn't sure, but he wasn't going to let it stop him just yet.

"Huh?!" Amon's eyes widened as Octivir transmuted his assult and threw it back at him. What surprised him wasn't the fact that he did so, but how. The man had no tattoos as far as he could so, no alchemical circles, but somehow he had transmuted. The mere fact that he had been able to do such a thing spoke loudly about his potential skill and the number of tricks he-

Something crackled beneath him, and Amon snapped to his senses and leaped right, both out of the path of the javelin and away from whatever the second attack was. Unfortunately, as he leaped something caught his bootlace, and Amon lost his footing and fell headfirst into the other shelf, jarring his brain as he crashed into its metal leg.

Rolling over in pain and confusion, Amon managed to reach over and untangle his boots. He got up, thanking his lucky stars that Octivir hadn't been able to do a follow-up attack. There was something to be said for teammates, he supposed. Thanks to them, now he had a chance to fight Octivir properly. The man clearly would never go down properly unless something was cut off. Although, Amon thought. it would appear that something already-

Amon's train of thought twitched to a stop. Automail. More automail. Octivir, and that other guy, he knew him... Lieutenant Wilson. That was it. He had automail too? Goddamn, and it is beautiful, too. Are those diamond tipped claws? That bastard WILL tell me where he got those, I want to know the engineer who- No! Amon beat his fist against his head. Damnit, stay on task! Cut off his leg, THEN obssess.

Shaking his head to clear his mind, Amon reached for the shelf he had just run into. Energy flowed, and Amon pulled an iron halberd out of the metal shelving.

"It's not steel, but it'll do," he said as he found his grip.

Then he charged.

"Oi, Hotblood! Have at ya!" Amon yelled as he swung at Octivir's organic leg.

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