The Truth Within the Truth: A Fullmetal Alchemist RP

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Leo jumped up from his stone chair and decided that he had waited long enough. He wasn't about to let the others risk their lives while he waits outside. He entered the warehouse and wiped his bare feet over the cold concrete floor. He began raising his right leg in the air and bringing it down on the floor hard, again and again till the concrete itself began to shake around him. Dust and small white rocks left through the wedges and small holes created in the concrete and began to form larger rocks.

Leo ran forward, continuing to strike the concrete with his feet and breaking away the limestone. "Guys, be ready to leave soon", he shouted out to the others as more and more stone formed around him above the crumbling concrete floor. He assumed a position once more, his right leg stretched back and his body leaning on it, he readied himself for encountering Amound. He threw a stone rod at him to draw his attention towards him.

Marlin frowned as he watched the men he had been following begin attack an ex-soldier. His ears perked up at the mention of Amaud's name. It appeared this wasn't a waste of his time after all. But what to do? I can't let that man be killed of course, but if I fight off his attackers and he is an ally of Amaud I doubt he'll be willing to stick around and answer my questions. Though he would have liked more time to think about it, he had to act fast before the thugs killed the man.

"....Sorry... I guess I'll have to take you all down..." He apologized quietly before setting his jar down and filling it with water quickly. Then he twisted it and touched a different circle. This one sent the water from the jar flying towards the group with great force. It wouldn't kill them, but it would probably be enough to knock them all down. Without waiting to see if he got them all, Marlin quickly froze the water. This would keep them trapped on the ground beneath the ice, unable to harm each other or escape before Marlin had a chance to find out what they knew about his target.

Ken was glad to see his teammate arrive to help kill this creature. After the stone alchemist jumped down the hole the creature fell through, ken rushed to the hole, knowing that killing the creature wasn't much of choice if it could survive those stone spikes, he used his alchemy to turn the ground below the creature into a cement like state hoping to solidify it again when the creatures feet sank into it.

I KNOW that sound! Anton's attack had been deflected by an automail leg, which by now had been modified into a blade with only a clap.

This is all I needed now. Anton thought as he parried each kick while in what looked like a defensive stance of some kind. Not only can this fella rain death on me by clapping his hands, he can fight too... Parrying Octivir was getting more diificult. Fortunately help was on the way.

Oi, Hotblood! Have at ya! Amon charged in, halberd in hand. Anton also spotted James readying supressive fire.

"Ah well, appreciate the help there, Major Spice! What say you to making this fella a bit less mobile?" Anton said while smiling widely.

That's when Leo entered the fray.

Guys, be ready to leave soon! He yelled as he transmutated a limestone rod which he threw at Octivir.

Shit. If he keeps this up this whole place is going to come down on us. We might have to move this fight outside if this freak doesn't fall soon.

James lined up his shots, carefully firing just past the newcomers. Those are the Spice Alchemist and um, uh, Lieutenant Wilson. Got to be careful not to his them.

Guys, get ready to leave! Thats Leo. James looked at Leo and his eyes went wide as he realized what Leo was planning on doing. He wouldn't. He couldn't. Who I am kidding, he would.

"Leo! We need him alive!" James yelled as ran as hard as he could towards the exit, his left side screaming in pain with his cracked ribs.

Vlad exited the room, and caught his breath. He couldn't stop seeing his sister's face, laughing, screaming, dripping with blood...

then explosions started ringing out.

He rushed outside and jumped in a car, then sped towards the site of the commotion. As he approached the industrial district he went past the hospital and saw three people fighting a man on the roof. Vlad swerved to a stop and rushed inside.

He grabbed a nurse rushing away from the building and asked her were they stored the blood. He stammered something about the 4th floor and he sprinted for the stairs. He heard a large crash and when he exited the stairwell he was facing a hole in the floor where something came through the ceiling above. At the bottom of the hole was the man he saw on the roof.

"It's me! Vlad! I'm here!" The vampire alchemist called up to the other alchemists before rounding a corner to the room where they kept the blood. Vlad his teeth and nails to fangs and claws then grabbed several bags before rushing out to the hole.

The fat man's feet were stuck in a transmuted slab of concrete but he was smashing away at it with his hands. Vlad tore open two bags of blood and drew a circle in them. The iron in the blood formed razor sharp wires like he did in Ishval, then they rushed down and impaled the man in several places.

Vlad Breathed a sigh of relief and called out, "He's dead."

'trust me impaling doesn't work' ken shouted through the hole in the roof down at vald, as the creature started regenerating with red alchemy energy flying off it, though its feet still remained in the ground.

This was it. Amon was lunging at Octivir's grounded leg, Leo had thrown a rod that would at the very least distract their foe. Shots rang out as James unloaded a clip on his target.

Confident enough to shoot a target surrounded by allies? Maybe there IS a reason for his rank of Lt. Colonel after all.

Anton wanted to make sure this joint effort would not be in vain.

Sun stance. As he parried yet another kick from Octivir, Anton swiftly changed his stance, moving his arms from his sides closer to his torso.

"Hm." Anton moved in, his right arm swiping down at Octivir's chest, while his left arm would follow up with an uppercut to the jaw.

Tasha jumped back from the snapping jaws of the creature. Seconds later a stone slab blocked it's path. She looked around for the source. Ken landed next to her as she spotted Kallu. "Stone, Ken! What the hell is going on here and what the hell is that thing?" She said as she started feeding small amounts of her bodies energy to her hands.

"He's dead."

"Trust me impaling doesn't work."

"What do you mean impaling doesn't work?" She asked as the red energy began to pulse around the creature. "I'll ask again what the hell is this thing!"

Roland stepped into the warehouse and was greeted by the sight of battle. Everyone was fighting against, who he presumed was Octivir.

In all the heat of the moment, Roland stood on the sidelines, lit another cigarette and leant against the wall.

"You guys seem to have him at the moment, call me if you need me!"

Leo stabilized the concrete around him and readied himself for a fight. Four pillars of stone rose up around him and small arrowheads began to form on them. "The more I fight the faster this place crashes down - Amaud! Stop or I will crash the roof over your head!".

"Oi, Hotblood! Have at ya!" Amon yelled as he swung at Octivir's organic leg.

Amaud was fast. The Hotblooded Alchemist immediately swiveled on his good leg, bringing the automail blade down to catch the halberd mid-swing. What happened next was somehow even more implausible. With a grunt and a swing, Octivir's leg swung the halberd up and to the side, catching its hook around a piece of the shelf and sticking it there. Amaud then leaped forward, landing on his hands and spinning around as his leg-blade darted through the air like a mad, spinning hornet. Amon was forced to back away; his focus was on the blade, so much so that he never noticed Amaud hop into the air, clap, and bring his hands back to the floor.

A cartoonish stone fist burst from the ground under the Spice Alchemist and launched him through the air as Amaud finally returned to his feet. With a single transmutation his leg was back to its original shape, and he took a moment to transmute his foe's halberd into a hand-and-a-half sword.

At that moment, a stone rod from Leopold smashed into the fugitive's back. He rolled forward, immediately coming back to his feet and looking over at him with a furious sneer. "Damn it! How many of you ARE there?!"

Though he was not a genius by alchemist standards, the Hotblooded Alchemist was still far beyond the creative prowess of the average Amestrian. He recognized that, since the other parts of the floor were being avoided save for the limestone, this new foe must only be able to transmute stone. That was his weakness. Hotblooded brought his palms together once more, and the room glowed blue as he transmuted his own sword. Dozens of metallic darts shot out towards the Landscaping Alchemist, and at that exact moment the dog of the military countered with a similar assault.

"The more I fight the faster this place crashes down - Amaud! Stop or I will crash the roof over your head!"

A single arrowhead grazed Hotblooded's arm. He grunted as blood spurted out and transmuted the closest shelf into a metallic shield in front of him, blocking all the assaults brought on him. "Go ahead and try it!" he shouted back. Anton chose this moment to attack, swinging with both arms towards Amaud. Hotblooded wouldn't go down so easy, though, and deflected one blow with his raised automail leg. Then, he got creative. He clapped his hands together, and brought them in to intercept the higher-aimed claws. He caught them head on, getting his hands torn up in the process. Amaud gritted his teeth and stifled a howl, but nonetheless got enough of a grip on Wilson's arms to transmute the diamond tips on his hands. With a slam, the claws hit the shelf to their left and shattered; they must have been no stronger than graphite. With another kick, the Lieutenant went flying backwards.

Amaud grinned and shouted "Who wants more?! I can take anything you've got!"

At that precise moment, a few bullets from James impacted to the side of his head. Amaud's face when pale with shock, and he immediately transmuted the floor beneath him. Three stone pillars shot up, two to his side and then one beneath him coming after. The first two tore a gaping hole in the ceiling, leading to the rooftop as Octivir's own pillar delivered him through it and out of sight.

"If you want me you'll have to fight for it!" he shouted as he disappeared from sight.

"I'll ask again what the hell is that thing!"

Even as it was in what seemed like death throes, the monster turned its head towards Tasha and grinned before replying in a childlike voice "My name is Gluttony!"

It shot to its feet, ripping its very legs out of the stone to escape it. The feet within the trap dissipated, and new ones formed, perfectly attached to the monster's ankles. It began charging Tasha in a mad dash with its huge tongue dangling out the side of its mouth. As he got close, the built-up energy in Spark's hands coursed straight through his body. Gluttony's body convulsed, and he shrieked in pain as he was fried to a crisp, but even then didn't stop moving. One of his humongous arms smacked her in the side, sending her crashing into the wall as he turned to face down the Vampire Alchemist and Ken.

"I can smell lots of blood on you!" Gluttony mentioned with glee. "You'll be my best snack in a week!"

The three gangsters, plus the poor veteran never even saw Marlin coming. His attack caught them off guard to the point that at least two, maybe all four of them shrieked in rather embarrasing voices as they fell to the ground. In the same moment, the water froze over, trapping them in place. They looked up completely helpless towards Marlin. "Oh no, it's an Alchemist!" one of them whispered to another.

Their worried expressions definitely proved they had nothing to rely on but his mercy at that moment.

Ken knowing that restraining the thing wasn't an option either decided he wouldn't hold anything back, Ken jumped down to were Vlad and gluttony was, he placed his hands on the ground, the entire ground turned into fine sand, he also moved large under ground stones upwards in a single thrusting motion, so a cloud of sand was blown up into gluttony's face, Ken then rushed towards were gluttony was putting his full force into a punch aimed for were gluttony's face was.

What is this thing?This Gluttony? To rip his own legs out of the floor to escape, only to have them turn to ash and his stumps to grow new, pristine ones?

The Stone ran, the pain in his leg be damned, and jumped onto the Gluttony's back, and began pounding away at his head with his gauntlet-protected hand while the other wrapped around his neck.

He saw Ken begin rushing in, the sand he kicked into the Gluttony's face spraying into the Stone's own.

"Ken, No! He can smell you!"

As the battle ensues Amaund continues to successfully deflect the attacks Leo and his comrades tirelessly throw at him. After foolishly declining Leo demand, he rose up on a stone pillar and jumped on the roof of the warehouse. Leo straightened the pillars he brought up and withdrew the darts back into the rock. He brought them up and tore the roof four large holes.

Leo changed his position once again to something that he hadn't used before. Both of his legs were close to each other and bent while his two arms were raised over his head . He raised his right hand over his head and left his left hand near his torso. "Guys, catch the lift", he shouted at the others as hit the earth and caused the four pillars to smash hard down on the already crumbling floor of the warehouse, making them into a lift the others could use to get up.

The concrete floor of the warehouse began showing signs of tearing apart.

Elias believed he was being led toward an abandoned military warehouse, and had his suspicion confirmed when the sounds of battle came from that direction. He took off as fast as his automail would carry him, which was faster than he expected before he remembered the missing weight of his damaged arm.

"Out of the way! Move!" he called out, parting the sporadic crowds he barreled through. When he stopped, he saw Ken, Kallu, and Vlad fighting a fat, bald man, along with a prone body at the bottom of a wall. Elias drew his sidearm and slowly approached the scene, weapon trained on his team's opponent.

Roland took this as he cue, and he knew he had no time to waste running up the rubble.

"Send me up Leo! I've got to catch the bastard before it's too late!"

Roland latched on to the ascending pillar, he was sent flying up through the roof.
He jumped off just as it reached the top, he took a second to catch his breath and exhale all the dust, before looking aroud for any sight of Amaud.

Anton rolled and tumbled on the floor for a good 5 meters before crashing into a pile of what used to be shelves before various alchemists had bent them to their whims. He got up and looked at his left hand. His usual demeanor and the visage that came with it were, surprisingly enough, still intact.

"Oh my, this is no good. Doesn't he know diamonds are expensive? I mean, without the claws you still have a fully functional hand, but replacing what he broke is going to be a pain."

His cavalier complaints sounded awkward and out of place to all in the room. Anton then pulled a butterfly knife out of his pants' rear pocket. Twirled it open in his now clawless left hand and said, as he replaced his verbosity with a more vulgar speech pattern.

"Well, I'll just have to make double sure that son of a bitch pays for the damage, right?"

Guys, catch the lift!

I guess it's not all bad. Now that he's here I can get on with my main objective. Now, show us what you're made of, Major Leo Mensti.

"Heheheheh...Hahahahaha!" Anton followed up his crude threat with a somewhat disconcerting laugh as he used the Barefoot Alchemist's lift to chase after the now positively torn up Amaud Octivir.

Smell...that's it!

Vlad tore open the last two bags of blood, but he didn't transmute them. He hurled them at Gluttony's head. The blood splashed across his face, filling his nostrils and coating his eyes.

"It's a bit much 'Gluttony', isn't it? That rich copper smell?" Vlad said. His breath was beginning to deepen, sweat beaded on his forehead, and he felt thirsty.

Amon grunted as he was flung up and away. Flipping his body, he landed on one of the higher shelves, where he started transmuting another halberd. Amon paused, remembering the move that Octivir had pulled on him. Never let it be said that Hotblooded is synonymous with hotheaded, he thought as he resumed and finished his transmutation. He had sculpted another spear, but this one was different. It was shorter than the halberd, and instead of a pike and axehead, it was topped with a wide leafblade, designed more for slashing than stabbing or chopping. And never let it be said that I'm an old dog. Learned this technique from a xingese smuggler who was passing through the south border. Think he had some monk training, or something. And it was certainly useful, much better for CQ than a simple stab with a bayonet. Mess up THAT and yer done for.

"Guys, catch the lift"

Amon watched as the funny dancer man kicked up limestone elevators. Another point to teamwork, that meant he didn't have to go up alone for a second round. But at least he was ready for a second round. And for a decent fight. Amon grinned. Leastways I won't be tossed aside like a ragdoll this time, though gods all know what else he has up his sleeve.

Laying his hand on the shelf under him, Amon used all the metal to launch himself onto an elevating pillar. He could have gone through the roof himself, but that would have taken more energy, and it looked like he was going to need it against Hotblood, frankly.

"Send me up Leo! I've got to catch the bastard before it's too late!"

"Might've helped if ya'd joined in beforehand, ya lazy scut!" He roared as he flew. When he hit the pillar, he rolled and popped up in front of Anton.

"A fine day to ya, Lieutenant!" Amon drawled, saluting the man. "And some fine arms to ya, too. Hope he didn't do too much damage, did he? Now that I can see it properly, that's some master craftsmanship."

James jumped onto one of Leo's lifts to the top. Reloading his gun with the last of his blunt bullets, he prepared for whatever Hotblooded had prepared for them.

We need to encircle him, cut off all his escape routes. Then we should be able to capture him

"Everyone circle around him. Cut off all his escape routes! And watch out for the warehouse! Its unstable!" James yelled at the rest of the squad, as he jumped onto the roof and began to approach Octivr, gun raised.

"Might've helped if ya'd joined in beforehand, ya lazy scut!"

"Pardon me for not wanting to risk friendly fire with the bunch of yous, especially when you're crowding around him like he's in heat."

Gluttony cried out in pain as more sand mutilated his face. He was prepared to back away, but the smell of Ken moving in close with his hand was too much to ignore. Gluttony's eyes opened wide, too rabid to ignore the pain, and his teeth chomped down.

A bone-crushing crunch could be heard by all present as the beast bit down hard on Ken's hand. He looked prepared to start chewing, but suddenly he gained a look like a child ready to cry as he remembered something.

"Oh, no." he said, still mumbling with Ken's hand firmly in his mouth. "Lust said I can't eat you yet!"

With a grunt, Gluttony twisted his head around and released. The Landscaping Alchemist was tossed headlong into a nearby wall, blood streaming down his shattered hand. As all of this happened Stone smashed away at Gluttony's skull. It nearly caved in time and time again, but it kept returning to its pristine (if grotesque) appearance in a matter of seconds. The issue was compounded by how Vlad has completely negated one of his most useful senses with the foreign blood now seeping down his face. The monster got sick of this quickly, and rolled onto its back. The sheer weight of the thing nearly crushed Kallu, and forced him to release as the balloon-shaped thing rolled even further back towards Tasha, picking up speed until he slammed her like a bowling ball. She flew away from the force of impact, leaving him standing about six feet away from Elias, gun trained on the thing.

Gluttony stared him down, but finally relented. "Lust might need my help. I'll come back and eat you later, okay?"

Without a further word to the soldiers, the blubbery thing shot itself like a rocket back up to the rooftops, continuing its trek towards what now seemed an obvious target: the warehouse, with wisps of smoke now rising high into the air.

Roland, Amon, James, and Anton all shot up through the crumbling remains of the warehouse as a single unit. When they reached the top, the quartet jumped off of their platform and onto the rooftop. It was flat, with little in the way of cover for anyone on their side. Standard fare material-wise, tile and stone for the flat areas, with brick for the frame around it. It was all the same off-white as the rest of the city, though the area around the hole was blackened from dust and soot from various sources.

It was longer than it was wide, and on the opposite side of the building stood their target. Amaud Octivir was waiting for them, blood still dripping down his hands but nonetheless functional. The part that was particularly intimidating, however, was the transmuted cannon standing at his side. "Say goodnight, boys!"

The cannon fired, its payload rocketing towards the quartet.

Amon chuckled at Roland as they moved to the roof. "He's the Hotblood Alchemist for a reason, ya know." Then they reached the roof and hopped off.

Amon stared at the cannon in suprise for a moment, then acted. Without a moment to lose, he started transmuting his spear, adding to it the iron he had in his sealed pockets, also taking the time to kick James, Anton, and Roland away. The result was a 3 foot long handle with a very large hammerhead at it's top. Spinning once to give it momentum, Amon prepared to meet the cannonball head on.

I'm going to regret this, aren't I? he thought as he swung.

Ken slowly got up from the rubble, he was unable to move his hand any attempt made him flinch with pain, he slowly walked over to vlad and said with a mix of fear and anger 'what the hell did the thing mean with lust told it not eat me yet, who could be in charge of a thing like that.' Ken looked at his damaged hand 'I don't think I will much use in capturing that thing now, I am going to head back to base and report this'

Anton rode his pillar until Amon caught up to it rolling next to him

"A fine day to ya, Lieutenant! And some fine arms to ya, too. Hope he didn't do too much damage, did he? Now that I can see it properly, that's some master craftsmanship."

The liutenant grinned at Amon.

"Just enough to piss me off, Major. If we make it outta here in one piece, maybe I'll tell you about them over a flask o' bourbon, hmm?"

On a pillar a few meters below he heard his new CO's orders.

"Everyone circle around him. Cut off all his escape routes! And watch out for the warehouse! Its unstable!"

"Copy that Lt. Colonel! Let's get this over with!"

As they shot onto the roof, Anton froze. He was staring at a cannon.

Say goodnight, boys!

All of a sudden he felt a kick to his ribs.

"The fu...???"

He looked over to see Amon take a swing at the cannonball

Bastard must be high on fumes again! "MAJOR! DON'T DO TH..."

"Apparently we have attracted the attention of a group of people,"Kallu winced as he stood, his knee and ribs both badly bruised at the least,"I think they may have something to do with Hotblooded Alchemist. At least we know two of their names, Lust, and Gluttony, probably,"He winced again,"aliases, but we may want to start looking if there's anymore."

He looked to where Gluttony had disappeared to, and saw the column of smoke rising from the south. He sighed, which again caused him to wince.

"There may be people that need help that way, I'm going."

He created a pillar that led back to the rooftops and began stumbling across the buildings, trying to catch sight of the Gluttony and whatever had started the smoke.

Tasha's eyes widened as Gluttony's arm sent her flying into the wall. "Ahhhhg!" She yelped in pain as she hit the wall and fell to her hands and knees, trying to regain the air that had been knocked out of her with the impact. When she could breath again, she heard the sicking crunch. She watched as Ken hit the opposite wall. Shit that won't be good. She thought as she stood, ready to fight this monster. Her eyes widened again as she felt the monster connect again.

She flew parallel to the wall and landed with a grunt of pain. She struggled to pull herself up onto her elbows and succeeded, barely. She watched in horror as the thing jumped back onto the roof. She heard it's footsteps as it headed towards the warehouse. "Okay, my vote's on leaving the damn place to burn if it means fighting that thing again." She said slumping back to the ground in pain. "Ohhh this is gonna suck in the morning."

James froze as he saw Octivr with his cannon.

He would. Damn it we walked right into this trap.

As Amon kicked the other two the sides, James jumped to the side in an attempt to dodge the cannon and ball and slid along the roof top, rattling the roof tiles. Coming to a stop, James groaned as he lifted himself up from the roof.

Two days with very little rest and a lot of people trying to kill me. Just like the southern border conflicts then.

Vlad began to shake from the smell of the blood covering his hands.

"I'll go see if anyone needs help in the building." He stammered out.

He walked hurriedly around the corner and into the stairwell, where he went down a flight of stairs then collapsed in the corner and began desperately licking the blood off of his hands. He finally got the last of it off of his fingernails and let out a sigh of relief and exasperation. He stood up and went to the hospital lobby where he used the phone to call some back up to secure the site.

After making sure the four men were unable to break free, Marlin approached them and looked down at them as they stared up at him anxiously. He felt a little bad about having to do this to the veteran too, but he needed the information on Amaud at all costs. "... Now that you've all calmed down, I need to speak with you. I heard you mention a man named Amaud.... Amaud Octivir, correct?" Marlin asked them, pausing a moment to let the question sink in.

"... I want to know everything you know about him. Most importantly, his current whereabouts..." He continued, then added something else for good measure. "Cooperate, and I'll overlook this incident... Provided the three of you surrender your weapons and refrain from any future unlawful activity of course...."

Elias had stared down this "Gluttony" that had taken Kallu's hits like they were nothing, wondering what his pistol rounds would do to that same skull. Thankfully, he didn't have to find out.

"Lust might need my help. I'll come back and eat you later, okay?" As Gluttony rushed off, Elias slowly holstered the sidearm as he tracked Gluttony with his eyes. Who all is fighting over there? Out of the corner of his eye he watched Kallu and Vlad rush to the warehouse, while Ken went to get backup.

"Ohhh this is gonna suck in the morning." Elias's gaze shot over to the familiar voice, when he realized the prone figure he'd seen earlier was Tasha. He walked over and knelt beside her, looking for any bleeding.

"See, this is what sergeants are for," he commented, "looking after the wounded while the officers go pick another fight. Anything feel broken?"

"See, this is what sergeants are for, looking after the wounded while the officers go pick another fight. Anything feel broken?"

Tasha chuckled as Elias offered his help. "Yeah but that's the problem, I'm technically an officer too. And nothing broken, just hurts like hell." She said once again pulling her self to her elbows wincing along the way. "And maybe a fracture or two." She said with a grunt.

Tasha let her gaze follow the gaping hole left in the roof. "Gluttony huh? He mention a Lust too. Doesn't bode well does it Sargent?" She said raising an eyebrow at Elias.

"Gluttony huh? He mention a Lust too. Doesn't bode well does it Sargent?"

"Working for the Fuhrer himself doesn't bode well," Elias began, gently helping Tasha to a sitting position. "I haven't seen many watches work together at once, so a group this big means something hit the fan pretty bad." He stared up at the ceiling as well, trying to think about what gluttony and lust had in common.

Leo lifted his four teammates up to the roof and brought down the pillars. His attempts to inject the stone back into the concrete and perhaps help it regain its stability failed and he had to flee the building before it would collapse. The floor underneath began to crumble and the metal shelves crushed the stone and were sinking into the floor. Leo stood outside and stared up towards the roof, wondering what he should do if he meets Solaris again.

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