The Truth Within the Truth: A Fullmetal Alchemist RP

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Tasha rushed pass Victor, as low to the ground as she could get. She closed the gap between her and the closest Ishvalan soldier. She grabbed the barrel of the gun and the rune on her hand glowed as electricity shot up the gun barrel. The man convulsed as electricity surged through him. Sparks jumped from every spare bit of metal on the man to his comrades. Tsha stopped the alchemy an the Ishvalans fell.

Tasha turned back to Victor. "You need to keep your eye's open Corporal. A mistake like that again and you could end up like them." She said gesturing to the solders bodies still twitching on the ground.

After finally reaching the village and hearing Victor's scream.As he neared the building, and saw another Alchemist make short work of them, he saw two more Ishvalan's charging through the dissipating mist towards him, firing their rifles straight at him, covering his head with his stone-coated arms, he charged straight at them. A few ricochets off his stone body armor and the completely serene look on his face made them change their minds and direction into one of the many alleyways to their left. Rushing in behind them, he brought the stone in to block their way, leaving the only opening past him. Again charging, but with this time weapons empty, Kallu made short work of them, smashing one's head against a house, and causing the other soldiers neck to snap back from a jumping uppercut, either killing him or paralyzing him, the Stone cared not, and solidified the sand around their bodies, creating a prison.

He reached the building where Victor first called out for help and entered.
"Come on, kid, get up, don't go charging off by yourself again, you hear? We have enough problems without you getting killed before we reach the monks. 'The lone stone is the first to be tossed away.'Nice to see a woman take charge though, Miss...?"

"R-right." Victor said to his two saviors. "I, uh, I just got ahead of myself. Sorry."

The young corporal couldn't bear to look at the other two as they moved up the street. Past that first cluster of buildings was a small courtyard of sorts. A well in the center surrounded by flowers native to the Ishvalan desert was the only decoration in the brick-floored clearing. As the others caught up they advanced, as this seemed the only way to get through to the next area.

They made it as far as the well when they met the inevitable trap. Three buildings on the opposite side of the courtyard's windows opened wide to reveal nearly a dozen Ishvalans aiming rifles towards them. At the same time, four Ishvalans dressed in white and red robes leaped down from above, standing face to face with the Ops team.

"Soldiers of Amestris! " shouted the eldest robed man, presumably a monk. "You slaughter our people and invade our homes! Ishvala teaches mercy, so I will say this once! Turn back now, or we will kill you."

Victor noticed the stupidity of opening themselves to attack like this. Just standing out in the open. Either the monks were idiots, or more of a threat than they appeared.

James raced out of the car hitting the ground running. Claping his hands togther he placed them on the ground and kapt running creating a series of ground made, single shot cannons that rained destruction just beyond the main line of fighting. Pulling up, James stopped his barrage for fear of hitting the soliders on his side. As the mist Marlion made rolled in, James charged forward and pulled out his pistol.

As James got through the mist he ran into three Ishavalen soilders right in front of him. James leveled his gun and fired, light surroned the gun as it fired five different bullets. Becaue the Ishvalans were so close the bullets landed in their heads, killing them. Continuing onwards he made his way to catch up with the rest of the group. As the group ran into the ambush of the Ishvalan's. James waited paitnetly as the monk talked.

"We have orders. Surrornder or die. Those are your two options," James replied. "But by the sounds of it you will refuse to surronder so we fight." James leveled his gun and fired the multi-bullets. The five bullets all flew into a close group of Ishvalens, two bullets landed in Ishvalan's heads killing them. A third clipped one's head knocking him unconious and the remaing two bullets pierced an Ishvalan's right arm, rendering him unable to hold his rifle.

"Soldiers of Amestris! " shouted the eldest robed man, presumably a monk. "You slaughter our people and invade our homes! Ishvala teaches mercy, so I will say this once! Turn back now, or we will kill you."

At hearing this, Kallu drove his hands into the brick courtyard, bringing the stone from both the bricks and the ground up, creating a wall of stone twenty feet high, blocking line of sight from the riflemen. However, three of the Ishvalans in robes managed to jump over the wall as it was being created, leaving the two Alchemists and Amestris Soldier to face off with three Ishvalan monks. Leading with a charge to the knees of the first monk, Kallu was thrown into the wall he had just created, turning to see the man launch a three punch combo, two into his torso, which did nothing but bloody the monk's hands, but the third landed a solid hit to his face. He tasted blood in his mouth and returned the monk's punch by driving his hand back onto the wall and again transmuting the wall, sending two spikes out of the wall, which the monk dodged, but the Stone kneeled as he was doing this, and transmuted the ground behind the Ishvalan, sending two spikes into the backs of his knees and a third impaling him through his stomach.

As his mist settled over the battlefield, Marlin took a moment to refill the jar and then dashed in after his comrades. Thankfully, they seemed to be doing an excellent job cutting through the enemy and Marlin simply needed to be ready to support them. His time came when they walked right into an ambush.

The Ishvalans seemed to be averse to fighting them here and asked that they turn back. Marlin expected at least some sort of negotiations would follow, but was surprised to see James and Kallu immediately engage them. Though he wasn't pleased with the decision, he now had no choice but to back them up. Though the monks seemed to be quite powerful in hand to hand, Marlin felt the more immediate threat were the gunmen in the building. He set the still full jar down on the ground again and touched one of the circles. It quickly brought the water inside to a boil. Then Marlin twisted the jar and touched a different circle that sent the water shooting out in a large stream towards one of the groups of Ishvalans.

Marlin stood and watched his handiwork with a slight frown. The scalding water was quite effective at least at incapacitating the enemy if not outright killing them. But the screams were terrible.

The Ishvalans choked and gasped for fresh air as the scalding steam robbed them of their senses, replaced by the agony of burning faces. They scrambled for cover, leaving the monks alone to deal with the Amestrians.

The two remaining monks had yet to choose targets when their companion was struck down by the Stone Alchemist. The pair seemed almost identical, brothers even. One was clearly the other's senior by at least ten years, his lined and stubbled face showing only a twinge of pain at the loss. It was easy for Victor to spot another veteran of the war, even on the other side. The younger brother, though, was clearly new to the concept of death. His eyes went wide, his teeth gritted, and his fists were clenched as tightly as they could be. "Monster... you'll pay!"

The young monk took off at a sprint. "Brother, no!" the older one shouted, but it was too late. He attempted to move after him, but a rifle shot grazing his robes caught his attention.

Victor attempted to reload his rifle, but it was too late. The Ishvalan was already charging him. The young soldier leaped to his left, dodging a kick from the monk and was met instead by a brown-skinned right elbow smashing into the side of his face. Victor rolled backwards from the sheer force, blood leaking out of the gash as he drew a knife from his belt. Sweat gathered on his temples as his body trembled, waiting for the next assault. The monk threw swiveled on his heel and threw another punch, which Victor deftly avoided with a strange twist of his abdomen. Another punch caught the young soldier directly on his left shoulder, but was responded to in kind by a knife lodged in the older man's gut.

The Ishvalan's face gnarled in pain, and he threw an upward kick that knocked Victor flat on his back almost eight feet away. He dropped to his knees in agony, left vulnerable in that moment as he gathered his strength. Even so, he did not look ready to die yet; he stared down Lt. Colonel James and clenched his fists. A challenge.

The younger brother, during this time, had launched his assault on Kallu. Despite his rage, he seemed to know not to bother striking the stone, and instead stuck to grappling maneuvers. As soon as he got in range the young Ishvalan ducked under the Stone Alchemist's strikes and grabbed him under his arm and around the back of his neck, leaving him leverage to flip the Amestrian flat on his back. He delivered a kick to Kallu's head, drawing blood before lifting him up and throwing him headfirst toward the wall that he had created.

During the confusion, the Deep Blue Alchemist noticed a figure up on the wall, the eldest of the monks finally climbing to the top. The Ishvalan stared him down, an almost sagelike disapproval in his eyes; like a teacher scolding a disobedient student. In a flash, he jumped down from his vantage point to directly behind Marlin, extending a kick directly out from his side with all the speed and power that 30 years' practice can provide.

"The blood... this is insane. Leo walked through the battlefield, following the previous battle grounds of his comrades. Mutilated corpses of Ishavalians laid on the ground in awkward poses, a corpse of a non-combatant occasionally caught his eye. They even kill young boys

Leo entered a half burned up house hit by one of the shells the artillery brought on the vilage. He stepped in a pool of blood, his bare right foot submerged in the remains of a young Ishavalian. He nervously looked down and saw the corpse laying on the ground, his last action was covering his head with both of his arms. The blood made Leo sick. he ran up to the opposite charred wall and threw up . He wiped the vomit off of the corner of his mouth and looked back at the corpse. "This is what you signed up for, Leo. You can't stop now.", Leo clenched his right fist in his attempts to calm himself down. "Follow your orders".

Leo followed his comrade's path and tried to regroup with them.

As Leo walked, isolated from the group, a shadow dropped from above. An Ishvalan monk stared him down in their hidden hell. His face was thin and drawn, and looked to almost be sneering at him in disgust. He pointed at the corpse that Leo had just passed, in a demanding manner.

"You see what you do to our people. You're sickened by it? Then why?"

A swift punch to the chest knocked Leo back.

"Why do you do it?"

The monk jumped to the side, rebounding himself off of a wall to throw a kick to the Alchemist's neck.

I have no real answer, Ishavalian.
Leo was thrown back by the monk's surprise attack to his chest, but he managed to get into his stance before the Monk had the chance to take his head clean off. He bent his entire body to the side and with both of his two feet planted on the soil he transmutated the scorched earth to bring up a pillar from underneath the monk, hitting him in his leg and sending his sprawling back and away from Leo. He made another firm move forward with his left leg and with that transmutated two other blunt pillar of scorched earth. Both of them smashed against the stone wall and held the monk pinned on the wall of the house. Leo slowly returned from his battle stance and made a strange symbol with both of his hands, then straightened up and returned to his regular stance.

"This is my love. They let me have everything I ever wanted . I can't let them take it away from me". Leo slowly made his way towards the incapacitated monk, "I can't let anyone take it away from me".

The Ishvalan's body twitched, desperately attempting to move as it found itself stuck up against the wall. His right leg was dug into the sand, the other in the air and pinned, and his entire torso and right arm were caught under the other pillar. His head was turned to face Leo; his face was in a snarl from the pain rather than any extreme anger.

"S-strange, Alchemist." The monk said with an almost happy grin. "T-that's... exactly the way that I feel about my home."

The monk's face gnarled, and with a twist of his body the pillar holding his arm was broken away. A swift chop from his right hand shattered the pillar that had caught his leg, as well. The Ishvalan needed a second to gather his strength. His right arm was limp, unlikely to be moved unless it was absolutely necessary. His left leg was hurt as well, though it still seemed functional.

"We shall fight for our desires, Alchemist, and we shall see who deserves theirs more."

The monk took a faltering step forward, almost seeming like he would fall down on the spot. But then he took off even faster than he had moved before, making a diving kick towards Leo's legs.

The Stone looked up from the brick courtyard, seeing the young monk above him, he quickly transmuted the ground underneath him to shoot up from the ground, catching the monk off-balance and flipping him backwards, though he landed on his feet before swiftly climbing the small five foot pillar and reaching the top. Where the Stone waited, with his torso and left arm transmuted with minute spikes.

"Monster, you call me? Maybe, maybe... but I love the first home I ever truly had and I will not give up!" With the finish of his quick exclamation he launched into his first salvo, all deflected by the young monk, though miniscule cuts appeared on his robes and arms.the patience and durability of stone is not something to be trifled with, young one.

The Stone continued his assault, slamming his hands down and creating spikes shooting out of the ground, durable to the untrained eye, but created out of lesser stones, loosely held together. Just as he thought, the young monk leaped over them, attempting to land behind him.The arrogance of youth will be your downfall, young one At the apex of his jump, the Stone grabbed an ankle, charged through the stone spikes, shattering them in his wake, and slammed the young man against the wall as he jumped towards it. As the young man lay stunned against the wall, Kallu trapped him in stone from the wall, covering him from neck to toes.That should keep him confined for the moment, if we get lucky we may get some information out of him

Worried about the gunmen returning, Elias had hung back from the fistfights, but he also wanted to just watch the Alchemists fight. Spikes and walls came out of the ground, mist seared the faces of enemy soldiers, and the monks seemed well-versed in some kind of martial art. Deciding a vantage point would help, Elias barged into a nearby building shoulder-first, the wooden door not even slowing him down.

He rushed up the stairs to the third floor, but stopped halfway up the last flight and covered his head with his arms when someone began firing at him. The shots tore his sleeves, revealing the steel automail underneath. Lowering his arms, he saw that the assailant was a young woman holding a rifle, trembling too much to reload. Elias set his machine gun on the floor and slowly walked over to her, the shaking being her only movement.

"Do I kill an enemy combatant, like I've been doing for years," he asked, "or let a woman live?" Stopping in front of her, he took her weapon with his left hand while drawing his pistol with his right. "This'll only hurt for a second." Elias fired, grazing the woman's ribcage, then swiftly knocked her out, leaving her to lay face-down in the slowly-forming pool of blood. He dropped the rifle at her side, holstered his pistol, and retrieved his machine gun, getting to the window just in time to see the oldest monk begin to attack Marlin.

Ken watched the fight unfold, the team quickly took care of the ishvalen soldiers with a mix of mostly aggressive tactics, well in some cases it would be hard to call it a a tactic. Ken followed the group as they attacked reserving his strength for when its needed, Then a group of ishvalen monks turned up ken peppered for battle, he knelled down and licked the ground, Ken looked up to see which member of the group would need the most help, while their were several members of his team being attacked by monks he picked the deep blue alchemist as he was being attacked by a much older and most likely more experience monk.

ken place three fingers of his left hand on the ground and then the palm of his right, alchemy sparks flew off ken but no visible effect could be seen, then the earth pulsed as a thin layer of water came out of the earth to cover the ground. Ken forced some of the water stored in the earths rock to the surface in a similar fashion to a person trying to get the last of the tooth past out of the packed. Ken yelled 'Hope this helps', he then sat down on the ground to catch his breath.

Leo witnessed the strength of the Monk as he broke through the earth he tried to encrust him in. Even though he looked like he were about to faint, he somehow pushed his body forward and charged at him. Leo fell back on his left arm and raised his right leg upwards, an edged pillar of rock came out just above his right leg, piercing through the Monk's right leg. He struggled to break free and as he did detach himself from the rock he failed to stand on both of his feet.

"Why didn't you let me walk away, Ishavalian?", Leo asked the injured Monk in a concerned tone.

James clenched his teeth as the monk charged him. James leveled his gun and fired off his multi-bullets at the monk. The monk site stepped the first bullet, leaned back under the second, and slide under the remaining bullets. James pointed his gun at the monk's head but the monk punched at Jame's arm, knocking it upwards, sending the bullets flying harmlessly into the sky.James back pedaled as fast as he could to get away from the monk. Eight shots left James thought as the monk continued his charge.

James aimed and fired but again the monk knocked his arm to the side, sending the bullets flying to the side.

"Why do you resist Ishaval? Why do yo not want to be part of Ametris? If you would just surrender we can stop this senseless violence. There would be no more need for this all this bloodshed."

Roland stood at the the corner of the battlefield, admiring the men's handiwork and their formidable skills.

Good to see what I'm up against...

He took out another cigarette and lit it with his sparks. He placed it in between his lips.

It was then that he noticed the water flowing out of the ground, he wasn't going to risk mass friendly fire, but he sure as hell wasn't going to sit this one out.
He grabbed a handful of bullets and took out his revolver, before sprinting into the fray.

"Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!"

After concluding that the young monk was stuck and unable to move in his stone prison, Kallu turned to see the last monk that was able to jump the wall in combat with James.Damn, he's been engaged.

"Ishvalan, stop the fighting! You are surrounded, if you surrender I will let your companion go. If you do not, I will be forced to crush him. We are Amestrians! bloodshed between brothers is not something that should be tolerated.It would be a waste to kill this man now, for both of us."

the Stone readied his hand should the monk come rushing at him, determined that if he or his group's commander were attacked the young monk beside him would at the very least, be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life, with very little chance of recovering even with automail. The Stone recovered the blank look he had when in a fight, the face of a man who has no care whether or not he is forced to kill.

Vlad walked calmly behind a group of six Ishvalen soldiers taking pot shots at the team from an alley. One of them heard his foot steps and spun around, pointing a gun at his face.

"Die State Alchemist!" the dark skinned man yelled.

But before he could pull the trigger, Vlad slapped the gun out of the Ishvalen's hand and pounced on him. The others just watched in horror as the Alchemist bit at their friend's neck like a wild animal. When Vlad came up for air the Ishvalens were standing paralyzed in fear. The blood dripping from his fangs made contact with his tongue and then his mouth glowed. He licked his prey's still bleeding throat anf suddenly blood flew from the man's mouth into the mouths of the others, holding in their throats and drowning them in their countryman's blood.

Well that's a start. Vlad thought while wiping his mouth.

"You disgusting demon!" A voice said from above.

Vlad looked up and saw one of the monks he had seen fighting the rest of the team.

"I wonder what your blood tastes like!" Vlad yelled mockingly.

"Let us find out!" He yelled in return before leaping down towards the Vampire Alchemist.

The Monk struck wildly with his fists and feet, Vlad just barely keeping up even with his close-quarters training. The monk feigned with a left jab and Vlad fell for it, getting caught with a leg sweep. Vlad fell face down in a pool of blood.

"Do you have any last words murderer?" The monk said.

Vlad began to laugh, to which the monk could only shake his head pityingly. The readied himself for the final blow but then the man before him rolled to the side and a gush of blood from the ground knocked the monk off his feet. The thick liquid was in his eyes and noes and mouth and he tried in vain to rub it away.

"Never underestimate a State Alchemist." Vlad said before he bit into the holy man's neck.

Marlin had figured that by staying to the back of the group, he could play a supporting role and avoid being targeted. He was wrong. The monk that stood atop the wall before him gave Marlin chills. It was clear that his experience in combat far eclipsed Marlin's own. In the blink of an eye the monk was gone and the next moment Marlin felt a powerful kick hit him in the back. The impact sent him crashing face first into the wall in front of him. Marlin pulled himself back onto his feet groan, blood streaming from his nose.

He turned to face his opponent, still reeling from the pain of the attack and reached for his jar only to notice it on the ground about halfway between he and the monk. ".... Not good." He muttered, oddly calm. There was no way he was faster than that monk and even so, the jar was empty from his last attack. He would have to get to it, fill it, and then attack and it seemed unlikely the monk would just sit back and let that happen.

As Marlin quickly weighed his options, the ground seemed to move beneath them and water burst forth from it. It puzzled Marlin and though he was tempted to try to find out the source, he reminded himself this wasn't the time. ".... Thank you." He said quietly, though whoever had helped him was unlikely to hear it. Now that there was water, his attack sequence was significantly shortened. Hopefully it would be enough. Marlin dove for the jar and touched the first circle he could get his hands on. It froze the water on the ground and without missing a beat, he quickly touched a different circle that caused the ice to shoot up off the ground sending a volley of ice shards towards the monk from all sides.

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As Leo stared down his bleeding and battered opponent, the monk shuddered in a grotesque fashion as he dragged himself to his feet. He took deep, slow breaths; even in the throes of battle he would not lose the calm he had been taught. His eyes were beginning to haze. Death would enfold him soon.

"L-let you... walk away?" he asked, a bit of a growl in his faint voice. "I'll answer you that, if you can answer me... why one of your comrades couldn't do the same for l-little... girl..."

He took two steps forward, even now refusing to lay down and die. But Leo didn't need to act; a metallic noise from behind signaled two knives tossed through the air, embedded in the Ishvalan's back.

The monk toppled, the call of his god at last too strong to resist. He hit the ground with a face of complete peace, in the knowledge of his fate in the afterlife. From behind the corner an Amestrian soldier peered out, his disheveled black hair and stubble adding age to a youthful face, minus his sharp, eyes behind thin frames.

"Sir!" The soldier said, running over to check if Leo needed assistance. "Are you all right? I heard shouting and a lot of moving stone, so I came as fast as I was able!"

The older of the monk brothers continued his assault on the Projecting Alchemist with no mercy, attacking while the dog of the military attempted to reason with him. The Ishvalan threw an open-palmed strike with his right hand, slamming into Projecting's shoulder and lurching him back. The monk followed with a brutal front kick, knocking the Alchemist to the ground. He took a moment to catch his breath; the wound that Victor had given him kept him from fighting at full strength.

This would be over by now if I was at my peak. he thought to himself. He lifted James up by the collar, glaring at the State Alchemist as he finally gave his response.

"Amestris? Why would we want to be part of a nation who slaughters our children and calls it 'justice'? To tell the truth, I find it odd that you can stand being part of such a regime."

The monk tossed Projecting to the ground. "Get up." he commanded. He took a moment to swivel on the spot and turn to Roland and give him a jab to the jaw and bowl the charging Alchemist over before turning back to James. "If subjugating my people is so important to you, stand up and kill me, if you can."

"Ishvalan, stop the fighting! You are surrounded, if you surrender I will let your companion go. If you do not, I will be forced to crush him. We are Amestrians! bloodshed between brothers is not something that should be tolerated.It would be a waste to kill this man now, for both of us."

The monk turned, his eyes wide with fear. He saw that the words the Alchemist spoke were true, his younger brother caught in the alchemical trap. His stance softened, his knees appeared ready to buckle. At last, he knelt on the ground and bowed his head.

"BROTHER!" the younger one shouted. "What are you doing?! Forget about me, our people need you!"

"NO, THEY DON'T!" he shouted back. "Our people are doomed, brother. The dogs of the military will hunt us until none are left. All we can do is use our lives to save as many others as we can. And that is what I am going to do."

He turned to the Stone Alchemist. "Please, I will surrender. Just promise me that no harm will come to my brother."

As Vlad feasted, footsteps could be heard in the alley behind him. A gasp of sheer horror alerted the Alchemist that someone was watching. He looked up from his prey to see another monk staring at him. But this one looked different, somehow. A strength in his eyes that the others lacked. This was a determined man, and one that was freshly filled with rage.

"You... abomination." he said with disgust. "You tell our people that Alchemy is science, advancement. Tell me, beast, what advancement are you making here?"

Before Vlad could answer, the monk was off, dashing at speeds faster than the Vampire Alchemist thought a human could go.


An open-palmed strike to Vampire's gut forcibly ejected the blood in his mouth and sent the Alchemist hurtling down the alleyway, coming to a dusty landing.

The eldest monk saw the flurry of ice shards coming in, and though he made no verbal reaction Martin could tell he definitely didn't see it coming. The man, likely around 40, spun in all directions. His body was a flailing typhoon of limbs catching and deflecting the shards of ice. Even so, lucky shots got through. His robes were torn nearly to shreds, and over a dozen cuts and grazes were visible along his exposed flesh. One shard caught his cheek and tore away a bit of flesh. The monk audibly grunted and felt the wound. He nodded to no one in particular and made a new approach.

He sprung to the right and grabbed hold of the rifle the unconscious Victor had dropped and flung it as a projectile directly for Deep Blue. Trusting that this would distract him, the monk tore through the sand at a sprint and took to the air with a jumping side kick aimed for the State Alchemist's face.

James slowly struggled to his feet after the monk's vicious attack, groaning as he got up.

"I can stand it because it stands for order. For a peace that shall come on the blood of the many. Our hands are stained with blood so the future can live in peace and freedom. They most die so those who are to come may live in peace. This is the law of equivalent exchange which exists throughout the world." James made his way to where the monk knelt on the ground. He grabbed the monk by the back of his shirt and pulled him up.

"Your life, for your brother's. The law of equivalent exchange once again shows its face," James turned the monk around and placed the tip of his gun to the monk's forehead. "Know that you die for the future." James pulled the trigger, not activating the alchemy in his gun, sending a single bullet through the monk's skull. The monk's body seemed to fall in slow motion. James face, unreadable, turned to face Kallu.

"Good job, Stone. We will have sent back to the base camp for questioning. He might be able to provide information on the Ishvalan's camps and hideouts. Along with any strategies they might have."

Roland heard a noise coming from an alleyway, Pesky rebels, time to die
He rushed over, gun in hand. As he turned the corner, he was greeted by blood-covered Vlad being thrown against the wall next to him.

Roland turned his head to meet the gaze of the aggressor, he was a well-built giant of a man, with eyes that had he had seen before; they were the kind that had been rendered cold by the sight of the atrocities around him.

"I see you caught my colleague in the middle of a snack", he said whilst pointing the gun at the attacker's head.

"Be a good boy and surrender, and maybe I'll kill you quickly"

"Please, I will surrender. Just promise me that no harm will come to my brother."

Kallu answered the Ishvalan on his knees, "I promise you that I will do everything I am able to, to keep him alive."

James turned the monk around and placed the tip of his gun to the monk's forehead. "Know that you die for the future." James pulled the trigger, not activating the alchemy in his gun, sending a single bullet through the monk's skull. The monk's body seemed to fall in slow motion.

"I figured that as well, Projectile. However, we made a promise to that we would let this one go. I have no intention of breaking that promise if it can be kept in any way. And I was hoping that we would not have to kill this man as well. When we bring Ishvala back into the fold, every death caused will do nothing but throw our two people farther apart. Also, there are two more Ishvalan soldiers a few blocks back in a stone sphere, we should take them as well." Kallu sighed and shook his head once at the body of the monk before turning away.

Kallu turned to the monk trapped in the wall, noting the tears of anger in his eyes,"Your brother died for you to live, don't dishonor his sacrifice and memory by doing something stupid, kid," Kallu said as he transmuted the stone away from the monk's body, leaving his legs and wrists trapped in the stone.

"Does anyone have anything we can use to bind this man's limbs?"

Vlad coughed, a bit of blood coming out, and stood up. He was going to dust himself off but then he saw that the blood on his front hand been turned into a dark red mud at this point so he simply took his coat and shirt off. His bare chest still dripped with a bit of blood and there was already an ache around the place where he had been struck.

Vlad wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, then touched his fingers to his tongue. As he pulled them away, a red alchemic light shone from his mouth and his fingernails became 2 inch long claws. He stepped forward and stood beside Roland.

"You hurt?" Roland asked.

"Not badly." Vlad responded. "I have an idea, just keep up." he said.

Vlad crouched down and the monk charged. Roland fired but the man began rebounding off the walls to avoid the bullets.

By the time the monk had rebounded twice, Vlad had drawn a transmutation circle in the large puddle of blood at his feet. He slammed his hands down in it and the iron from the blood began separating from the blood cells and forming a long thin wire heading for the monk. In transit to the opposite wall the wire snagged his ankle and pulled him to the ground.

"Fry him! Use the wire!" Vlad yelled to his electrically charged comrade.

The younger brother of the monks went limp. Only the stone bracelets around his wrists kept him from falling flat to the ground, tears streaming from his face. He didn't make any response to the Stone Alchemist's meager attempts to console him. All he could do was weep.

"Fry him! Use the wire!"

The monk's eyes widened as he began to comprehend what was about to happen. Whatever the means, that wire would be his death if he didn't remove it. The Ishvalan struggled to his feet, only to fall over into the slick blood pool he found himself trapped in. He gritted his teeth and flailed his arms as he dragged his body forward. As soon as he found purchase on more compact dirt, he made a great heave forward and twisted his leg around. The composition of the village's buildings was of a weak stone mixed partially with mud, and it had little strength to hold an object like a thin metal wire. The iron slipped between the stone fragments and gave the monk his freedom.

But even as he scrambled to his feet, he realized he had moved too late. The other Alchemist had gotten ahold of the wire before he could escape.

Not one to hesitate, Roland placed his palms over the wire, there was a flash of blue light and then electricity surged through the wire towards the monk.
The monk doubled over in pain and his body muscles began to contract and spasm.

However after the brief surge, he remained upright, his hair singed and his will still resolute. He was still able to make a conscious effort and he tore the wire from his ankle.

"You're a resilient bastard aren't you..."

The Ishvalan stared down the Lightning Alchemist. The anger in his eyes was clear as he twirled the iron wire around his arm, preparing for what Roland did not know. Then, he took off at a sprint. Directly for the Alchemists. He threw the wire like a whip, the metal cleaving a small gash in the side of Vampire's face. The monk then tossed aside the wire and dove for the floor, bowling over Vlad from the legs as he threw a kick straight up into Roland's face.

The kick connected to Roland's face, the force lifted him of his feet and he found himself face-first in the dirt.

Roland recovered quickly, he rose to his feet and proceeded to go straight for the monk.

His punches were sluggish compared to the Ishvalan's reflexes, his head managing to bob and weave out of his fist's ways. Roland saw something out of the corner of his eye, his revolver.
As Vlad rose to his feet, Roland saw an opening in the monks guard. He gave a vicious jab to the Ishvalan's diaphragm, knocking his wind out. He then used his alchemy to create a bright spark within his palm, blinding the monk.

Roland made a mad dash to his gun, grabbing it just in time as Vlad was covering the other direction.

Kallu sighed and transmuted the stone bindings together, creating stone links to connect the man's hands and feet and adding stone weights to limit the monk's mobility and speed.

"Come now, boy, sitting around crying isn't going to bring your brother back, but if you start walking now you can stop the deaths of countless more brothers in Ishval and Amestris," Kallue leaned in close to his ear, trying to stay far enough away should the man decide to bite him, "There are more important things out there than the death of one man. The law of equivalent exchange has been met, don't go tipping the balance back off by causing more death.I am a man of my word and I promised your brother that you would live, so you will live.A stone thrown away may be separated forever from it's cluster, but all that does is send it farther to experience new events and see the unfolding of the new."

Tasha sighed as the monk was restrained. Glad that's finally over. Tasha though as she let her shoulders relax a little. She hated this, the blood shed, the carnage, it was all pointless. But like all the others she had no choice. And that's the price we pay to do what we do. She thought as she approached the restrained monk. "I know this is hard on you, and can't began to imagine your pain, but my friend here is right, the longer you stay the more people will be hurt in the long run. For both sides."

The Ishvalan monk carefully observed the situation. The Alchemists were currently holding the upper hand, with weaponry and their alchemic blasphemy giving them the edge by a wide margin. As Roland picked up his weapon, the monk sighed to himself in shame. "I have failed, this time. But know this, abominations, you will meet your end at my hand before this is done."

Roland began to fire his pistol, but the Ishvalan was simply too fast to keep up with. A duck, a dodge and a weave led the brown-skinned man to a dead end and forced him to leap up to the top of a hovel, upon which he dragged himself. He barely escaped the shots going after him, and began the trek across the rooftops to get to Master Torul's fortress before the dogs of the military.

Tears continued to drip down the younger monk's face as he gnashed his teeth at the Alchemists' half-hearted attempts to console him.

"Stay?" he asked, forcing the sounds out through heavy sobs. "This is our home. You came here, attacked us. Why do you hold us at fault?"

Though his words were harsh, he gave no physical resistance. There was nothing more a man broken like him could do.

Vlad drew another circle in the blood and a bit of it jumped up to his face and immediately scabbed over on his cheek. The lash from the wire wasn't deep so the alchemically aided process worked in seconds. The Vampire alchemist returned his fingernails to normal and pulled off the scab on his face, revealing smooth skin underneath it. He walked up to Roland and gave him a pat on the back.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"We do this in order to promote peace. You Ishvalans stirred up civil unrest. You give us no choice. If your people had chosen to stand done after the accidental shooting of one of your childern, all this could have been avioded. If you had just accepted the public apology there would have been peace. But now we are forced to fight and masacare your people to built peace for the future. Scarfices must be made in order for that peace to be achivied," James turned from the Ishvalan to face those of the squad with him.

"We have a misson to complete. Move out," he ordered, turning away from the group so that no onee could see his face as sorrow took over.

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