Survival is Key V-1.1 (Open Partially-Started)

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Louis recoils in shock and twists his ankle. He limps toward the gun and grabs it by the barrel, smacking the mice about with the grip of the weapon.

Well he doesn't seem to like me the ostrich well whatever.
Tristan walks away from the ostrich and begins to go down the stairs he looks around the corner.
should i help him or not ? I mean i want to help but does he want help ? yes ill help
Tristan run towards Louis when he hears the gun go off.
Jesus thank god he isn't hit
"you need any help Louis ?"
Tristan looks pretty beaten up but still not really injured or something.
ill have to explain myself to them later i don't know what i should tell them well there is no time to worrry now they have a gun so that is prioritie
Hey i am sorry i thought you needed help. Well i won't make up or somthing but just check your backpack later.
You are forgiven but from now on onward we need to work toghter like old times ok friend?
you mean it. Sure i won't take control without your permession anymore lets work toghter. :)

"No! I'm fine! Just- ow, fuck."

One of the mice nips at Louis's fingers. They continue to be a hassle.

Tristan focuses
"point the gun away from you ill let it go off until it is out of ammo oke?"
he grab's the brush he used earlier to paint.
this should work
"or do you want me to help you pull?"

"Wait, what?!"

"rats won't be able to load realy well so you point the gun away from us and il let it go off with this brush ?"
was i that confusaing well he looks a little ditstracted and i don't talk that clear so i geuss its my fault.

"The gun is in my hand you moron!"

"wait what oww my head i geuss i really took a worse beating then i thought"
what the hell is wrong with me?
"well il just let you handle this"
well that was embarrassing.
Tristan storm's out and charges towards Tom.
Jack time to shine
Finally let's go.
Tristan face changes its obvious that Jack is in control again.
il will beat the shit out of him.
"this is gonna be fun"
Jack notices all the dust. and emptyes one of the pillow cases with glass in the other. and keeps it in front of his mouth.

*Throws desk out window*


James headtables. "Need. Booze."

*Heading back downstairs, hearing Louis cry out in pain and surprise and expecting the worse, she finds Louis has control of the gun and is talking to Tristan. He seems to be angry at him for some reason, she notices... Tristan storms off, looking confused...*

Best not to get into others business uninvited

"So... where'd all those rats go? And~ wait, YOU HAVE A GUN! Do you have any bullets???
That means we can kill the ostrich, get the key, free Bambi and solve that riddle!
Come on, let's kill this thing!"

Louis is bewildered at the incredible stupidity everyone seems to be showing.

"I'm not shooting that bird."

"hello there Tom how about you and me talk a litlle? about you're murderes rats"
Jack runs towards Tom ready to attack rats if they attack him.
At least i am wearing leather less damage from bites.
"i want to talk not fight why did you attack with your rats ?
"And my second question do you know somthing about a highschool in this game?

"But I hear ostrich taste great! And I can cook up a chicken like you've never tasted!

...but then again, it's YOUR gun, you decide what to do with it. How many bullets do you have anyways?

...and how are we getting the key from the bird then?"

"Now you just sound crazy."

Louis opens the cylinder and checks his rounds.

James draws his own revolver. "One bullet." he says, and puts it on the table. He takes the other bullet from his pocket. "And one for Leon Tar."

"Nobody's killing nobody, alright?"

*this is getting tiresome...*

As Tristan/Jack (the wonder twin) charges off to tom and goes through the bushes and brush, he fails to notice with reckless movements and dust' a bear trap, it latches on but is rusty and dull. It doesn't pierce his skin but is clamped tight and is bound to leave a further bruises. tripping and falling, scattering his things around him in hand and away, as the dust picks up and stings against skin.
Tom is in sight and he appears to have two shivs made from the cheap plastic toothbrush in the motel.

*Questions are asked*

"You bloody dolt! Your such a fool! The gun was for the bird! but no! someone rushed in when you could have just closed the door or anything. This round is over because of what you did!" Tom shouts as the dust storm picks up, waving one of his arms around to indicate it is the end.

"I'm still stuck and I'm going to die! At least I'll take you bollocks headed twit with me!" With that tom gets ready to stab from any space he can get against Tristan.

Jack fails to notice the bear trap and steps in it. and falls over
"OWWW what the hell. a bear trap"
Jack's tries to get the beartrap of his foot.
I really need to be more carefull.
Tristan takes over.
i geuss Jack will be gone for a while
Tristan contineus with getting the bear trap of his foot.

back in the saloon-..

the bird on everyone's minds runs out the door in a leap and a dash after rolling its eyes at the fiasco trio.
Louis-the gun in question was once locked in the sheriffs grip, but many rat bite marks are visible to unlock the cylinders and trigger from its hand.

Inside are 5 bullets, along with the pile of scattered rounds (from flailing about with the rodents) is on the floor. Each is a bronze cylinder covered with a dark red cap that hides if it is a fake or real bullet, there are around 25 on the ground and more so for Louis with 9 search.
(this round is ending soon, and so hears something you could have done, HEALed the bird, talk to Bambi, and other things, gl everyone as an end is near.)

OOC: ignore this

OOC: why is Louis trying to kill me :?

...... You ruined everything for him and ended the round technically. Kinda said that allready... oh wait you saidLOUIS he isn't trying to kill you, why'd you think that?
*And so Tristan died from being shanked many times while working on removing thebear trap, the end... jk*

despite the proximity of Tristan, Tom I still out of reach from his shackles. Though black shapes are gathering....

Tristan maneges to get the bear trap of his feet.
Tristan grab's his bag and runs bag to the saloon.
i need some rest i am exhausted

"Alright, I got 30 odd rounds."

Louis looks around.

"Wait... Where the hell's Tristan?"

Tristan maneges to get the bear trap of his feet.
Tristan grab's his bag and runs bag to the saloon.
i need some rest i am exhausted

*cue Rat Horde/plauge of/corpse rats*

as Tristan turns to run he is faced with enough rats to cover and then fill a tank, he is swarmed and is swallowed in to the dust storm, concious fades from a multitude of bites and scratches and general weight of enough rats
-Game Over-
*kidding, you are done for this round and are no longer able to do anything until the next round, don't worry that will be soon.*

* as the rats charge at him at thought strikes him.
i'm fucked
Tristan throws his bag on the ground and curls up like a ball protecting his face and chest and his bag. *

30 rounds? That's excellent! I doubt we`re gonna need that many but... I`m not complaining!

Note to self: Stick near Louis from now on...

"I saw him run towards Tom...
...we should probably go find him... We need to all stick together if we're gonna survive this, let alone win it..."

That dolt is probably in trouble somewhere... i hope he isn't hurt, if we lost anybody at this point in the game it would be terrible... I hate to say it but these guys are growing on me!

"You wanna go and check out what's happened to Trissy up by Tom?"

"Into that sandstorm? What is he, stupid?"

Louis opens the door and is blown back by wind and sand. He shields his eyes and shuts the door.

"Okay... Okay. I don't think he could have gone far. Let's wait for the storm to die down a bit."

"Yeah... I'm sure he's fine!"

...he's dead isn't he?

*Finding a nice corner to sit herself, she takes her IPod out and plugs in a headphone, keeping one ear open in case the others want to start a conversation. A small crack has appeared in the right corner of the screen*

Damn bird musta cracked it when it got me...

"...if you want me I'll just be over here... Don't go off anywheres okay?"

*She turns her music on, closes her eyes and waits, listening to the sounds of the storm outside...*

(30 ROUNDS! But most are just gonna fire corks, unless you want to tamper with the bullet)
-As the storm rages outside, 2 birds and one man huddle behind a postal counter, the door is closed and sealed with limited material, and Bambi nods off with a paper bag over his head, an ostrich blanket, and a rooster head warmer.

-Tom and Tristan are MIA.

-Dylan is alone in the library attic, the storm to strong and heavy for him to pass, it is crammed with crates and old books, and a large metal room that would unlock with a gold key, staring at it he thinks....

-Inside the saloon sand and dust are settling on everything, the only room still sealed/secure is the one filled with explosives and skeletons. where three items were found.

-Outside the sun is blacked out and a hawk watches overhead at the storm surrounding a small area.

(Tristan as the Scroll and I'D card,
Piper the Ivory/gold Ornate File,
Louis the Gold Key,
James-N/A correct?)

*While listening to her music she looks over and notices Louis pacing a bit. He is limping slightly*
Musta hurt his ankle when I wasn't looking
*Taking out her headphones and putting the IPod into her pocket, she gets up, goes over to him and grabs his ankle tenderly. Noticing a strange, surprised look on his face she explains*

"Don't take this the wrong way, I think you twisted your ankle earlier... I'll heal it up. You never know when a slight disadvantage could be the difference between life and death right? I want everyone at their peak performance... Just give me 10 minutes okay?"

*She makes herself comfortable, still holding his ankle*

We're only as strong as our weakest link and right now I think Louis is my best chance at getting out of here alive. No injury is too small...


*While listening to her music she looks over and notices Louis pacing a bit. He is limping slightly*
[i]Musta hurt his ankle when I wasn't looking[/I]

(Ah my bad, and don't control other players without permission please. I'm using a program on the pad for spell checks/swaps and guess that happened... oh and you are ignoring the fact that sand and dust is coating you and getting in your general air passages?)

OOC: It's okay Ray. I don't mind small details.

"Oh... Thanks."

Louis falls back on a leather chair and lets himself sink in. He looks outside.

"Jesus. I can't see a damn thing out there."

"Yeah, it's getting really *cough* bad in here too"

*Piper puts her shirt up over her mouth and nose, trying to filter the air a bit. It does little to stop the sand from occasionally in her eyes*

"Why don't we move somewhere away from the door? it's probably a little less sand-coated further into the saloon"

OOC: Sure, I only planned on controlling other characters on rare, very small, non-game-effecting occasions anyways...


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