Survival is Key V-1.1 (Open Partially-Started)

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Darius awakens from his slumber. His first thought: Why am I still wearing my jacket?
His second: Where the hell am I?

He smells the breakfast laid out in front of him. His stomach growls, but he is wary. Something is not right. Bacon can wait for now.

He notices the card immediately, the writing calling out to his eyes. He gets out of bed and walks to the wardrobe, his curiosity getting the better of him. But before he reads the note, his hand suddenly flies to his pocket on impulse.
Ah. The Book is still there. Marvelous. In retrospect, he realises, I felt it as I stood up. How silly of me.
He checks the remainder of his pockets out of habit. Keys, wallet, mobile phone (dead, damn).

Finally, he gets around to reading the card.

The Card:
"The story is simple and the goal is plain, but from where you move from the start in this game, may end just the same.
You'll awake in a location from which you must escape somehow, with resources and other people to be found.
Little plaques or pieces of paper will show a goal, to escape an area free and whole.
Their will be challenges and danger, some normal others stranger, and things may get difficult to comprehend, and not all will survive in the end.
So good luck to you and what you do, a reward of Life, Liberty, and Lost to those who remain true."
-You Gracious Host
Leon Tar
P.S You can try to escape before we start, though be warned if you are faint of heart.

Some kind of game? How unnerving. And yet... exciting. Who is this Leon Tar? I don't recall ever meeting him.
He notices the only oddly out-of-place objects in the room - a pen knife and a black plastic handle on top of one of the nightstands. What could they be for? He pockets them and flicks through the Bible briefly, before placing it back down on the nightstand.

He glances at the window and notices the bars immediately. Less than immediately however, he catches a glimpse of his reflection, and is shocked to see a metallic collar around his neck. What is this?! A motel with bars? A neck collar? This Card may not be as ludicrous as it first seemed! ...In which case the door is likely locked. I should check my surroundings first, perhaps I'll find something useful, like a weapon.

He then begins to systematically search the room.

He first attempts to search the wardrobe. He sees the vault and takes a note of the coathangers - perhaps they will come in useful later.

He then searches inside the two nightstands (if they have drawers), and looks under the bed.

OOC: Let me know if I'm doing too many actions in one post, I'm partly trying to catch up and partly aware of time constraints that will come up in the next couple days. Hopefully not too much!


Connor searches the room. Does this place have a minibar or something?

*Sorry your a bit stumped, you can always look online or ask others for help outside of the game

*Off base a bit, but think of the phrase on the card, it isn't the hard, you don't need to be a bard, or have a brain that weighs like twenty pounds of lard. It asks for a rhyme at the time to finish it off, and ends in the punctuation so soft. Period.

He want's to know if I can do anything unusual... Kirelia thought. Well, since he's tied up like that, I guess it can't hurt.

"Well, now that you mention it, I have always been better than anyone at climbing." She said. Kirelia didn't elaborate any more, yet, as she still wasn't entirely sure about this guy. "But you, once again, avoided my question. Now, unless you like frying in the sun, you will answer me truthfully, and I might release you from these handcuffs."

She was kinda surprised at the mouse's apparent familiarity with Tom, but decided not to mention it for now.


"Fair Enough young lady, though it is bit of a long tale and I'm at your mercy in the end." Moving the manacles on his hands and crossing his legs, he takes a deep breath.

"First off I can tell you this, who ever is messing with all of us has a reason, and most of all I think it is because we all can do some neat thing, I'm gonna be completely open from here out. The Rules say so."

Scratching at his chin, He begins his tale

*Turning to face the strange person behind her Piper lights up at the thought that she isn't completely alone. Still cautious though, she secretly grips her pocket knife in her hand preparing for the worst*
"Like i said, my name is Piper..."
For all I know, this could be one of my gracious hosts traps... better safe then sorry
"No offense dude but... I'm kinda suspicious about you right now! I mean, I was abducted and left in a freaky hotel with no memory or explanation of what's happening! And then some random guy comes up to me right after I get out???

If your another person like me who was just caught up in all this then I'm sure we'll be meeting up again soon, but for now I think I'm gonna look around for some clues to get myself outta here..."

*With that she turned away from the stranger and headed down the stairs to ground level*
it was nice to see someone else but I don't think i can afford to trust him yet... Let's go check some of these cars out! Maybe there's something useful in them....

*Piper begins a systematic search of the cars in the parking lot*

"Huh... looks like someone has already been through here once..."

Louis looks out over the parking lot. He spots a few others wandering the halls and walking down on the street. He hears voices below him. Sounds like a man and a woman.

He can't make out what the guy is saying, but he's a clear nut job.

Great. I get called on leave and I still gotta do my job. I better watch this guy.

The girl thinks to herself for a bit.

C'mon. Don't trust the loser.

"No offense dude, but... I'm kinda suspicious about you right now! I mean, I was abducted and left in a freaky hotel with no memory or explanation of what's happening! And then some random guy comes up to me right after I get out?"

Smart girl.

"If your another person like me who was just caught up in all this then I'm sure we'll be meeting up again soon, but for now I think I'm gonna look around for some clues to get myself outta here..."

Loser shrugs his shoulders and wanders off as the girl walks into the parking lot. Louis clears his throat and calls out to her.


He catches her attention. Louis walks downstairs and talks to her.

"You okay? That guy giving you any trouble?"

*Another voice draws her attention back towards the hotel. Instinctively she grabs the knife, making sure to keep it concealed but still ready to be used if need be*

Another one... be careful Piper, we still can't quite trust them yet
"Yeah, I'm fine... Theres no trouble...
Well... other then the fact that I have no fucking idea how I got here or what I'm supposed to be doing!

...what about you, what brings you here?"

He spots her going for the knife.

Come on. Don't be like that.

"Same as you I guess. You woke up half-an-hour ago? Solve some fucking stupid riddles?"

Oh thank god! He's in the same predicament I'm in...

*Noticeably more relaxed, Piper lets go of the knife and starts to warm up to the stranger*

"Oh thank God... At least I'm not the only one! I'm... not exactly sure why but... I trust your telling the truth and not some goon for this Leon character...

...I have to say, it's good to meet somebody else! I... I don't handle being alone very well..."

*feeling a bit awkward, she tries to change the subject*

" you think there's anyone else? I mean... like us?

Oh, and I'm Piper by the way"

"Sounded like at least ten other people walking around. Heard a gunshot though, so maybe nine."

Louis holds out his right hand.

"I'm Louis."

*Firmly grasping his hand, Piper gives it a good shake*
"Well, i'm glad I met you Louis...
...but tell me honestly, do you think we have a shot at getting out of here? out of this crazy situation?"

"The street's right there. I don't think anything is keeping us from leaving."

He pauses. Takes a deep breath and looks out on the road.

"I don't know. It just doesn't feel right."

"And even if we did leave, where would we go? Where could we go?" We're in the middle of damned Nowhere!

...besides, i'll bet that leon isn't just gonna let us leave. He's probably fenced the area off or something to prevent us...

But all that's beside the point! We need to do something... something that can help us escape...

Any suggestions?"

"Not a bad tale, especially for someone who has been out in the sun all day." Kirelia said. "But, before I release you, I have just one more question. What "unusual ability" do you have?"

"I say we meet with everyone else. Anyone who wants to leave goes together. The rest of us can stay."

"I like it! I like it a lot! where is everyone else? If we made it out of the rooms then I bet at least someone else did too! Why don't we split up and look around for other players!"

*Seeming happy at the thought of more people, Piper immediately turns to go search for somebody else. However, she only gets a few steps before she stops.*

I should tell him...
"Hey Louis... have you ever thought that you were... different from everybody else? like, that you had a sort of unique ability? A... a power?"

"... Not really, no."

That came from left field.

"Splitting up is a bad idea. Let's go together."

*She starts walking off again towards the parking lot*
"Sure thing, come on let's go! And sorry for that weird question... just sorta crossed my mind!
Don't mind me, I'm still just a bit happy that I'm not alone anymore!"
...I don't want to be alone again... ever again

*Looking through the parked vehicles she decides that her first loot-target would be the white van.*

"that would be a good place to start!" *she says, pointing it out. "if there's anything valuable it's probably in there!" *She starts towards it with Louis following slightly behind. Speaking low enough that he won't hear her (or at least not be able to understand what she's saying) she starts talking*
You didn't tell him...
"... there was no reason too... he obviously doesn't have anything, so why would i tell him?"
Maybe he was lying
"And why would he do that?"
...the same reason you just lied to him...
"That's~... Well~...
Shutup! Why am I talking to myself anyways?!"
*She reaches the van and tries for the door*

"So Louis... waddya wanna bet that it's locked?"

Tristan makes his way down the stair's hello he sees 2 people standing there.
"hey my name is Tristan what are your name's. Were you locked up like me until a couple of minutes ago ?"
i should watch out the can be dangerous



OOC:my internet suddenly failed my i have been waiting so long sorry everybody but there was nothing i could do. :(

"Try it."

Louis hears footsteps behind him. He turns around and spots a man walking toward him.

"Uh... Hey."

"Hey... My name is Tristan. What are your names'? Were you locked up like me until a couple of minutes ago?"


Louis shakes Tristan's hand.

"I'm Louis. This is Piper."

"oke so what's riddle did you have to solve before you were let out?"
if the look at me like i am crazy and there was no puzzle then i know that the are working for leon however if the do know an answer then it's setelled pretty quikle
"I had the paint a materpiece so i tried to paint the Mona Lisa and was set free"

"Something about burning passion. Took me a while to figure that one out..."

Louis chuckles to himself.

"I'm sorry, but your accent seems familiar. Dutch?"

"Yeah how did you know ?" Tristan smile's
"Really how did you know do you know people who are dutch"
i schouldn't let my gaurd down but the seem friendly thank god.

"I did some work abroad. I was a sales manager with Westward Freight. Import and export, that sort of thing."

Louis looks at Piper. She seems quiet all of a sudden.

"Yeah that sounds like my country import and export anlong with water is really important"
"one thing i know in Holland drugs are permitted but i never used or bought. Really if you tell people your dutch the first question alway's is do you have drugs once a custumor walked in the shop i was working and asked if we sold weed it was an ellectonic'd store he was convinced al we do is do drug's.
"so what was your job before ending up here i just came out of highschool"

OOC: well school for me goodbye everybody i will be back in about 6 hour's or less

"That's getting kinda personal. Let's save the small talk for later."

"yeah im sorry i am just so happy to finally meet somebody. "
A voice in his head's begin's to talk "so you maneged to escape good boy"
"shut up Jack i don't need you so just leave me alone".

*Piper is about to try the lock on the car hears the other voice, the one from before*

Oh no, not him again...

*The strange man walks over. Introducing himself as Tristan, he and Louis have a bit of an introductory conversation. Piper remains quiet throughout, listening to what's being said, but thinking*

Look! Right now we need to be making friends, not enemies! We trusted Louis quick enough, why can't we trust Tristan???


*Getting up, Piper turns towards the conversation, which seems to have stopped on an awkward note*

"Hey there, Tristan. Like my friend Louis said, my name is Piper. Piper Mathews. I should say sorry for earlier, I was just a little paranoid and scared from being stuck all alone for a bit.

Anyways, I don't suppose you have any skills picking locks do you? We're about to try this van out, see if there's supplies or anything in it, but we're not quite sure if it's locked or not. Haven't tried yet!"

*turning back towards the van Piper grabs the van's handle*
...I shoulda taken bets on if it was or wasn't locked
*She pulls on the handle*

"I was rude ealier i was just stunned to find another living person so i should apolegize i am sorry. And i know a few thing's about locks not really a thief but i can try and since i have Anna with me who know's i might pull it off"
Tristan grab's his swiss army knife and walk's to tthe other side of the van and start's the lockpicking (mixed with his telekineses).
come on you don't trust these people do you they just want you to help them and when you are not valuable anymore they will abonden you just like everyone else.

"Uuuhhh... my head..." muttered Roger as he woke up with a pounding head. He sat up and rubbed his eyes and asked "What time is it, guys?" He waited a few seconds for a response. "Guys?" He stopped rubbing his eyes and saw that he wasn't at the Uni dorms after a night hanging out with his dorm mates. Instead, Roger saw that he was in some sort of Motel room. He said the first thing that came to his mind. "This isn't the sofa...." He paused and realised how stupid that statement sounded before it eventually dawned on him that he was somewhere completely alien to him.
He thought for a minute that it might have been his friends playing a trick on him so he called out. "Okay guys, real funny. Maybe I shouldn't have made that joke about your collective intelligence but we were joking around. Come on. No need to take it this far." After receiving no response, Roger started to get nervous. Maybe he actually was in some real trouble here. Taking a deep breath, he then proceeded to take stock of the room. He could see a night stand next to him with an alarm clock, which told him the time was 12:00, and a white lamp on top. He could also see two doors and a closet set into the rather unpleasant looking walls as well as a wardrobe at the end of the bed, from which Roger could make out the distinct smell of Bacon.
He turned on the lamp in order to give the room some more light before approaching the wardrobe and investigating the smell. "Well it looks like whoever brought me here doesn't want me starving." he said as he noticed the plate of food accompanied by a knife, fork and napkin. "But it had to be scrambled eggs." he said. As he reached for the plate, his hand brushed against a piece of card.
"Huh? whats this?" He picked up the card and the food and ate whilst he read:

Roger finished eating the slightly cold food and reread the card again. "So this is some sort of game... And other people are in the same predicament as me? And escape seems to be the general theme. So technically I'm right in the middle of something saw-esque except the host wants to give the players a proper chance to survive. Well. This sucks..." He read through the card again before pocketing it. "Do I know a Leon Tar... Nope." He cleaned off the plastic knife with the napkin and placed it in his pocket as well. "Never know when a plastic knife may come in handy."
He searched th wardrobe further and found his jacket, scarf and his messenger bag. "Well it looks like some of my stuff came with me... Oh god not this thing..." He had evidently also stumbled across 'the sombrero' which he and his friends kept back at the Uni but never wore. "Why did they have to bring this?" He said as tossed the sombrero onto the end of the bed. Roger then put on his jacket. "Lets see if someone has rifled my pockets... Ah no looks like everything is here, but wait... whats this?" He found something he was sure he hadn't been carrying before. He shrugged and placed all the items he was carrying, except for his iPod and headphones, back into his pockets. He started listening to some music on his iPod as he placed his bag on the bed and went to put on his scarf. "Hold a tic, whats that?" He said as his hand came into something metallic around his neck. He dropped the scarf onto his bag and immediately headed for the door that looked like it lead to a bathroom and walked inside. Locating the mirror, he examined the device around his neck. "It looks like a metal collar... This doesn't bode well." After tugging at it for a bit, he decided to give up on removing it for now and instead searched the bathroom. He picked up a razor and wrapped it in toilet paper before placing it in his pocket along with a tooth brush he found on the sink. He then washed his face and headed back into the motel room.
"Welllll this going to be fun." he said sarcastically. Roger went and tried the other door into the room. "Locked. Thought so." He then turned and slid open the closet and found something that looked suspiciously very much like a safe with red light switched on next to some coat hangers. "Well I didn't espect that." Roger poked at the safe for a bit before turning his attention to the night stand. He picked up the bible and threw it in his bag along with his scarf. "And so the lord's book said 'I am viable form of kindling should a fire ever be required'." muttered Roger. He then opened the nightstand's drawer and searched inside.

James looks around. He makes a few orbs of blue light and has them fly around outside his window. Holy crap... Blank card, blank painting. he thinks. He grabs the paining, and tears the canvas off to look behind it.

Wait what was that i saw a light thingie ?I should check it out
" hey i think i saw somthing you try to open the van ill go and check it out."
Tristan run's up the stair's to the room he saw the light thinggie he kick's the door and yell's
wait i have paper Tristan grab's one of his sheet's takes a tears a litlle piece of and writes: is there sombody in there if there is push the paper back up side down.

James sees someone outside the window, and a piece of paper.
Yes, I'm in here.
he spells out in incredibly faint lights.
No pencil, no key.

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