Rise of Villainy 2: Rise Harder (Villain RP 1 Slot Open/Started)

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"Claw...set." she grins. "Ya'know, that place where you keep clothes?

Anyways, I'm going for a run. And you... are coming with me. :3

Rugal turned back to the passage then to Inferno.
"Well...I guess I have time..." He responded.

"I suppose so," Red-0 replied, noticing that the Inferno still hadn't moved her hand (even if it didn't really matter, with how thick Red's clothes were).

"Oh sure a run. That'll be fun."
She looked around, hopefully there was sarcasm in that.
"Actually about the clothes, I don't really have any. Do you have anything in my size?"

"Mmmm...Check Beth's old room, might be some in there..." Rugal said as his former team-mate came to mind.

Zeph was releived of some kind of unknown burden. He ran from a strange, White jumpsuited man, which gave chase. "You messed with the wrong villains, freak-boy!" taunted Roachman, his heightened senses did not help in realizing the presence of irony.
He charged at the strange figure, who looked a lot bigger close up. He whacked him across the head with his long forearm, nevertheless.

To cutter, she says "Yup. That's the idea!" blissfully unaware of the sarcasm.

"So, how long do ya'll think it'll take for you to get ready?"

The Tyrant was un-fazed and picked Roach-man up by his head.
A look appeared it's face that said "Really?..."
He Slammed Roach into the Ground and went to stomp on his head.

Rugal with a somewhat embarrassed look on his face said "Heh...umm...just a minute" as he went to his room to change.

"It might be a few minutes on my end." This was mostly because the voice modulator was extremely difficult to remove for some reason; Red did have civilian clothes, despite all appearances to the contrary. "I should probably get on that." She walked off toward her room to change.

"Curse you, abomination!" Roachman squealed, his head in the Tyrant's palm before it threw him to the ground. Roachman started to rise indignantly. "There's no heifen in my name, you ignorant buffoon!" fourth wall truly obliterated, the Tyrant raised it's foot and went to pulverize Roachman's brains. The foot made contact, but Roachman's head was merely held to the ground, but he did feel it starting to give way, so he pulled the foot an inch from his face and kicked the Tyrant's standing shin in an attempt to trip him.

The Tyrant, Designed to mostly attack Armed Units and the Odd Tank, Was un-affected by the kick to the shin.
He brought his foot up and tired for a curb-stomp.

"Never mind. I've other plans." And... "I'd rather not look like I've lost a price tag."
She soon returned with a red plastic box she'd found in a closet.
"Here, here." Her voice had a reassuring, almost motherly tone. There was scraping something inside the box. "Come on, I know you can do it. Do it for me."
The box was torn to shreds as scissors and needles swarmed out.
"Good job. Now I think I need some new clothes."
The scissors and needles got to work; the box had also contained a lot of fabrics which were now being expertly crafted in seconds.
The end result was at least for the time impressive, no sense of style at all and in the most boring colours you could imagine but they were stable, no signs of poor craftsmanship or sloppiness.
"Wow thanks."
The needles, scissors and other tools visibly enjoyed the compliment as she carefully put them back down into the box making sure none of them were damaged.
"There, new clothes that actually cover me up."

Roachman's expression changed to a tight-lipped stare of astonishment. The Tyrant raised his foot again. Roachman rolled out of the way and scrambled to his feet, shooting out his wings at the same time to hopefully jump the formidable foe.

The Tyrant swung a massive right hook that knocked Roach back on the floor.
He then grabbed him, picked him over his head and threw him at the wall.

As Cutter assembled her new clothes Joey watched wide-eyed as they came together, unsure of how to take the needles,scissors, and who the hell else knew what flying around the air, all with Cutter having an amused expression on her face.

"Well, that's quite unnerving, now isn't it?"Joey stood up from the couch, and carefully got out of the way of the disembodied tailors,not wanting to get his last suit torn up this early in the game(pun not intended),"So, Metal Head, you said you know someone that can fix up this place, right? Know anybody that fix up more or these, or am I going to have to live with this and whatever I can find in this supermall we're going to h-?Oh dammit, why is Grates always the guy pulled by those refs?Checking is a part of the game, asshole.*grumble**grumble."

He stretched his neck and saw Inferno,Very nice, girl,"He did a quick scan of her,"Ever think about getting out of this villian work and going solo?"He winked and gave her a small smirk before going back to watching the hockey game.

"So... Blondie, when exactly are we hitting the place?"

"Alright, see ya'll in a bit!"

"Tomorrow, get in at around 1 or 2 o'clock, around that time, the Shops should be loaded with cash, for now, keep an eye out for Roach and Zeph because I am NOT going back down there again." Rugal answered before going into his room to change.

Red-0 got to her room and closed the door, annoyed that the lock was broken. I'll have to fix that later... Anyway, time to get changed. Hopefully we'll have some time off. She pulled back her hood and took off her mask, looking at it for a moment before hanging it up.

After finding a fresh black Vest and a Pair of tracksuit bottoms, Rugal left his room and said "Yo, Red! You Ready Man?...Red?..."
He looked over and saw that, due to the broken lock, Red's Door was slightly open...
He walked in and asked "Hey, Red, You rea-..."

Red had managed to take off most of her uniform by the time Rugal entered her room, leaving her in nothing but a skintight bodysuit (red, of course) which was removed from the waist up; she was just about to take it off entirely when Rugal entered. She sighed, standing up straight to talk. "You really couldn't think to knock?" Twice now this has happened. I need to fix that lock.

"It was nothing, just necessity." Her past tone had been flattened and constrained again.
It wasn't fun calling someone a prostitute if they didn't notice.
She slid her stump into a new jacket appreciating the warmth.
"Ok that's finally out of the way.
Now come on, I haven't tasted blood in too long."
She stood up, began pacing. A few of the blades were in-fighting, well sparing was probably the better word for it.

"WHOA! SORRY-SORRY-SORR-" Rugal stammered as he shut the door, causing it to break off it's hinges and fall on the ground creating a massive racket.
<Rugal's Mind does a Slow Clap at his Epic Fail>
"Red's a Girl?...God-dammit I'm an Idiot..." He sighed as he put the door leaning in front of the entrance, thinking that would help in any way.

Red just facepalmed quietly at Rugal's panicked but well-meant actions, before taking off the rest of her bodysuit and hanging it up. Soon after, she left her room (putting the door back to remind herself to have that fixed) dressed in a form-fitting red tank top and black biker shorts, her hair tied back in a ponytail.

"huh? what's that noise? HEY! You okay in there?"

Rugal laughed nervously as Red walked by.
This is going to be awkward...
"Inferno...You Ready?..."

"Rugal can't knock either," Red told the Inferno, walking past Rugal.

Coraline nods at Rugal. "Yup. You?"

To Red-0, she says Then you should probably close your door, silly. :p

"It's broken," Red stated. It was broken even before Rugal got to it.

Oh. Well, you should probably fix that.

Or not. :3

"right then, where to?" Rugal asked to change the topic.

"The roughest part of town of course. Easiest place to start a fight."

"Shall we?" Rugal said as he headed outside in a sprint.

"Aw look, he's all embarrassed now," Red commented to the Inferno, smiling slightly.

Coraline nods and then giggles. "Yeah, he's a blushy one huh?"

"And all of that is just because he saw me topless." If he'd gone in a few seconds later, who knows how badly he'd have reacted.

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