Rise of Villainy 2: Rise Harder (Villain RP 1 Slot Open/Started)

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Coraline shrugs. "Boys are silly sometimes." she stretches for a moment, and says "C'mon, let's catch up!"

"Alright," Red said, stretching as the Inferno did... before promptly running off after Rugal.

"Hey, no fair!" Coraline yells as she runs after Red-0.

After a few moments, she and Red-0 catch up to Rugal. "Hey, long time no see. So how've you been doing, Rugal?"

"They freaking lost? How the heck is that even possible? *Grumbles*
Oke, I suggest we hit the Pentagrams stadium after we are done with the mall. They will still have the money they made from the match and we get to wreck there building for winning from the Barkers. No one wins with that much from the Barkers."
Ferrous said in anger.

Looking around, Ferrous asked from Joey "Where did every one go to? Don't they like hockey or something? Ferrous shook his head with that last one and mutters under his breath. "Just my luck

Remembering what Joey had asked him, Ferrous said "Yeah, if we just want to repair this building and fast I can call the guys over at Shasta Concrete. The work fast, but there work is a bit sloppy and they don't ask questions. If we want it done probably, then I can call the guys over at Carl and Sons Construction. It will be a bit slower, but they deliver quality work. They also have the necessary permits to reinforce everything, but they sometime have a tendency to ask question when they find some weird stuff.
Then there are some of the what lesser know companies who specialise in our kind of things. They will expect money up front, but they will deliver one hell of a job. Though we will have to guaranty there safety and all that. Luckily the supers have never though to ask just who the guys are who actually build all those secret hideouts. But you know just why they want to be not that very know."

Rugal was drinking from a bottle of water he stole.
"Right as Rain, Pure Peak Physical Condition." He said as he flexed his Biceps.
"Now, Try to keep up!"
He raced off ahead again.

Coraline struggled to keep up with the muscle-flexing Rugal "Oh bloody a run doesn't mean a run!"

Rugal Laughed and turned a corner, but stopped in surprise.
A Grin appeared on his face as he saw this:
"A lone Armoured Car with no guards?...Things are looking up..."
He leaned against a wall and waited for the others.

Feeling adandoned by the others Cutter decided to talk to Ferrous.
"You mentioned taking on hockey players?"
Her eyes lit up with the potential.
"Pretty athletic guys. Won't be easy. Plus they're teams.
How many people are there in a hockey team?"

The Tyrant watched as Zeph under-went another minute of muscle breaking pain.
He fell to the ground and because spastic, rolling and raving as his Blood burned.
He wished people would stop coming down here, the screaming was getting annoying and his parter was starting to get hard to control.
He turned to Roach and went to knock him out and finish the process on both him and Zeph.

Rugal scouted the area, Few Cameras, guards having lunch, No Heroes, Textbook robbery.
However, like all teens, he could get the images of Red and Infer-
Oh cut that out, they are WWWWAAAAYYYY out of your league and you Know that!
He merely sighed and waited, must've clocked up some distance from the others.

"They are allowed a max of 20 players and two goalies , but I wasn't talking about taking on the players. Though that might be fun. No I was more thinking about robbing the stadium from what they made. Maybe there box office to. A ticket cost about 40. The match was sold out and the Pentagrams stadium seats about 22,000. That is about 880,000 in tickets sales alone. Throw in what they made with beer and other stuff and you get a pretty nice number. The most we would have to deal with is there local security and maybe some super that shows up. Plus a change to wreck there stadium is always very nice. If you want to take on the team, we could hit them on a training day, but then most of the money would already be gone." Ferrous told Cutter.

"I don't have to take on a team, but if there's a chance supers will show up. Then of course I'll come along.
Never used an ice skate before, but now I suddenly really want to.
I say we can't get their soon enough."

"Wait, you have never skated before? How is that even possible? It is so easy. Well if you have never skated before, then if I was you then. Then I wouldn't go on to they ice then. That is, if we even have to go there......mmmmmm
Naahh that would be to much of a fuss and sure to attract ever super in a 50 mile radius.
Ferrous said after thinking of a idea.

"I wasn't talking about skating."
Someone clearly didn't know her very well.
"And you had me at Fifty mile radius."
She began walking, wasn't often you see someone strut with a walking stick but she did it at least well enough you could tell what she was attempting.
She looked out over the City, spying the stadium in the distance.

"And now, A Public Service Announcement by the one, the only, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOO-TECTOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRR!!" The PA sounded and "Sexy Boy" played for as Fat man in green and yellow Spandex suit and a Wrestling Mask danced onto the Ice-rink.
The crowd was less than trilled aside from a few paid cheerers in the front row.
"HEEEEEELLLOOOOOOO BBBBRRRRROOOOOOOSSSSS!!" The Hero Known as Brotector shouted into the mic, much to the delight of his employees, everyone else not so much.
He began to read a speech on the Might and Power of Heroes and how Villains are evil, Etc.

"To wreck the Pentagrams stadium? Always"

Driving up to the stadium in the newly made convertible Ferrous asked "So what do you want to hit first? The box office, cash registers or first take a look around and see where to start wrecking the place?

"What say we start with that guy behind the ticket booth?" Joey loaded Madeline, and put his fedora atop his head. He dusted his suit, getting the small slivers of rust off of it that had accumulated as Metal Head had eaten more of the car as they went.

"Or, you know, we could start with the security offices if all we're doing here is grabbing the cash. Wouldn't mind a hero dying today though if it comes to that." Joey grinned maliciously, envisioning a hero riddled with either bullets, or in chunks from Cutter's blades.

Oh, and Cutter, be careful, it's really hard to get bloodstains out of these things,"He said, motioning to his suit,"I really want to keep this clean until I can find a replacement"

A Valet came to park the car.
"Sir, would you lik-"
He stopped when he saw the Tommy gun.
He freaks out and runs.

*hugh..huh..hugh..* Wow, he runs fast.... Sweaty and out of breath, Coraline turned the corner and saw stopped as she saw Rugal. "*huh..huh..hugh.. So what'shuh up? Whhughy did we stop?"

Hey, come on now, you're going to scare her screaming like that!What? You don't want a tip? Fine then, your loss..."

"So, I think our presence is soon to be made aware, so, where to hit?"

"Oke time for plan B" Ferrous said getting out of the car and walking towards the entrance. Seeing the doors closed, Ferrous put his hands on the hinges and corroded them. With that done, Ferrous kicked in the door and walked in.

Seeing some people there, Ferrous shouted. "Oooi, Pentagrams sucks. This is for beating the greatest team that there is

Joey walked in behind him, and spotted a man in a blue suit right beside the doors,"Hey, you, yeah you, get up and give me that, I need it and I swear, if you shit or piss your pants, I will make you wish you had died."He pointed his gun at the man to emphasize his point.

He glanced over at the ice,"Hey look, when did they start letting hippos out of Africa and onto frozen lakes, and why the hell do they allow it to put on clothes?"

At that moment all but his paid cheerers left, Brotector had an awful track record for harming passers by.
"BRO! BRO! BRO! BRO!" his cheerers chanted as the fat on him began to fade and turn into muscle.
He rushed at our villians, grabbing a broken bottle on the way.

Red ran up shortly after the Inferno did, not quite as out of breath but still sweaty and panting. "Decided to wait... for us after all...?" Red asked, trying to catch her breath.

"Red, Inferno, Check it out, Armoured Cash Car, Guards at lunch, No Heroes, You thinking what I'm thinking?..." Rugal said as he thought about how thick the doors were.

Seeing this, Ferrous burst out in to laughter.
"Really? The Brotector? What the heck does that even mean? Half of the ones that stayed are women and I really don't want to know just what the heck that one is."Ferrous said pointing at one of the "Fans.

"Well I am Ferrous, I hate the Pentagrams and now I am going to hit you Ferrous said while walking down towards the ring and touching something metallic along the way, changing in to it.

"BRO! FISSSSSTTTTT!" Brotector shouted as he landed a massive punch on Ferrous, leaving a Fist-shaped Dent in his jaw.

Wait, did he really name his attacks? Really? Also my jaw feels very weird.
Taking a step back from that hit, Ferrous rubbed his jaw. Feeling something weird in his jaw, Ferrous tried to figure out just what it was.

"Really, just really? You aren't going to do that with every punch now do you?" Ferrous said before trying to give Brotector a uppercut.

Brotector took the uppercut, but didn't react to it at all.
He slammed his forehead into Ferrous's face, denting it as well.
He jumped up and went to drive his foot into Ferrous's head.

"What the hell is going on Metal Hea- Oh goddamit, can't I get a nice clean suit before these damn heroes ruin my day for once?"


"Oh, hell no... whatever the fuck you are,"He changed targets quickly and fired at the man in midair with a ten round burst, only three missed that he could tell, two of them ricocheting off of Ferrous and wounding two people in the stands,whether the guy noticed them or not wasn't readily noticeable,"Get outta 'ere, ya filthy animal, go back home to Africa"

Red knew what Rugal meant immediately, smirking. "A nice, quiet one then? OK. Any ideas for a distraction?" Looking at the Inferno, she added, "One that won't bring heroes our way?"

Red wasn't dressed for a hero/villain fight, after all.

"Oooh come on. Can you stop with the whole Bro thing. No ones likes it. Ferrous said getting annoyed with the whole Bro thing.

Taking a step to the side to avoid the stomp aimed for his head, Ferrous tried to pick up one of the seats and slam it in to the side of Brotector.

The Bullets had no effect on the Brotector, but when one of the fans got hit, it showed as part of his beer-belly began to reappear.
The took the Chair to the head and flinched of a second before picking it up and returning the Favour

"Don't think we need to do even that, I'll tear though the door and drive it home before anything happens, simple! just follow my lead" Rugal was he jogged over pretended to tie his shoe next to the Van.
The guards were watching the Brotector fight the Villains in the Deli TV.

"Ooooh, this is gonna be fun. Death to heroes and anyone that supports them!"He shouted.

Joey took aim at the fans cheering the "Bro" on and opened fire, gunning down two for sure, the other three possibly dead.

He turned back to the man quickly getting out of the blue suit in the stands,"No, no, keep your wallet, keys, and personal amenities in there, baldy, I've gotta live too."

Why they hadn't waited for her she had no idea.
Cutter was where she needed to be no one had noticed her enter late.
She had to call out as loud as she could to be heard.
"I CHALLENGE YOU! ALL OF YOU, ANY ONE HERE THAT HAS TASTED BLOOD. Come and we shall tastes each other's."
There was a mix of ooos and laughter and she called out. Her knives were hiding doing their best no to be noticed.

"Finally you stopped with the whole Bro stuff. It is pretty annoying you know. Ferrous said, making his way on to the ice and almost falling over. Righting him self, Ferrous tried to hit Brotector, but missed and went past him ending in the Pentagram's duck out. Standing up, Ferrous grabbed the bench there and threw it at the Brotector.

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