Rise of Villainy 2: Rise Harder (Villain RP 1 Slot Open/Started)

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King of Fortunes Resort and Casino, High Rise District: 1 day, 23 hours until opening
After Cleaning himself up, Adel went back to his office.
Once there, he bought up a Live Feed to one of his contacts old Labs.
I hadn't aged well at all and two of the Lab's caretakers were arguing silently to each other.
He srolled though the cameras until he got the on for the Head Office.
He zoomed in on the desk and could faintly make out a file with the word "OMEGA" written on it.
"Perfect...It's still there...question is, where is there?..."
While he could access the Lab's Camera's, Due to the nature of it's work, the location was not revealed.
Still, it was in the city somewhere, can't be that hard to find he thought.
All he had to do was wait...

"It's fine, Joey. He's had worse." When he left, Red looked at Inferno again. "Are you feeling any better?"

"...ungh.... a bit, yeah." Coraline shakes her head, as if she was trying to clear it. "wha... what happened?"

"How much is in there?" Ferrous said, looking through the hole at the gold.
Widening the hole to see how many there where, Ferrous could only say a lot. Grabbing one of the bars, Ferrous tried to see how it would react to his power. Holding it in hands, Ferrous looked at it. Seeing nothing happening, Ferrous was kind of annoyed. The van was corroded quite easily and nothing has happened to the gold so far.
throwing it back in to the van, Ferrous tried to see if he could change in to it.
Touching it, Ferrous turned in to gold.

"Sweet. Now I am......crap." Sprinting back in to the mansion, Ferrous slammed the door shut and quickly tried to search for something big and blunt to use just in case.

"Here, drink some water," Red said, offering Inferno the cup. "You got poisoned, and had a huge bruise... Do you know how that happened?"

Rugal watched a Ferrous Ran past coving his arm, which was now Yellow(?).
"Hey, Ferrous, What's the Matter?" he asked.

Aahhhh, crap!
"He do you know where I can find something like a baseball bat here? Preferable made from metal. I kind of need it for something." Ferrous told Rugal, while trying to hide his left arm.

"Metal...Well you co-ahhhh...fucking legs... Could try the Sink, think it's made of Aluminium, failing that, the Taps should be brass, don't worry about the mess, we'll use the money from the stadium to fix up this place..." Rugal winced as he chanced the channel.

Eeehhh? Oke then....
"K, thanks. When do you want me to pay those guys a visit?" Ferrous said hiding his left arm and making way towards his room.
Nearing his room, Ferrous yelled "Ooh yeah, there's gold in the van." before slamming his door shut and starting to search for something to cover his left arm with.

Rugal shouted back "Call them whenever, make sure they are Legit!...By Villain Standards!" Before Ferrous headed to his room.
"Ooh yeah, there's gold in the van."
Rugal froze at those words.
"You mean...I stole...A VAN FULL OF FUCKING GOLD!?!? YES! YES! WOOOOOOOOO!" He shoued at the top of his lungs, joyful at the fact that something good would come out of this day.

Coraline coughs. "Um, I don't think so. I mean, I thought I might've been shot when we were escapint the... escaping the prison. But it was all fwooshy and it didn't hurt, so I thought I was fine."

Cutter inspected the Van.
"How exactly does this thing move? I'm not mathematician but shouldn't all that gold weigh more than the rest of the truck maybe even multiple times?"
Why were they even bothering with gold, sure it was valuable but it was hardly convenient. She didn't have interest in money herself but even she could see the value of credit cards or paper money.
"What is it with this gold obsession anyway?"

Rugal, Now propped up on two of Cutter's Walking sticks which he used like Crutches, eyed up the 100 or so gold bars.
"There must be like Millions of Dollars worth here!, If you don't like the Gold as a Weapon, just think of all the Weapons you can buy with the money!" He said as he sat himself down next to them.
"We're going to be so fucking rich!"

Red looked at the area that had been bruised. "I don't see a wound... but why didn't you say anything?"

"'thought it just went right through me. Happens sometimes. Probably because of the 'being fire' thing. Didn't hurt, thought I was fine." Coraline coughs, and then straightens herself. "So, um, how do I look? Did Doc fix me up all nice and pretty?"

"You're looking a lot better," Red replied, not technically answering Inferno's question.

Rugal Picked up a Bar of Gold and carried it under his arm.
"Be Back in a Sec, Gotta show Inferno and Red this..."
He got back after a painful "walk" over and opened the door with his elbow.
"Red! Check out what was in the v-INFERNO!?, You're Awake?" he said as he entered and sat himself down on the edge of the bed.

"You're looking a lot better" Red replies.
Coraline brightens. "That's good."

"Oh, hey Rugal! Ooh, where'd you get the shineys?"

"Where did you get those?" She wasn't angry but curious. Of course if he show's any knowledge of the secret compartments then she'd be annoyed.
Doing her best to keep up which was easier than usual when the person you were following was also crippled. Then she see Inferno.
"Good to see your better." The alcohol talking.
"I've been meaning to ask, do you usually just take in people you hardly know without any checks?
You seem pretty trusting is all."

Rugal held up the Gold Bar and gave it to Inferno to Look at.
"It was in that Van we stole, at least 100 in there, Fuck Villain, If a run gets us this much, we should just become sprinters!" He laughed before he remembered that his legs were broken and the only one who could fix him up he tired to beat up...
Ah, worry about it later.
"So how are you now?" He asked Inferno.

"Ooh, shineies.... Oh, and I'm feeling well now." She smiles. "Very conscious and so forth."

"Good to hear, Just a Question, Do you remember anything...Whatimeanis....uhh. you...were saying some strange things while you were out, can you remeber any of them?..." Rugal asked.
Translation: Did you feel me groping you?...
It was settled, Rugal would watch TV all Night while drinking non-stop tonight in order to kill as many brain-cells as humanly possible.

"Uh... something about hats, I think?" She points at her head. "Things were getting pretty wonky in there. Like, 'I'm not in Kansas anymore' wonky."

"I see...So no Recollection of anything that you said or...hell, anything since you fainted in the Van?...At all?" Rugal asked fishing for a compete answer as most likely his nuts relied on it.
She say yes, Leave the Room, fast, sprinting almost, She say no, Allah has smiled on you this day.
That last part freaked Rugal out, he really needs to stop nearly dying, think it's starting to take it's toll.

"Um... it's mostly all fuzzy. Some vague shapes and stuff, nothing too concrete. Why do you ask?"

"Justtttttttuuummmmmmmmwwwaaannnntttttiing to make sure that your head is still intact, Lead poisoning, can be really nasty." Rugal made up on the spot.
Whoa, Shiva (Hindu God) can be a real prick at times, eh?
"Think I knew a Guy back in Vice City that had something similar..." Rugal said to change the topic and his flow of thought.

Smooth, Rugal. Still, that adds to the idea that she'd been shot... "That happens sometimes, but it's probably from the bruising or what caused it." She avoided saying what caused the bruise.

"Well, thankye kindly for your concern, the both of you. But I'm fine now." Coraline tries to get up and collapses. "Yeah, I'll be fine. Just need to take a nap. Unconsciousness seems to be very tiring....

"Fair Enough, We'll be around if you need us, I'll be off loading the gold." Rugal said as he went to leave.
"You can keep that one, plenty more where that came from!" He said while nodding to the Bar already there before exiting.

"Mine!" Coraline lunges forward and grabs the bar of gold. "Preeety..." she mumbles as she slides backwards on her bed. Sprawled out with her head is where her feet should be and her covers are all askew, Coraline drifts to sleep.

Red smiled at Inferno's apparent recovery, setting the glass of water down before she left Inferno's room and closed the door. Following Rugal, she mentioned his lie. "You suck at lying, don't you?"

"So I've Noticed, I'll be Counting the Gold, be there if your looking for me."
Rugal head down to the Van began to pull out the Gold Bars and stacked them in a piles of 10, counting the total at 99, excluding the one he gave Inferno.
once done he sat himself down and stared at them.
"How much would one be worth?..." He asked no-one as he thought of ways to spilt up the loot.

Searching his room for anything to use to hide his golden arm, Ferrous fond a pair of white satin gloves. Wondering how the heck they ended up there, Ferrous put them on finding out that they where just a little bit to small. Looking around for something else, Ferrous wasn't able to find anything else.

Great, note to self. Get a pair of gloves for these situations. Luckily they haven't seen it thus far, else who knows what would have happened. Have Cutter cut of my arm, let Bluey regrow my arm, if that was even possible, and then force me to touch more gold. Damn these things are tight Ferrous thought putting on the gloves and hating the feel from them.
These are way to comfy for my tastes.

Making his way outside of his room, Ferrous hoped that the gloves wouldn't rip and so the rest his golden arm.

"Well, how heavy would you say each bar is?" Red asked Rugal, walking up to see the gold. She hadn't seen the full load yet, and didn't get a good look at Inferno's bar.

Rugal picked one up and weighed it in his hand.
"Mmmm...around...25 pounds...give or take..." He said before handing it to red for her to check it out.

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