Rise of Villainy 2: Rise Harder (Villain RP 1 Slot Open/Started)

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"I'm game. I just need to get my armor from the mansion." Thunder said to Rugal.

"Yeaaaaahhh...would you be sorely missing it if we didn't get it back, just I think the police are all over the place and they may have taken it, let me think...OH! One of use could sneak inro rhe Police station and claim it was stolen but who..."
Rugal's thinking expression changed to a grin as he looked at Inferno.

Red knew what Rugal was thinking. "So naturally, you think of having the only one of us without any semblance of a hidden identity try and fool the same policemen that we've fought before."

"No, think about it, Inferno was Flamed up during the break out and petty much everything else. that and...well, she's dressed for it..." Rugal pointed out.
"Listen, I know you hate the idea but you're the only one who can sneak in, hell, if lying gets to much, you could..." He didn't finish, he didn't know how.
"...We'll blast up a Gas station on the way over..."

"Oh shit, sorry, hang on a second." Thunder said before he opened the trunk of the car and looked inside.

"Yeaaaahhh, I just remembered I wore my armor to the tailor's. It's right here."

Thunder picked up one of his gloves to let the others see.

"Well, that's one problem solved. How about we hit that casino?"

"Not to rain on your parade, Blondie, but first of all, didn't that announcement say 'Open in OCTOBER', unless... what month is it? The other thing being, we're kinda exposed out here on this road, and the cops are just a few miles that way." He pointed towards the general direction of the mansion."So maybe we should just plan on some kind of plan and get the hell outta here.And I'll gladly trade Inferno for any one of you guys, I'd like to keep this suit relatively unharmed, this is the last one I've got that's tailor-made."

"...We'll blast up a Gas station on the way over..."

That sounds like a good plan. The other things sound fine, but we should do that.

And I'll gladly trade Inferno for any one of you guys, I'd like to keep this suit relatively unharmed, this is the last one I've got that's tailor-made.

Coraline lets out puppy dog eyes. What so ever would make you think I would want to hurt your suit?

"Inferno, Never mind, cancel the Police station, Thunder found his suit...then again...those Bastards Gas Stations are so damn expensive..." Rugal thought.
"Fuck it, We'll buy use some new treads with the money, blow up a gas station then buy a room at the Casino, sound good?"

"Sounds good." Amelia said, stretching out as far as she could, "I'm always up for a bit of fun."

"Whatever, as long as I get to hurt some supers."

"Fair enough," Red replied, unable to think of a better idea.

"So no objections? Anyone?" Rugal asked as the Armour started to argue with itself non-stop.

"Alright then, First off, time for some shopping..."
And thus our Villains mad their way into the main City Centre.
Despite the higher profile Villains, the Shops were petty welcoming, With Villains back on the scene, the Heroes spent less time attacking them so special offers galore.

Thunder was walking along when he saw an electronics shop advertising something he recognized. He looked closer and saw it was in fact something his father had designed. He made a mental note to burn the place to the ground later.

He kept walking and came to an auto dealer, high class import type stuff.

"Can I help you sir?" an attractive female employe asked him.

"Just a quick question, are all the customer service people here as pretty as you?" his tone of voice wasn't flirty.

"What do you mean?" she asked in response.

"I mean, this place is filled with fast cars and hot women. It's funny how such an old concept still works so well."

"Thank you for taking notice, most people can't appreciate sales strategy. I'm the manager." The woman said.

"Well, it's always nice to find a woman who is proud of her career." Thunder said. This time it was flirty.

"Proud? This place sucks. With the hundreds of thousands of dollars these things go for, you would think they could afford decent wages."

"How about you accompany me for a test drive in that beauty?" Thunder said with a winning smile as he pointed to a certain car.

The manager thought on it a moment, then said with a devious smile,

"Why not? You have good taste by the way. It matches your outfit."

She picked up the keys from behind the counter and got in the passenger seat while he put his shield in the trunk. He got in the drivers side and floored it out onto the street.

"So what's with the outfit? Are you a hero?" She asked over the roar of the engine.

"Not quite." He said with a grin.

She simply returned the smile and blasted the radio, followed by throwing her employe name-tag out the window.

Joey was parking by the car lot as Thunder floored it and headed out onto the road. He locked the doors and stuffed two bricks of hundreds into his pockets, one near his breast, another on his jacket.

"Amateur, step one, try not to make yourself too conspicuous, otherwise the damn cops'll find you faster,"He muttered to himself.

"What was that, Mr?" A passing teenager asked.

"Oh, nothing kid, here, you want to make a quick two-hundred?"

The kids eyes widened slightly at the sum,"Sure sir, what'cha want me 'ta do? Nuthin' fucked up right?"

Joey smiled before tapping the kid in the side of the head,"Watch what you're saying out here, kid, and learn how'ta talk, you're not that stupid, you're out here on a school day after all.You got a name?

The boy looked a bit embarrassed to be called out on the street,"Ro-Roland, sir."

"Good, now Roland, here's the plan..."

The kid rushed off and went about his task set by Joey, money in hand.

Ahhhh, now that that's out of the way, let's have a bit of fun, shall we?

His first stop was a curios shop, obviously successful, if simply because the dust was non-existent. The first that caught his eye, besides the hat and coat rack where he set his fedora, was what appeared to be a well-kept knife, cobalt handle and a single pearl near where the bottom of his palm fit almost perfectly,4-inch blade, and still sharp, he noted as he sliced a finger feeling it,but it was easily remedied. The price tag said $15,000, a reasonable price. he bought it along with a stainless steel flask with designs of the Batman Jokers through the years, from his first appearance to the newest reboot, it amused him, and it also held a place to put his cigarettes he intended to buy later, the designs were extremely well done as well, he had to admit, and well worth the price of five grand.

He left the shop, about twenty thousand lighter and went about buying all the little amenities that he had once had. His favorite cigarettes he smoked as a hobby, his alcohol,(which he poured into the Joker flask, which he had decided to name the "Laughing-Bin")and a package of lighters for his smokes, and any other fire-related things that they might need if Inferno ever left or was unavailable.

He put everything into the car, and checked to make sure the suitcases were still in the trunk as he loaded it up. Good thing they were, otherwise he would've considered driving off. He almost forgot, but he went and bought himself a pre-paid cell phone, as well as one for each of the group. Each different, along with a half-dozen skins to cover each of them in.

He then waited for Roland to return, and when he did, about a half-hour earlier than the agreed-upon time. Joey was surprised, most kids didn't have enough respect to do jobs quickly these days.

"Good job kid. Here, you get another hundred, plus this,"He gave the kid one of the cellphones, after he realized that the guy walking around in armor probably had no idea how it worked.

"Now, the phone's got a few hundred minutes and about 3 dozen texts already paid for. Keep that phone with you all the time, don't call me, I'll call you. You feel like making some extra money, you do it.Now, go have some fun."

He watched as the kid stuffed the phone and money into his pocket, ran off, and into a nearby shop, where he saw through the window the kid bought a few t-shirts, the most recognizable one being the metal band that covered older songs, mostly Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, called themselves SINNatra, the first four letter standing for the members of the band, Shane,Ian,Nathan, and Nadine.

As He couldn't back track to the Tailors, Rugal instead purchased a black and red suit and tie for the High Roller look.

As an added cover, he also had his hair dyed a pure black and also got some green contacts from a costume shop.
Afterwards, he bought a Gold Rolex and a few rings as well as a fancy Ruby on a gold chain necklace.
He was able to afford it due to the fact that it was one of the Employees of the Bank he robbed.
They seemed to hate the place and decided couldn't happen to a nicer corporation.

Finally, he purchased some Muscle Vests, can't seem to hang onto more then 3 at a time these days, and a pair of new fighting gloves which he kept on as he went for the others.

Thunder pulled up in front of a high class clothes store and Jessica, the ex-manager, laughed.

"So you're stealing fancy clothes too?"

"If I was, I wouldn't need this." Thunder said as he pulled a money clip filled with hundred dollar bills from his pocket.

He and Jessica went into the store and came out 35 minutes later. Thunder had a nice blue pinstriped suit to match his car. His hair had been combed and slicked back, and he was wearing a pair of $350 aviator sunglasses to boot.

Jessica had the most expensive dress she had ever worn, and matching heels. Her soft red hair was done in a long braid that came down to her chest, hanging over her shoulder.

As Thunder put his armor in the trunk, Jessica wrapped her arms around his chest from behind.

"You really know how to treat a lady." She said into his ear.

Then she spun him around and planted a kiss on him. After a moment she pulled back and giggled, then they got in the car and Thunder cruised around, looking for the other villains.

Roachman wandered the city centre, cash in hand, held to his chest.
His wandering stopped when he began to study a fancy dress shop sign. It advertised clothing for parties, stag and hen nights. He wandered in, the door chiming as he entered.
Five minutes later he exited, Face bright red. He had seen some interesting novelty costumes....

He left that area and eventually found a formal attire shop. He entered nervously and started to examine many of the clothing articles availible, ignoring the contemptuous looks he was receiving from other customers.
At long last he found a rather snazzy outfit that even he thought as "high class" he started to just walk out of the store when-
"Can I help you with anything, sir?" a surprisingly accepting female employee inquired.
"Oh-ah-er-I-Um.....Oh, yes, do you have this in a size smaller?"
She took the outfit, examined it, then Roachman, then compared them in size. She bit her lip. "We'll need. Couple sizes down, actually. Excuse me."
Roachman nodded. "Thank you." he waited, anxiously.
A couple minutes later she returned. "Here you go, sir. Why don't you go try that on."
Roachman looked at her is disbelief, mouth agape. "Changing rooms are just over there, sir." The employee pointed out.
Roachman obliged and quickly changed. Checking himself in the mirror, he decided that he couldn't be bothered trying on multiple suits, so this one would have to do.
He exited, still wearing the suit, and paid the cashier, he left still wearing it, his casualwear in a plastic bag.

Continuing to stroll around the city centre, Roachman handed out cash to several homeless folks regardless of what they intended to do with it, people stared in admiration of this shirt, unshaven man in snazzy clothing.
Also on his travels, he bought a hotdog.

Amelia entered a clothing shop, looking for something to buy. Eventually, she came across a clothing store that looked good and entered. There, she was greeted by a peppy-looking employee.

"Hello!" She said cheerfully, "Can I help you with anything?"

Amelia bit back a snide remark. Instead, she said, "Uh, yes, I'm looking for something... nice to wear."

"Well, you've come to the right place!" The woman said, smiling widely, "Please come with me, we'll find something perfect for you!"

She scurried off, and Amelia followed, trying to keep her rage down.

The Employee brought Amelia towards the back of the store where all the more expensive stuff was.
"All righty then! now will you be wearing those piercing's? How will you do you're hair? What colour do you think suits you best?..." She rambles now as he flicks though the dresses.

Amelia's eye twitched at the woman's peppy nature, but again, held herself back. "Well, I've been told I look good in black and pink." She said as calmly as possible.

"Pinkie and Blackie..." She repeated over and over as he picked out a dress:

"Oh, This will look wonderful..." She swooned as she bought Amelia over to the Changing room and forced her in with the dress before looking for matching shoes.

Ireland, Real Life
"Yeah, this must horrible for Amelia..." the GM Chuckles Evilly as he plots horrible things to come.

Xailus looked perplexedly at the cellphone he was given 'what am I meant to do with this?'

'well you use it to talk to people over a long distance by pressing the parts with numbers on them'

'how those that work?'

'well each cellphone has a number specific to it, so it contacts the cellphone whos number you typed in'

'but how those it let me talk to them?'

'I never really questioned it'

'How can you be satisfied not knowing how your tools work?'

'if I could shrug I would'

'were am I meant to store this I have no pockets?'

'well maybe you should have thought about that before being turned into a suit of armour'

'yes because storing stuff was my first concern when I had my soul ripped from my body'

'well maybe if your weren't such a obnoxious dick you wouldn't be in this situation'

'obnoxious dick, that's rich coming from you'

xailus only now came aware of the small crowed of people watching a man in a suit of armour argue with himself. xailus stared at the crowed.

One passer by threw a coin at Xailus's feet, thinking he was a street performer.
Soon, a neat pile of coins began to form at his feet as he and Terry argued.
One person recorded the bather on her phone and posted it on YouTube.

'are they just giving me money?'

'people do that'

'why, I am giving them nothing of value so why would they give me something of value

'people pay of entertainment'

'who would call this entertainment'

'well I am enjoying this'

'of course you would you'd enjoy anything that pissed me off'

'your point being?'

'that you are a rude horrible man'

'says the man who suggest torture and murder of the slightest of things'

xailus and terry's argument continued for ages.

Amelia examined herself in the mirror. "Not bad, not bad at all," she said to herself. "Looks good," she called out to the employee, whose nametag cheerfully read, 'Hi, my name is Dawn!' "I'll take it!"


Shortly afterwards, she left the store, having paid for the dress, and was planning to see what else there was to buy.

A loud confrontation got her attention, and she turned to see Xailus apparently arguing with himself.

"Oh what the hell is this?"

She stormed over to him-them-whatever, saying, "What the hell are you doing? Quit making a scene!"

The crowd around Xailus had grown at the duo's antics.
"I love how different the Voices are!"
"Does he like have a Mic or something?"
The Pile of coins rose higher and higher and someone even threw a rose.

'what does she mean with a scene?'

'its when someone draws a lot of attention in public area'

'what's so bad about that, people used to bow down to me when ever I walked past them?'

'it made it easier for him to curve stomp them'

'I only did that to the people that deserved it, the rest just respected me'

'yes respect, that's why they trapped your soul in a suit of armour'

At this point the crowd was laughing at the act before them and even started to clap.

"C'mon," Amelia grunted. "We're leaving. Take your earnings and let's go." She glanced around at the crowd as she said this.

'Just let me put it into my pockets, o wait I have non'

'stop that'

'stop what?'

'mocking someone for what they said is my job, you stay away from it'

'what are you going to do if I don't stop, insult me more then usual?'

Coraline passes by our favorite group of malcontents, followed by a harried employee struggling to accommodate Coraline's lust for pretties. "I want that one, and that one, and that one, and that one. That too, but in black. And that one in red. No, dark red. And that one too, and......"

"Christ Lady, you don't even look at half of this stuff!" the employee complains.
Rugal checks the time on his new Nokia, He keeps crushing Iphones, and wonders where are the others.
He decides to head towards Main St.
After some walking around, he finds Terry and Amelia stuck in some street act and Inferno buying up petties in bulk.
"Huh...went better then I thought it would, not a single dead person..." He said as he walked towards Inferno.

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