Rise of Villainy 2: Rise Harder (Villain RP 1 Slot Open/Started)

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Phantom shot back surprised, Nearly tipping over the sofa and shouted "AAHHHHH!....WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM!?" as he pulled out a Shock Baton

'this is not your room, you are ill of mind due to hitting the brew too hard and don't realise you are in the wrong room'

'in short your drunk'

"wait a moment...you...your one of the Escapees! From the Prison...heh...heheHAHAAHAHAH! YES, It's My big Chance, *Ahem* WEEP EVILDOER FOR NOW YOU FACE, THE SHIFT PHANTOM!" He shouted as he stuck a pose (Barely) in his skin tight Purple Latex Jumpsuit.
It was clear why he was rejected by Richardson and his Hero Gang.
He Attempted to swipe The Villain's head with his Baton.

Xailus grabbed the shift phantoms swiping arm, with his left hand, and then thrusted his trident at the phantoms feet.

The Trident went straight into the floor, the Phantom had used his power to make it phase though his foot.
He smiled and went for a headbutt, but instead phasing straight though.
These confusing tactics had served him well in the past.
He began to strike the back of Xailus's head.

Unable to quickly remove his trident from the floor and not seeing his target in front of him, Xailus spun around with a round house kick.

The Kick went straight though Phantom, who answered with sweeping the other leg, knocking him to the ground.
"SURRENDER IS THE ONLY WISE DECISION!" He taunted as the kicked Xailus in the face as he was down.

the kick clanked off the helmet, though Xailus felt its full force of it hit his face 'HOW DID YOU DO THAT!' Xailus yelled angrily, at the same time he pulled the end of his trident towards his hand, the trident started slowly forcing itself out of the ground.

'Oh what the hell is all this noise about?'

"Behold! for I am not Flesh Nor Spirit, Neither Alive or Dead, I am Merely I, the SHIFT PHANTOM!" He taunted as attempted to do a handstand but fell and phased though the sofa, If he wasn't careful, he could phase though the floor.
The Trident dislouged itself and went back to Xailus as Phantom got back up.

xailus quickly got back up and backed away from the phantom, xailus' back was now to the window, 'If you are neither alive or dead, then I will make sure you pick one'

'that's a weak one liner'

"Actually...that's kinda a good one, I must remember that one..." Phantom admitted before advancing with his Shock Baton.
He had this Evildoer right where he wanted him...

Xailus had this hero right were he wanted him, just had to wait for him to be as close as possible to strike.

Phantom fell for the bait and charged with his Baton, swinging it down like a hammer.

xailus rammed his trident at the phantoms chest, either he would phase and fly straight through the window with his momentum or get impaled by the trident, xailus had this fight as good as won.

Phantom phased though and, true to Xailus's plan, He was unable to stop himself and went though the Window.
What he didn't know is he managed to grab the ledge.
Death above, Death Below, he begged.
"Oh God, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, Please, let me live, LET ME LIVE, I'll do anything, please, I don't want to die!" Phantom begged.

xailus pointed his trident at the phantom making sure to keep it just have the sharp part of it within the phantoms reach. 'first, have dignity even when facing death, second I need help with something I am planning, lots of help.

"OKAY!...Okay..." Phantom relieved as he was pulled up.
"Oh Thank you, I woulda went straight though the earth, no way out, a slow death...now...what is your plan?" He said as got his breath back.

Xailus started speaking with a militaristic tone of authority 'You will help me build an army, its simple you act as a superhero arresting criminals when they commit a crime, but here is the difference, you give them the chance to escape under the condition they come to a location, that you will locate, every Saturday night at midnight. I will then train them there. You will first find this location a abandoned ware house would do, you will also get friendly with the police, and figure out which once don't like the supers, you will also try and get them to meet me at that location on those nights. The rest I will handle'

xailus put his hand out as if to over a hand shake and said 'I will make sure if you agree to this I will reward you when my time comes.

Phantom was shocked at first but then sighed.
"...You are the closest I've came to bagging a Super Villain...Alright...I guess I could try Villainy..."
He shook Xailus's hand and let himself out.

as the phantom left xailus said 'its not villany it is freeing ourself from opression'

Phantom left the Casino with his mind fretting, at least until he met the man in the Hawaiian Shirt...
Xailus saw him enter an old minivan before driving off.

"Excellent." Coraline downs her shot and accepts the next drink from the bartender. "Well thankye kindly."

She turns to the part of the group assembled with her. "Onwards to adventures!" She downs the new shot. "Schenanigans may also ensue." Coraline then turns to leave the hotel.

The Bartender smiles and flicks though the $500 he just made.
He nodded at Joey and chuckled as he went to serve other customers.

"Oh, wait for me, combustible-missy!" Roachman said, quickly downing his drink and stumbling off his chair after Inferno as he regained the effects of alchohol he had just recovered from. He caught up with her. Following closely behind, he said "I want to de-stuff these stuffies, too."

Red finished her third drink before looking over to Joey, who had returned to the table. "Looks like Inferno's going out. Are you coming along?" She stood, wanting to see what mess the drunk Inferno would make.

Joey was halfway through his second drink and somewhere around his tenth package of almonds when Red asked him if he wanted to watch the possibly drunken antics of the Human Bonfire.

"Sure, Blondie's gone upstairs, he'll be wishing he hadn't hit the bar first thing in the morning... or maybe later tonight, who can tell with him?

He stood, silently sighing to himself, the day had been another good one, he was still alive. He had somewhat mellowed in the past few minutes, letting his mind drift back towards three years before. smiling to himself the time he'd caught the oldest of his younger sisters,Jamie, drinking in her room, that look of utter surprise when he'd opened the door to her dropping the bottle and splattering herself with the remaining contents. He'd helped her cover it up and almost gotten caught himself. He missed memories like that, family was the one thing that he missed.

A cold fire crept into his belly then, he wasn't sure if it was because of the bit of alcohol he'd had or those emotions he'd had since that day. A slow flash erupted across his vision and he was back. Waking up on the slick floor, seeing the crushed remains of his family, and drifting off into sweet oblivion, and awaking again in a hospital bed, no pain, his body covered in a cast, yet he began getting feeling back into his fingers, his arms, his body tingled and he was able to walk within the day. He came back to reality then, shook his head, clearing the cobwebs. Joey took the drink on the table with the scattered plastic wrappings and threw it back, drinking it before doing the same with the glass he'd brought back for Red. Considering that she'd been with Inferno at the bar, he doubted she needed it

"First go the quiet cells, then go the stupid cells. How long before the memory cells start going? He whispered to himself.

He put on a smile, feeling comfortable with the alcohol firmly in his system. The thoughts in his head continued to swirl however.

"Alright, let's get the show moving and the fires hot, figuratively I hope."

"Knowing Inferno, there will be some real fire," Red replied, though she found it more amusing than anything else. "Should be nice to watch... but how does your, umm..." Okay, she wasn't exactly sober anymore, but whatever. "What about what you were planning?"

Joey smiled,"I wasn't planning on taking you up to my room just yet."

"But seriously, I think I'm just going to call it a night, eat a bucket of ice, and wait for the sun to rise in the west. Raincheck?

"Next time you feel like causing pain,suffering, and torturing people for your own enjoyment, call me, you've got my number in that phone. This place..."

He sighed,"It's just...dredging up old memories that are kind of hard to simply put back. Blondie's crossed enough bridges today now, I think. Have fun, Red, and try to keep her from burning down the place, they just got it up, after all." He let through one more smile, this one noticeably weaker than his previous ones.

I've gotten more from sitting in the car with Stevie for five minutes than I have with her in an hour. She's interesting, wonder what her story is...Inferno likes to burn shit, Blondie has a bit of a complex, but what kid his age doesn't? Roach is surprisingly mature, considering, the new girl is something, know less about her than Red here...

Even while slightly inebriated, Red knew enough about brooding to recognize when someone else was doing it. "So, that's how it is, huh? A few drinks, then off to cry yourself to sleep? Pathetic..." She turned around and started walking away -- slowly, of course. Hopefully he'd take the bait; she did need another sane person to come along, right? That's all.

Meanwhile, in Suite Room 1099, Rugal was struggling with whatever the hell was wrong with him.
He knew it wasn't booze...or was it?, This feeling never occurred to him before.
Or did not just ever get THIS drunk.
He paced around the room as the Burning inside grew stronger.
That would be the last time he would never mix Vodka with Whiskey.

As Amelia was walking through the casino, she spotted - Inferno, was it? - leaving the bar. Grinning, she went over to her saying, "So, what are you up to this fine night?"

"So, that's how it is, huh? A few drinks, then off to cry yourself to sleep? Pathetic..."

"I wouldn't say I'd cry myself to sleep, Reddy, more like passing out or maybe actually falling asleep, I don't know."

He sighed and looked towards the exit, when he saw Red walking, just much more slowly. He'd seen enough potential cons to know that gait, hell, he'd used it himself on more than one occasion.

He chuckled to himself, the woman was defiantly not for want of entertainment. He might as well go if she was pulling that little trick out of the bag. He walked to her and put his hand on her shoulder. He was a bit happier than he normally let on, but who cares.

"Come on Red, let's go then. But, you got something you want, I get something I want. What's your real name?"

"Still caught up on that, huh?" Red asked, a bit annoyed by his insistence on the point. It's not like she even used her old name much anymore. "What's wrong with me just going by Red?" She began following Inferno, another person in the group who didn't use their birth name.

"Because you maskers always have some reason to hide, I just like to know why.It's a little habit I've picked up. But don't worry, I'll just find out some other way. As for everything else, have a good night Red, you've got more friends out here already." He pointed at Roach, the NewGirl, all following Inferno.

"Have a good time, Red. Now, I'm going to go what I previously said I was going to do. Maybe drink more, I'll find out when I get up there."

He took his flask and took another sip of it. He left the bar and headed for the elevators, but began climbing the stairs when they all began climbing as he arrived. Up the stairs he walked, around the 40th floor, he sat down to catch his breath and take another mouthful.

He climbed the rest of the stairs, opened the door to the suite, and put his suit and hat on a rack. He took a shower and laid down on his bed, in his bathrobe. He was out within a few minutes.

After Few peaceful minutes of sleep, Joey was awakened by a thumping on his door.
"Mr. Castanzano? Can you Please Open the Door, Mr. Bernstein wants a word with you." A voice said from the other-side.
The group consisted of an Asian Man with a red glass eye and sliced back Hair with 2 massive bodyguards.

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