Rise of Villainy 2: Rise Harder (Villain RP 1 Slot Open/Started)

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Joey looked around the neighborhood, and took his bag of cash and everyoneelses that was in the trunk of his car inside. Still in his bathrobe, he looked left and right down the street, looking for any clothing store. He didn't see any place, unfortunately.

He turned to Amelia after lugging everything into the hollowed out shell of a store."Not much to look at here, is there? So, you know anyplace I can get some clothes? I guess I'll have to downgrade for a few days before my suits are ready. Damn you, Bernie, why'd you have to go and ruin the only suit I had left?"

Xailus walked up to joey 'Before you get cloths, I was told you were the medic of this group, so could you heal up terry or at least stop him bleeding all over me'

"You where petty close to dying, I'd say that was more important at the time..." Rugal answered as he looked as their new home.
"Right, First off, We are NOT leaving for at least a day, this is getting old..." He groaned as he watched a rat run across the ground.
"I'll take a look around for one, you all get settled..." He said before checking out the 'Hood.

The Shop had two floors and there were enough rooms upstairs to house the group so long as two people shared and a barely working shower.
There was also a open Safe for keeping loot and a radio, though the shop had no power.

Roachman went to find a room. This process was quite familiar to him, as he used to make hideaways in different parts of the city, so he'd always have a place to stay. However, these places were hardly big enough to support the whole group, and they might've complained about the far-from-sanitary conditions and lack of proper beds. Roachman was used to sleeping on cardboard and discarded mattresses. On the way up he said "Wow, I'm honestly surprised I've never seen this place before! Nice digs!"
He shuffled off upstairs with the mini-fridge and his shotgun in hand, hoping nobody would notice he had it.

"There might be a few old stores down the road," Amelia told Joey, "Otherwise, I think we'd better settle in first."

She took her share of the loot and went upstairs, looking for a room.

The Rooms upstairs were mostly just offices with rusted Desks and Chairs as well as old desktop computer.
Leaks and dust were common place, but it was better then nothing.
There was a police scanner in the photocopier room for some reason.
Inferno walked around the rear of the store where the CD's were kept, it was surprisingly good condition compared to the rest of the building.
He began to flick though the disks in case there was something good.

Rugal Made his way though the Run-Down Ghetto, Clearly not Many Heroes lived or operated here, which was both a good and a bad thing.
He found a old Pawn shop with a sign saying "We DO buy the clothes off your back!" and raided it for clothes for Joey and the others before making his way back.

Terry wouldn't stop complaining about what pain he was in, and how xailus should be more careful, Though at this point all xailus could think about what slum he has ended up in sticking with this group I used to think any ally was worse then no ally, though these people have made me rethink that thought. They have no organisation, no plan, what is even their goal? well I know what I have to do xailus thought. He left the building and saw rugal down the street holding "cloths", he walked up to rugal and said curiously 'I was just wandering where to we go from here?'

"Well, One, Not die, Two, Not let that asshole in the Blue Suit find us, Three, Do evil things...Any Ideas?..." Rugal answered as he threw a second-hand funeral Suit to Joey.

'so what will these evil deeds achieve and how? I mean you guys must have a goal in life, you can't just do stuff without a goal xailus said trying and failing to hide his frustration.

"Look, Me, Red and Inferno Met with a Man Called Maldeath. His Dream was to Bring people like us back into the world so these "Heroes" could be stopped. There's some honor in that...somewhere..." Rugal answered as he pulled out several shirts and jeans.
Suits around here were giant arrows saying "Mug Me!"

"You need a goal in life, metal man? Why not just sit back, have a good time, drink when you feel like it, and ruin someone's life every once in a while?

He dressed in the suit Rugal threw him.

"Great, I'm literally in a dead man's clothes. Oh well, it works. So, are we going to stay here for the rest of our lives or was Bernie's little episode with the flaming guy planned out?"

"I'm Thinking Ok?..." Rugal said as he sat down and pressed his palm to his chin in a thinking pose.
"Just who was that anyway?...I swear to god, we looked exactly the same..." he pondered.

'ooh wrong thing to ask' terry said after hearing joey's statement

Xailus stared straight into Joey's eyes with a piercing and unending look 'why don't I have a lie back and a drink? Why don't I have a drink? WHY DON'T I HAVE A DRINK?' xailus left the question settle for a view seconds before continue speaking 'I don't just ruin someone's day as it achieves nothing' xailus turned back to rugal 'this maldeath you speak off wanted to change the balance by the sound of it, if these heroes are reduced back to normal levels then things will turn back into a normal society. I even think I have an idea that could help us achieve that'

"If it involves a Army of Dolphins I don't want to hear it..." Rugal replied.
In the next Room, Inferno was checking out an old radio.

'it is simple, you know that hero we fought who was able to take us on with ease. We frame him for a crime, a big crime. Every hero in town will want to take him down, he will have to kill dozens of wanna be heroes in self defence. Any future time he tries to stop a crime being committed he will have to fight even more heroes, he will be out of picture as well as god knows how many more crime fighters.' Xailus explained pretty happily

Joey looked over at the jacket he'd managed to grab off of the hero from the hotel. He threw it to Xailus.

"Chill, dude. Use this, it was whatshisname's before I grabbed it on the way out. And Blondie, all I know is that guy was Bernie, can't tell you more than what you already know....Oh yeah, he's the one that threw me out that window."

Rugal Stared at Xailus.
"...I take back every single thing I ever said about you...That is Perfect! Now, Richardson is out of the question, he knows us, but who else could we use?..." He went back to thinking.

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Red had taken off her mask and (now smaller) voice synthesizer when she entered the new safehouse and listened to the conversation. "It might be possible that there's another super out there that could help. I don't know too much about Richardson, but a guy like that would have his enemies... maybe even an opportunistic hero who wants him out of the way."

Joey pulled a bottle out from a case he'd left in his car and offered it around to anyone that wanted any. He had his own supply situated in his own little personal flask. Pulling it out, he grabbed a cigarette as well and lit up.

"Anyone want a cig? Alcohol? Blondie and Metal Man here to start tap dancing?" At a time when he could only assume the disapproving glares would begin he added,"What? At least I'm trying to have a good time.Despite the fact that I got thrown out a window, lost a hand, and got thrown out my own room because of some pissing contest between Bernie and Inferno's...long lost...brother?" He honestly didn't know, and didn't exactly care, but the attempt at humor should at least get some kind of reaction

Inferno put down the radio, causing something to knock into place and turn on the news.
She decided to bring in the radio to the others.
"Hey, You might want to listen to this..."

"...Richardson was able to save the people trapped inside before the entire building fell.
In other news, A Charity Ball for the victims of the latest Villain Attack will be held at City Hall at the end of the week to raise funds for the City Police Force. On the Guest List is several high ranking Supers like Meta Man and Graviton the Second...

'Wow there is a man who used the name metal man as his actual alias'

'what is a charity ball?'

'It is when a group of snoopy rich and upper class people have a party at the excuse that they need to have a party in order to give money to charity'

'If we go to this event and are able to show that these "high ranking supers" can't stop us, it could put fear in lower ranking supers and other law enforcers as well as letting anyone who wants to fight the supers see that they have allies' at this point xailus missed the ability to smile as sometimes that would be enough to get his point across 'If this goes well all we need to decide is how many survivors to leave'

On the Guest List is several high ranking Supers like Meta Man and Graviton the Second...

Joey began coughing as he had just taken a drink when the radio announced that Graviton the Second was going to be there.

"We're going. Didn't even know the son of a bitch had a family or a sidekick. Guess he'll have to say goodbye to his little brat."

He began planning the pain that he would inflict on Graviton the second, empty his bones, make them hollow? Strip the skin off of him? Rip out his heart while he watched it be crushed by Joye? The possibilities were endless.

Amelia came into the room just as the radio mentioned the charity ball. Her eyes lit up with joy. "Sounds like fun." She said cheerfully, "I'm all for sticking it to those rich snobs."

"Well...Guess we found the Super who's rep we are going to ruin then. Now, If this is a City event, We'll need to be smart about this, no going in guns blazing, We would be be swiss cheese..."
Rugal got up and started pacing.
"Right, Here's what we are going to do. We'll bust into the Charity, should be a good Haul, and while we are at it, We'll plant evidense that Graviton the Second was our inside man. That'll draw most of the Supers off us, We'll be Petty Thugs to them, But Graviton..."
An Evil Grin appeared.
"So...Everyone like this plan?..."

'Well I would just like to suggest that Xai is a antique and something graviton the second was going to auction for charity, you can enter no fuss as delivery men and then we wreck up the place, but after they mention that Xai was put on auction by graviton the second. Makes it actually look like we had an inside man.'

'I am surprised you are helping'

'well complaining can just get tiresome after a while, and I wanted to show I am not just here due to my good looks but also my brain'

"While a good idea, Graviton can still deny it, No, We need something that Nails him, Hell, maybe something that makes HIM look like the mastermind..."
Rugal stared at a wall and decided "We need a blackboard or something...Oh, and the plans for the Building, better get those, Any takers?"

'why doesn't one of the woman get "friendly" with graviton the second and actually gets him to let us in' Xailus looked down at himself 'well the ones who don't stand out, we mingle in the party, we try to convince graviton the second to leave early and hastly. Then we make our move.

'even better if we get him to let us in form somewhere that has a camera aimed at it and get him to leave through a door with a camera marked at it, video evidence suggesting he knew what was going to happen'

Xailus had a sudden realisation and pointed at joey 'You medical man, can you make it so he has a broken leg or something that means he would need urgent medical attention, if you do then you can also be one to bring him to the hospital and cure him before the doctors have a chance to test him. I mean, the man lets us in and leaves just before hell breaks loose claiming to have a medical emergency that turns out to be a fake, what else good it look like then an inside job?'

'You medical man, can you make it so he has a broken leg or something that means he would need urgent medical attention"

"The name's Joey, metal man, and I'll do more than give him a broken leg, I'll skin him and make him watch as his organs continue to work outside his body before crushing them one by one."

He then shook himself out of his manic state and looked around at some of the confused stares.

"Hmm, nevermind. Uhhh... what were we talking about again?"

at least he has a fighting spirit xailus thought 'I was saying about how if you gave this graviton the second a ailment that requires him to go to hospital but isn't actually visible

'crushing organs is very visible'

'then cure him before he is tested by doctors but after he is in hospital, then it would increase how suspicious he would look after letting us into the party.'

Amelia grinned at Joey's words. "Sounds good." She said, thinking of the chaos they'd cause. "When do we start?"

"Hmm, nevermind. Uhhh... what were we talking about again?"

As I understand, raining brimestone and destruction on the arrogant cod. That sound about right?

"It's a tab bit more covert then that, Inferno, Ok, We'll need 2 copies of Blueprints of the City Hall, One for us, One for Graviton, something to blow up the safe with the Funds and a Car to escape with. Any Ideas where to begin with the Blueprints?"

Any Ideas where to begin with the Blueprints?"

"Town Hall maybe? I don't know. As for the rest of the stuff, what about finding some ambulance, taking the guys inside, then having them show up to take Gravi out at the right time, showing up at the hospital with him and then leaving the guys tied up in the back?"

Joey took the cigarette out of his mouth, it was almost to the butt anyways. He took out another and started smoking it as well, this one much slower and with less hyperventilation.

"Well, In order to REALLY burn Grav, We should show up on the main floor, Loot in hand, then reveal that He was working with us to rob the place, but that's just me. Anyone else?"

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