Choose Yer Own Adventure: The Adventure!

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Do you have a compelling desire for Adventure? Does the prospect of Choosing the Outcome of Stories sound appealing to you? Do you have a thing for Crudely Drawn Stickmen? Well then, prepare yourself for


In the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure story or a True RPG, you will vote on what action the protagonist should take. How this differs from others, however is that the story will be told mainly through imagery, and also that there will be no choices to choose from. You will literally have to decide on a course of action all by yourself! I believe that, given no prompts at all, an actual story can develop from a cumulative effort. Let's see how my theory turns out...


1) I wasn't sure whether to put this under Roleplaying or Forum Games, or if it goes against any rules to upload a bunch of pictures (there'll probably be one per post). Speaking of pictures, I noticed the code of conduct says to put pictures in spoiler tags, but I think that wouldn't work very well for a picture-driven RP (I assume the spoiler thing is to avoid cluttering forums with pictures). After looking around a bit and using what little common sense I possess, I decided that Roleplaying is probably the more appropriate spot, and to just go for it with the rest. If I'm wrong about either the category or the pictures, please let me know.

2) Vote on the character's actions based on stuff like his surroundings, abilities, companions, stuff he has aquired, etc. Creative things are encouraged, like "Ninja Kick the guard" or "Use your Duct Tape to climb the building" but please don't post overly ridiculous or blatantly impossible things, such as "Nuke the World" or "Teleport to Antarctica."

3) Please only post once between "actions", editing your post if you change your mind.

4) If there are already a bunch of different courses of actions posted, vote for an existing one instead of making something else up. I will generally pick the idea with the most votes, and having five different choices with the same amount of votes is not going to make things easy.

I'll probably edit this every couple of days around 2:00 Central Time (UTC - 6)

Get on with it!

Oh, I am enjoying this.


Your Name is Bob. You have just finished a long day at the office and are now being dropped off at your house by your coworker. Carpooling, and such. You turn around and wave goodbye.


The Adventure Begins! What should Bob do now?

I love seeing new CYOAs popping up. Hope you stick around! ^_^

Let's kick this off right:

Enter your home in the most dramatic manner you can possibly muster.

Jump though the Window to get inside

Get the coconuts and Burger King crown out of your briefcase,ride up to your front door, dismount, and begin singing 'Hail to the Chief' as you make your way inside.

Remembering that your neighbour Phil still hasn't returned your coconuts (Seriously, he borrowed them WEEKS ago! What a Jerk), you enter your house in the next best manner: Jumping through your living room window shouting a roar of primal rage.
The adrenaline pumping through your body makes you feel like doing something incredibly manly, like making a bowl of popcorn, curling up on the couch and watching Sex in the City. Unfortunately, you still have a few hours until it comes on, so... now what?

Go to the bathroom and begin pulling the glass out of your head, cleaning the holes that magically appear as you pull out the glass.

Whatever it takes to cross out the words above this, I vote for the choice right below me

Clean yourself up and go talk to Phil. His indiscretions have inconvenienced you and you are feeling far too manly to let it slide any longer.

You quickly throw on an old blue shirt and bandage up your head wound. Your vision blurs with rage as you march across the street to confront Phil. You stick your finger out at him and prepare to tell him just how you feel.

Oh no! Phil is going to prove much more of a challenge than we originally anticipated!

Combat Schema:Sleuth Diplomacy

Use the sly people-management skills that you utilize every day at your place of employment to manage Phil into returning your belongings with minimal resistance.

If that fails, prepare the finger vices. >.>

Summon Ms. Winfreys, your other next-door neighbor.

You and Ms. Winfreys decide to let Phil leave without charges being laid.

Unfortunately, Phil recognizes your hostile stance (He is a world renowned Psychologist/Electrician) and prepares to fight.
Luckily, your other neighbour is nearby to help.

Winfreys used Book Club.

Use the Master Ball. Capture Dr. Phil and begin your grand journey.


But you have a Missingo.

Use sleep and then an ultraball.

instruct Winfrey to keep Phil busy while you go rooting through his house looking for your precious coconuts

Go to items. Use your escape rope to escape Phil and enter his house.

Winfrey uses Book Club. It's Super Effective!
Dr. Phil uses teleport. He got away safel- wait, what? Dr. Phil just teleported? What?
Seriously, what is going on?
Well, whatever just happened, (You're not entirely sure) you now have your coconuts back. Yay?

Put the lime in the coconut.

Good, you have successfully sated your desire for vengeance. Now return to your residence and prepare to feast in celebration.

Inform the coconuts that you are disappointed in them. After accepting their apology, pray they do not alter it further.

Begin a satanic ritual to summon Bebe Glazer,tell her to find Phil, and torture him until he gives up your original coconuts.

With your original and new coconut's begin the feast.

You return to your place of residence and OM NOM NOM your new coconuts.
Wait, Sex in the City is on now! Excitedly, you turn on the TV! Oh, wait, it's a repeat. It's the episode where Sarah Jessica Parker transforms into a Biohazard sign and screams "WARNING" at you.
Also, you look way smaller than you are when you sit down because of depth perception or something. Not because I suck at drawing.

Bah, you hate reruns. See if Sex and the City or Grey's Anatomy are on.

Grey's Anatomy is on, but once again, it's a rerun.

I SAID, put the lime in the coconut.

i wanna put my suck in the coconuts, and watch the grass grow in grey's anatomy re-runs.

Well, time to see if there are any episodes of Grey's Anatomy on then...
Oh come on! Does every single channel have this stupid "Apocalypse Warning" going on? BAH! Maybe you'll just play Xbox...
Hmmm... well, will you play a game with Murderous Robots, Alien Invasions, a Zombie Apocalypse, Nuclear Disaster, or World War 3?

Break the discs into pieces, take the biggest piece from each and tape them together to make the greatest game ever.

Better yet, drive around to see if Def Leppard is on tour. They could be, and if you find the concert, score!

Why couldn't you put the lime in the coconut?

Before going for a gaming marathon, you need fuel, so head down to dollar general and buy up their entire stock of vault,coke,monster,and starbucks coffee. also buy them out of their stock of doritos, ceez-its,ritz,saltines, and every other junk food available. Make sure to bring your wallet, you don't want to a repeat of the last time. Jail cells are very dirty.

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