Collaboration: The Gods and their Angels (Closed. We've Begun.)

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She handed him a map doodled on an old piece of parchment with the general locations of the nearby domains. "I'm not much for the whole conquest thing... But I'll shoot you an order if only to keep you from going stir-crazy. Look at that map, and I'll let you decide on who you wish to go after.... I'd prefer it if you went here though." She stomped her foot slightly and Asmodeus's domain was highlighted on the map with sixty arrows pointing to it and a large flag. "Dat's the bad guy." She mused. "When you get there, say Iris sent you~" She then checked the bugged paintings she left provocatively all over castle Osmo, and upon learning of the plan she changed her mind. "Nein, instead you will go to the voyager's domain...." She said changing the highlighted area with another clap. "The itsy-bitsy spider's climbing up the water spout.... You must be as the rain."

"Domain..." He said, "Wait, I'm guessing that's some sorta planet, or galaxy...or....universe?" He was worried now. He had no way at all to get there, and this "Itsy-bitsy-spider" was clearly something she wanted him to take care of.

"Now, here's the thing Commander...I don't have anyway, at all, to get to this "Domain". He informed her, "So unless you have some sorta transportation device, we're in quite a rut a'int we?"

"I'll work on a more permanent solution while you're gone but for now, I have a means for your travel.... Now if you would, move over to that window..." she said pointing to the designated constrapulation."And have your back to it." She ginned a very unfortunate looking grin.

He did as he was told. He backed up to the window she pointed to, and awaited her solution to his travel problem, while at the same time worrying Oh christ, what's she gonna do to me this time?

Looking about the small green planet it appeared to be inhabited by some rather shifty looking basic lifeforms, essentially floating gasbags trailing a large amount of tentacles beneath them. Raising an eyebrow at this Priscilla sighted her rifle and took a shot at one, it popped in a manner similar to a balloon and showered down in a colorful, visceral confetti of internal organs and a very sad, deflating fart noise.
The rest of them seemed oblivious to their popped neighbor and continued floating about, content that the denizens of this planet were so docile, Priscilla continued searching around, the place was devoid of structures, though when she neared the top of the sphere she found another launching platform. This one lined up with a seemingly larger, ice blue planet.
Smart money says it is in fact comprised mainly of ice. Sighing at having to enter the generic inevitability of such a plane Priscilla stepped on the star and was sent soaring up onto the next orb under protest.

"פון אש צו אש, און שטויב צו שטויב, פון די טראַוולער רעדט, און די טוער אַלייןלעאַרנעטה" Azura chanted still grinning maliciously as her champion began to flash colors like a bad LSD trip at a planetarium light show, and as the chanting reached it's climax she gave a small hop and stomped with both feet. Just then an immense laser erupted from the steamy one and he was propelled at Warp speed, in about .12 nanoseconds he would be on an icy planetoid.

In transit to the new planet, Priscilla saw a tiny speck in the distance. "Huh... is that-" she began to remark when suddenly it went from a tiny speck to a giant rainbow beam smashed into the side of the planet. Cursing, Priscilla touched down on the surface and suddenly took cover behind a large ice formation.
"Okay... so that wasn't natural. Guess someone doesn't want me working my way up... which means something's good at the top" she said to herself, peering around the side and glancing at the startled ice particles. This place seemed dead, but she wasn't going to take any chances. Quickly moving Priscilla began to search for the next launching platform, she had to make it to the top now.

He didn't even have time to yell curses at his creator. In fact, he couldn't do it at all. The beam was being shot from his mouth. He landed on the icy planetoid, creating a massive crater on impact. To the normal man, well, he would have burned up on impact, and ashes would be spread across the region. But something was different with The Lancer. He didn't know what, and he knew where it was coming from. Azura did something during the "inauguration" to this Coalition of hers. He wasn't arguing. However, from the laser beam, he had slight heart burn.

"Alright, guessing by what she said about the itsy bitsy spider, she wants me to find someone or something, kill it...then...profit? I dunno." He said, "I better get something out of this."

"How exactly am I supposed to find this thing in the first place!?" He mumbled to himself before walking off to search.

Azura then made her way back to castle Osmo and her typical high speeds, utilizing the Nic Cage sun roof she had made. "Goooood Eveeenning...." She said chuckling while wagging her finger. "I know where the roach is~ And I've sent my hard-boiled Ace to investigate. I have no confidence in this plan, but if he succeed I will make him your bride." She said jovially while using some of the many arms like a swinging bench.

Asmodeus was fast asleep as Iris spoke, though she stirred herself awake, her head back to normal since the last time Iris saw her. Asmodeus groaned and then groaned once more when she saw who had awoken her. "Oh. Hello... Back already? Can't get enough of me can you? What do you want this time?"

After a few minutes of searching, he managed to find something that looked strange. It was a pad of some sort, "What the fuck is this?" He said. Not knowing where to go, or what to do, he stepped on it to see if it would help him in anyway. It was actually, a launch pad. He screamed as he was launched, "OH NO, NOT AGAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNN"

Within seconds he was on a new planetoid, the place was strange to him, as he has never heard of anything like it, "...I...guess I keep looking."

" Champ vs. Chump! The title match! Who will win the belt!" She said making a Don King impersonation. "We can only be so lucky to watch, Ossy~" She said swinging from arm to arm. "Even if he loses, I still win, his form is structurally sufficient enough to survive a magical impulse of 22.44444444 billion newtons cubed, my hypothesis was indeed correct." She muttered nonchalantly whilst trying to fondle the large doll.

Hearing a shrill scream, Priscilla straightened up and turned towards the source of the sound. Quickly twisting about she saw a form launched from the pad she missed and towards the next, brownish blue planet.
"Oh you son of a..." she quickly said as she quickly made her way to the pad the contrails left behind originated form.
Stepping in she was fired instantly, biting on the proverbial heels of the person ahead of her. This time, though, she was going to get the drop on him.

Asmodeus was not at all amused by Iris' fondling of her cold doll body and she quickly hit her away with one of her hands attatched to an enormous arm. The force would be enough to send her across the room. "So you're telling me my champion has set out on a quest and you somehow knew of it? I guess this means I'll have to remove those lovely paintings of your's, it's a shame too..."

As she impacted the wall it seemed to be made of thick Gelatin, before retaining it's normal solid consistency. "Who says it was the painting~? Maybe Nic Cage told me." She confided winking at the large hole. "That was his plan~" She mused under her breath before glowing and taking the shape of a young girl, and using a seemingly infinite amount of building blocks she built to get back onto the doll and perch around it's shoulders.

Asmodeus picked her up off her shoulders and nearly threw her to the floor. "That doesn't matter at all. I'm still going to remove whatever you've left here. What matters is what you're doing sending your champion to stop mine."

"Oh God... Why did I send him..." she said slamming her nine year old head into the floor. "He barely grasps the concepts at work here... I'd have a better shot going myself." She sighed showing an uncharacteristic loss of mental flow. She got back up and thought for a moment.

Perhaps I should aid him in some way if push comes to shove...

Changing to an even younger form she decided to taunt the doll with a far off memory from childhood, her voice fluxed between her current voice and a younger voice as she smiled. "Hey ossy! When I grow up, I'll be the greatest magician in the world!" She cooed up at him with innocent eyes. "Remember this?" She laughed tauntingly.

"Yes, I remember that... I thought you were being nice until you exuberantly exclaimed 'And then I'll switch your body with that of a doll's and take off all your limbs!'. Even after the apocalypse you're still the same as ever and we still can't get along... Augh..." She started to snicker though. "But from the sound of your genuine worry, it sounds like you got the short end of the champion stick draw. Luckily for me, mine is competent, incredibly so. Yes. Incredibly. Haha... Yes yes..." She said, her personality fluxing mid sentence. "Ah... The Universe turned me into a Deity resembling monster, while you retained your complexion. Maybe it was all those deals with the demons that kept you that way~ Deals witht he unclean, yes~ Deals deals deals~"

Vermilion suddenly got to his feet as he was filled with energy, he appeared behind his creator and tapped her on the shoulder."Something died... I believe is was... A Creator and a champion..." He said feeling around with his death senses. "It would be foolhardy if I were to not attempt to recover anything useful before someone else raids the domain." He smirked. "Plus, I need to reap the innermost confines of their left over essences.

Startled, she let out a small gasp.
"You made me jump out of my skin! But...two have died? And we should go looting? Well, I say we, I'll be with you in spirit," Sehnsucht teased, returning to her book, "You're more than welcome to head out and I'm sure that anything you find of value will be of use to both of us. Hell...Perhaps some...upgrades are in order."
Inside her head, Schadenfreude made a sound that was similar to the licking of lips. Giving a noticeable shudder Sehnsucht carried on and gave a small smile.
"Good luck~"
He'll need it~~~~ Heeeeeeeee~~~

Vermilion exited the estate and leaped from the nearest edge of the domain, as he fell he began very rapidly editing and sifting through space, soon he came to the very start of the Domain of the Voyager, he soon observed the gimmick here, but decided to use his space powers to just hop from each of the planetoids. "This place is... Interesting...." He said as he soon got a handle of the weird gravity. He saw some kind of commotion in the distance and decided to investigate.

Sehnsucht placed her book down and fixated on her mind's eye, watching her champion in the defeated champion's domain.
Oh Sehny~ She thinks that she's still human~ Ain't that a shame?~ Under that skin I'm assumin' that she thinks she's all the same~ Heart pumpin' her blood~ Brain makin' her think~ Her ideas are made of crud, plus you can smell her stink!~~~~
Sh-Shut up...
Everything's a lie! Everything's so droll! Look at her acting so shy, I think she's really a troll!~ When she was alive she really was a chore~ Maybe even a bore~ Wish I had shut that door on that crazy ugly ol' whore! Do-Diddle-Dee~ Heee Heee Heee Heee~-
What do you know about when I was alive?!
I know that I cute~ I know that I was smart~ Call me astute, but what I did was an art!~ Stupid lonely Sehny~ Wanted a friend~ How was I supposed to know, I'd pick the day the world would end~! Now I'm stuck in her head~ Trying to switch it around~ Maybe when she's dead, a million feet under the ground!~ Haaaaaaaaa~! One more time!~~~~
Sehnsucht's face twisted into a state of disgust, trying to block the horrendous song and dance that the leech was repeating, she fixated on the image of Vermillion teleporting around the strange domain.
"Be wary...We might not be the first to arrive here."

The Voyager and it's Champion were dead, and the only survivor was Justicar, if barely. The Endless mulled over this outcome and, despite the fact that mission had been only to study his foe, found it satisfactory. Rather than claiming the Domain, though, The Endless had a far -at least he thought so- more clever plan: to leave the place as is and the let the other Creators and their Champions swoop in like vultures on a fresh carcass. Undoubtedly, The Endless knew, this would cause conflict amongst them. Perhaps they will all kill each other and make it that much easier on me, The Endless mused.

Besides, it was no great loss to him. The Endless had just recently acquired another territory he still didn't know quite what to do with.

"Something wrong, Master?" He responded back to her, hearing the strain in her thoughts. "If you need me to return, I can be back in a second." For once he had seemed to show genuine concern in his voice as he stood on the planet he had last leapt to. He eyed the commotion with a vague sense of amusement before accessing where he felt the loss of lives.

A loud chaotic thumping noise could be heard pounding its way toward the area below the airship of The Sehnsucht and The Schadenfreude. It was the unmistakable scream of the word 'PORK!' as said by the giant mechanical boar formed by the Metal Man as he dashed off in search of The Sehnsucht and The Schadenfreude .
"FINALLY! I swear this is the absolute last time I take directions from a commune of Tikbalang,I knew something seemed a bit off, I mean it felt like I've been lost for days." he said out loud to nobody.
"Any-who! looks like I'm here now so I might as well go and do that thing I was here for in the first place...FLY MY SPORK...TAKE FLIGHT!" with that last bit of self monologue the Large Metal Boar sprouted wings and took to the sky, still screaming 'PORK' with every step. He formed a comically over sized megaphone and shouted into it, in the hopes this domain's two minded creator would hear him. "Hello, Hey, Hi, I am here representing the Endless, I am here on a diplomatic mission, I just want to talk...also you have a nice ship.!"

Schdenfreude's obnoxious singing seemed to grow in volume as Sehnsucht started to panic, putting her hands to her head and breathing deeply. In her head she could feel what felt like A swift and aggressive violent kicking with every emphasized word.
Oh SEHNY~ She thinks that she's still HUMAN~ Ain't that a SHAME?~ Under that skin I'm ASSUMIN' that she thinks she's all the SAME~ HEART pumpin' her BLOOD~ BRAIN makin' her THINK-
The scene was disturbed by a loud thud as Sehnsucht rubbed the tears streaming down her eyes and took another pensive breath, accepting the silence with relief. She took note that she had torn out large chunks of her hair in frustration. She dropped them in horror and tried her best to regain her usual controlled look. Next She focused on replying to Vermillion.
"I'm better now...The leech is being troublesome today...she seems to be getting worse. But enough, enough. Don't worry about me. Be alert though, there seems to be something on ScindoAnimus...-"
This time the message was interrupted by a loud irritating noise. Shouting through an amplifier it seemed.
"...What on Earth?"
Throwing open the doors to the study's balcony, she eyed the thing making the obnoxious noise declaring something about a diplomatic mission while the thing it was riding on proclaimed about...pork?
"...Oddly I don't think there's anything to be worried about, Vermillion. If this is an invasion, it is the strangest I have ever imagined... Then again, every attack on my life seems to start with "what a lovely airship you have"...Carry on, I shall keep you posted."

Standing with her hands on the balcony railings, she cleared her throat and called out to the strange person flying around her ship.
"You there! Make haste! I will accept your terms on a diplomatic talk! You will be under no harm here unless prompted! Please join me in my home to discuss what needs be! Simply enter and do not touch anything! I will meet you in the foyer!"
With that Sehnsucht turned around to meet the ambassador for The Endless downstairs. Ready for anything.

"I really do need to think up a less annoying way to make an announcement, maybe next time I'll ditch the Pork. Then again life and let learn they say I guess..." he continued to let his thoughts run wild and right out of his mouth, as he descended onto the deck of the airship. Once he landed he reverted back to his default base, ridding himself of the additions of the pig and megaphone.
The Metal Man decided to form a bow tie, around his neck as he followed The Schdenfreude's lead into the foyer.
"Now than, I am know as the Metal Man you may or may not know me, but who I am isn't important it is who I represent. I come to you as a representative of The Endless, his champion to be exact, be then I'm rambling." he stopped and chuckled softly, "anyway, lets talk, about diplomatic relations"

"I am The Sehnsucht. You're very welcome on behalf of your master. It's strange to get such a diplomatic approach in the current situation. I believe I've seen both you and your creator from my observation deck now that you mention it. But enough of that, would you kindly follow me to the tea room to discuss?" She said cordially and calmly, gesturing for The Metal Man to follow her into the room beside them.
Perfect time for an ambush Sehny~ Perhaps he's a spy~ Maybe you should stop playing house and start acting like a God~ Bind him...tear the tinkertoy apart~~~! Heeeeee~!
Giving an irritated scatch at her head, she gestured to two chairs by an unlit fireplace while she brought a small table on wheels to the seating area.
"Please sit."

Vermilion was watching through his own connection and what he telepathically sent back sounded less like his voice and more like a demented growl. "In case, you have forgotten, my dear master... The one who sent him was the one who only hours ago ravaged your poor city." The realization of that fact, combined with the closeness of recently deceased souls had left him in almost a rage like condition, but he managed to shrug it off as he felt that thing inside him scraping at the door. He slowly advanced upon the commotion.

Keep it steady... Can't let that thing out. I'm to reave the souls, not what horrible perversion that thing probably desires of them.

As the mysterious mercenary before her touched down, Priscilla wasn't too far behind. As he looked about his surroundings she landed right on top him him, planting one of her mechanical legs square between his shoulders kicking him face first into the marshy soil beneath them.
"Stay down you little shit, especially if you know what's good for you" she said, twisting her foot on his armor to worm him in another half inch before heading off again, somewhat wary should he get right back up but still looking for the next launchpad.

Up in the air was one more planetoid but it looked different, oddly shaped. This one was laden with inert machines of different kinds, looks like it could have been heavily protected at some point, there was even a giant... flying saucer? Well whatever it was, it was currently sticking out of the muck at a 90 degree angle, and everywhere there were tiny machines as thin as a belt. All of them looking like they just... turned off.
whatever was going on, it was certainly interesting...

If this is just the security... imagine what they were guarding She thought, looking up again skyward at the next Planetoid. They seemed to be getting closer and closer to some kind of star in the center, but it seemed dying, and looked a sickly brown.

The Metal diplomat took up the Victorian garbed demi-goddess up on the offer of a seat, as he sat down he noticed a slight irritated aura to the creator. Looks like I'm starting in the red this is gonna be soooo much fun he thought as he nervously fidgeted with his hands for a second. It didn't take long for the man of metal to regain his composure, he cleared his throat and and spoke up.
"Yes, well my proposal is a simple one, I offer a pact of non aggression between the domain of the Endless and your own. Now under this proposal neither The Endless nor and of your forces would launch an invasion of the other. that is my initial proposal to you." he said in the calm tones and expressions of a professional.
All the while he thought, What in high holy hell am I doing, I have no idea what is happening let alone what I'm doing. oh good what if she can hear me...what calm down you're being ridiculous...I should have Taco's on Wednesday....I'm as freeeeee as a bird now and that bird wants some Tacoooooooooos~ sung to the tune of Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd his thoughts continued to be a cluttered mess just barely under control

The Endless chortled quietly to himself, amused by his Champion's odd humor and reaction to the situation he found himself in. Metal Man, my Champion, The Endless pressed the thought into the Metal Man's head, She may or may not know that you are the envoy of the Creator who caused the most recent wounds in her territory. If she brings this up to you, well, you've done admirably so far. I believe in your ability to amicably solve this situation.

In truth, The Endless wasn't concerned with peace or a ceasefire. It would only be one more thread to cut later. Instead, he was more concerned with observing how competent -or incompetent- his new charge was.

Hearing the distorted information from Vermillion, a suspicion hit her hard. Her expression didn't change, instead she helped herself to the teapot on the table while listening to The Metal Man.
I wouldn't drink that~~~ Heeeeee~~~
My babies needed a place to rest~~~ Offer him some~ I think I like him~~~ Haaaaa~
Taking a quick look into the teapot, she saw slimy black leeches swimming in the liquid. Giving a small look of disgust then hiding it, Sehnsucht cleared her throat and adjusted in her seat. A small smirk hit her as she noticed how uncomfortable yet amused the ambassador looked. Lost in his thoughts perhaps.
"A simple proposal indeed. Some kind of agreement could be made, especially considering that things are heating up right now. I mean, would you believe that I was attacked little than a day ago? One needs all the allies they can get."
A sharp analytic look crossed between them before she gave a sweet smile and folded her arms.
"Don't you agree, sir?"

She had watched her Champion through her blue eye and what happened next was as follows. "&%#$#$%.... @#$%^! %#@%&...." Azura flung a string of expletives before getting on her staff and double timing it to the location of her champion. "WHEN I GET THERE I'LL FUCKING END THAT USELESS WASTE OF ARMORED SPACE." As this happened all the painting in the castle began to facepalm and slam their heads into the walls.

Asmodeus didn't complain when Iris suddenly bolted, she didn't care much. Her arms quickly came from their spots in the walls and quickly removed all of Iris' paintings and dragged them away to be destroyed. She clapped two hands together. "Well, i guess sleep is something i won't be getting today..."

She contacted Priscilla through her eye. "Priscilla~ You're about to get some more competant company~ Yes, company~ Oh, Iris is on her way and she's out to stop you, yes yes. Don't try to fight her, no no, she's too strong~ Just get what you went there for, yes... What you went there for~"

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