RP recruitment thread (DnD 3,5 Edition)

Hey there, im Nik and I run a small DnD group on saturday from 19-20GMT to 23-24 GMT. And since loosing one of our players to some real-life problems and another player to an MMO (I kicked him out after he missed us once, just a warning to people that skipping a game for another game, without even telling. Isnt tolerated) We are in dire need of certain character roles, mainly a rogue. But I can take in up to three more people (Although one of you would totally be preffered if you were a rogue) So I thought I would take applications. Now, we will just need to run through the basic stuff here, we arent gonna go into game-mechanics as this is an RP forum I mainly want the RP stuff.

Race/Character Description(Age/Weight/Height/Other Apperance/) Aswell as a small backstory. Should be something like this.

Opt(Class) You start at level 4.

If you already know what class you wanna play as you are experienced with DnD already (That is not a requirement, im willing to teach) You are welcome to already choose your own class in the thread.

Additional info: We run via skype although a Mic isnt neccesarily needed as we work mostly via typing and narration, it would be nice to have one in order to give technical assistance faster in case of trouble with Maptools (A small program we will be using) Or skype.

Now mind you, we are not combat heavy and I 'really' dont like powergamers (Reason I went to an RP forum and not a DnD forum) So dont give too much thought to the characters combat capabilities, just dont make him/her a crippled rogue.

As for your location, your character would be starting out in the region of Deepingdale, an area known for its warm atmosphere and hospitality. It has a decent halfling population but is mainly human, and is next to elven lands and as such has a large half-elven and elven city-population aswell.

As of now our party consists of.

Tiefling Ranger
Aasimar Paladin
Human Cleric
Halfling Sorcerer
Half-elf Bard

Its mainly good and neutral and as such I would be hesitant to accept evil characters, doesnt mean you cant write one up though, if its good enough I will accept it (Viconia from Baldurs gate worked decently with good folks)

(Further questions about campaign can be put in PM or this thread)

The Game is set in the Forgotten Realms. Just after the Time of Troubles, several gods lay dead. And a good part of the religious world is in a chaotic state. A group of liches have risen up to take advantage of the orders of warriors serving under good gods weakened states. And have created an army to take over vast ammounts of human land, and the only ones who can prevent it is a group of green adventurers. After watching the army of paladins get defeated to Council of Liches undead horde, and the grandmasters betrayal when he surrendered on behalf of the order. They attempted to get help from the elves neighboring the region, after failing at diplomacy, they set their course for Deepingdale, in order to make a name for themself. ((This is a 'really' short description, trying not to make it fill up too much as those interrested will ofcourse ask))

I said 3,5 but we follow the rules loosely, the characters are build upon the 3,5 ruleset.

*Edited to create a feel of the world and group, I would write their persona's but that might make meeting them a bit colourless*

Dont be shy, most of the people in the DnD group are from Escapist. And by most I pretty much mean all.


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