We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Dromaeus arrived beside the militiaman and kicked his weapon away before rolling him over onto his back.

"Aye." He said harshly. "Have you any last words before we send you to Sovngarde?"

OOC: @Shadow I take it you did that last mission as Jack Marston? 'Remember my Family'? Also, remember that originally I intended for Dromaeus to die heroically first, and to use AEanna as my character. Funny how that happened, huh?

"Captan iz have assembled da zap squad sir" Mr Nailbrain said pointing to a screen which showed nine other mek's with various equipment fixing the engine of the ship. "We's repairing da ship right nows but we's are ready to launch da attack whenever yous says Captan"
"Yer bouts can move out and annoy dem humies while we get da storm boy attack ready." Kaptin Bluddflagg replied "If ya can snatch one of dem maybe wes can get some smarts on what sneaky plans da'ys have."

I finally find what I'm looking for and turn to see...AEanna? God damn. "Don't worry, AEanna. Your going to be fine." I say as I prepare the medical wrap.

"Because of her!"
The man says as he points towards AEanna, his voice full of anger.
"Bitch sucked me dry and left me for dead!"

OOC: @Gear I put this in already, guess you missed it.

AEanna's fingers dug into the cracked pavement as she tried to fight the pain, and she gazed intently up at Laguna and Tanner, trying to speak.

Dromaeus glared at him.
"Wait... your face is familiar. Yes, I thought I killed you at that warehouse in Stockholm!"

@random yeah i played it,b ut that was a long time ago. and that is pretty funny how it turned out, i just think that the limitations Aeanna has realy makes her character far supririor to drom. but thats just my opinion


Laguna saw AEanna was trying to say something. "What? What is it? What are you trying to say? Dont panic, we're gonna fix you up."

mia looked suprised by what the man had said "Im sorry but im sure thisis a mistake, who sent you here and told you of our location?" she asked pulling a pistol out as well

I try to listen to AEanna as I prepare the medical wrap as quickly as possible.

"No... I survived. I was wounded, but alive.
If I could get to a hospital or something, I would've quit working for Bertrand, make something of my life. But then that fucking bloodsucker chomped down on my neck..."
The militiaman replied to Dromaeus.
"Who sent me? No one. I found you on my own."
He said to Mia.

OoC @Berk: The warehouse thing was in Rome.

OOC: @Shadow I always kind of thought that even Dromaeus was underpowered for this thread, and that while AEanna was nice, Dromaeus was more original, with a more complex personality. Sorry, I realise that I'm pretty stubborn, but once I get an idea like this in my head I'm not easily swayed.

AEanna tried to speak, but her breath caught in her throat. Her eyes bulged and she convulsed, then brought herself under control again. She saw Tophat approaching and broadcast a thought to him. He stopped, listening and then said morosely;
"AEanna, we can still help you. This can't be what you want?"

OOC: Oh, right.

Dromaeus sneered.
"You knew what you were getting yourself into when you signed up with him. It makes no difference now. I will simply do to you what I set out to do the first time."

The group heard a crack of thunder as the group of meks, lead by Mr Nailbrain, had appeared across several ruined buildings above the group

"You humies gots one option" Mr Nailbrain called out through a megaphone "Either your runs like da weak humies dat you are or me and my boys here will stomp you wit dakka!"

he then spotted AEanna lying on the ground "Dat friend of hers is gonna die if your stay here so's gets running ya spineless dogs"

Laguna looked at Tophat. "What are you talking about? She's gonna... Dammit no!" Laguna looked back at AEanna, leaning in close to hear her himself. "Dont do this, dont throw you're life away! We're here for you. We can figure something out."

@random no problem, and i though drom was quite well, agresive and the shouts were very powerful but i just liked the character od AEanna, she seemed very deep and had a great personality especialy with her trying to overcome the vamparism

"AEanna! Don't! Don't do this! Laguna's right! We can still work this out!" She cried out in desperation. Winona slightly hid behind EMily. "Winona! Ask for a syringe from Sara! NOW!"

The sad Winona went into the ethereal plane to contact her sister Sara.

I essentially ignore everything else as I begin to apply the medical wrap to AEanna. She won't last much longer without it...

Tophat shook his head in sadness.
"She says... I cannot feed after what I have seen today. I cannot endure knowing that this is the price of my existance. Please... this is the best way."

"I signed up as a simple guard, I didn't know that place was filled with.. whatever those things were.
Nor did I expect to be attacked by folk that seemed to come right outa a commic book."
The militiaman said to Dromaeus.

Four thought to herself, Man, I am so good at hiding. I should win an award for how awesome I am at it. Hmmm? Gunfire seems to have died down. I should check if it's safe. Four looked out of cover and saw the giant ork meks. She quickly hid again.

I stop. "What is she talking about? What price?" i demand.

Dromaeus glanced over at where the others were gathered around AEanna.
"If it is mercy you want, you will find none in me. That was my apprentice that you shot!"

mia slightly relaxed her guard, she didnt want to hurt people who had been tricked by someone

Laguna looked at Tanner. "She was forced to feed on some civies. Those people over there..." He pointed at the bodies of the vampires. "But still, dont do this! Please! We can do something to... to..." Laguna didn't have any words left.

Winona arrived back with two syringes. "Winona, get some blood from the blood spilled by the militiaman." She whispered. EMily took the other syringe and drew some trace amount of blood that had dripped onto AEanna's body. Winona quickly zipped over at the speed of light and got a good trace of blood that had dropped onto the skin of the Militia.

"And she turned me into a bloodsucker. An eye for a eye..."

"IF YER GONNA IGNORE ME DIN IZ GONNA KILL YOU ALL" Mr nailbrain yelled through the megaphone trying to grab everyones attention.

he then teleported to ground level and was about to activate the mega rumbla when he yelled "Lookin at yer friend were she wont survive a earthquake. how about we test dat out?"

"AEanna...I can help you through this. This is not the way to solve whatever problems you have. I CAN help you, and I will. Just don't give up like this." I say quickly.

OoC @Jortluz: No offence, man. But I think this really isn't the best time to start a fight.

@random im just saying if aeanna trys to kill herself mia will probably intervene cos she most likely has faster reactions that most
mia grabed the gguns and threw them to the group, she kicked the man away and rushed to aeanna

OOC: Right so, I understand that quite a few people are sad to see her die, that some say they don't want her gone... but is this merely the sadness you feel every time a likeable character in a book or movie dies, or do people absolutely not want her gone? I personally think her death would work well, but logical ways to keep her alive, to heal her wounds, and so many people apparently liking her this much, am I better off just letting her live? Be honest.

Dromaeus snarled.
"Bah! My apprentice needs me, and I tire of you. To Oblivion with you!" He raised the war axe high and brougt it down, burying it in the man's neck. A swift second chop, and he was done.

@Jortluz: Everyone's kinda trying to have a moment here. But maybe this'll keep you busy.

Shots started ringing out as bullets started hittin' the ork meks. Ura Halberd Warriors suddenly appeared above the cockpits of the ork meks and were smashing against it with their weapons to try'an break in and kill the pilots.

@Random: I think you should just do what you think works best.

OOC: i just want it to move on (its a little depressing and people have done enough of that)
btw a mek is an ork engineer but i can change it to killa kans (which are mech's) just to save the confusion.

"we's not gonna fall for dis one again" Mr Nailbrain yelled as he teleported the Killa kans around him "Lets see ya get through a wall of orkish ingenuity"

OOC: @Random, I'm perfectly fine either way. @Jort, I honestly don't think anything was as painfully depressing as Rosh's new personalities of Laura and Char.

@random if you want to reduce your charactrs to one, drom could sacrifice himself for his beloved aprentice? or they could live hapily cos to be honest i think Aeannas death would make most of the group realy depresed and feel like 'whats the point'.

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