We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Regulus teleported back to the coliseum and started juggling the Soul Gems.

OoC @Gear: No worries.

OOC: @Drak Yes Man is kind of new to be the first person she'd go to. Is Four present?

"Maybe you're just changing as a person?" I offer to Lambda, wanting to see how she will react.

@Random: Sure, let's just say she's close by too.

"Okay look. Four is your mother right? I know that from her thoughts!"

AEanna took a quick look around, and found Four with Connel. She walked swiftly over and placed a hand on her shoulder to get her attention.

"Do you know where the others are? We may have a serious problem."

"Changing? ...possible. Suspect corrupted data may be the cause."

"Do you view changing as being a bad thing?" I ask.

Grubbs coughs and hair begins to grow on his hands and he feels a roar of the Kah-Gash rising up. "Just take Bill-E!" Grubbs said handing Bill-E to Rose then running outside.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Rose shouts as she held Bill-E in her arms.

Four nervously looked at Conall, then turned her attention to AEanna. "I think most of them are back at the ship. What's the problem?"

"Not enough data to make a clear conclusion. Unsure how to react."

"Regulus. Do you remember the Soul gem that he stole from Jio? He says he has altered it, and although he would not say what he had done, it involves the Warp. I fear that it may have become a matter of far greater importance that we stop him, and soon."

OC: Shit, that's my ride. I'll be back later.

Grubbs reaches the door and feels the werewolf coming to him. "Blood" The voice of the Kah-Gash said. Grubbs roars and his eyes turn yellow and he hunches over a photo of his dead family. "blood" Grubbs says.

conel picked up his book and began reading next to four after trying to find matt

"The availability of data shouldn't always dictate your decisions and feelings. Sometimes its good to just go with your instincts." I say to Lambda.

Lambda had never tried just listneing to her gut before, save in battle. She was silent for a second. "I'm afraid, but... hopeful."

OOC: Also as a side note, I made an error in how radiation sickness works. While unstable isotopes (that create beta radiation) can be a part of the sickness, they aren't caused by alpha or beta radiation and can only be caused by neutron beams. So for my own record, I guess I can say (with the benefit of the doubt) that Reggie's arm and Jio were near a neutron source or carried some minute radioactive dust on their skin.

As for anything cancerous, let's just say Winona took care of those as well by bombarding the tumors with neutrons, careful not to hit anything else.

"What book you got there, Conall?" She said, still reading next to him.

"Oh my! That is serious! I should warn the others then!" Four ran over to the ship.

conel found some looked around for matireiels in the ship

"Hopeful of what?" I ask Lambda. "And what are you doing?" I ask Conel.

OOC: Have to do something. Be back real soon.

Grubbs saw Four moving towards the ship and snarled. He started to grow fangs. He lunged for Four and his human side made him miss. "Stay......away!"

conel saw tanner "Looking for stuff.." he handed tanner a list and asked if he had any of it

"Unsure. Just optimistic."

OoC: @Slenn I though it was radiation got inside the body and started causing damage in a cellular level, with how much damage it does and how it gets inside differing between the type of radiation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it beta that's the hardest to get in, but also the most damaging, with alpha on the other end and gamma in the middle?

Four drew her sword and entered a defensive stance. "Oh god dammit! I don't have the time or patience for this!" She shouted out.


Bill-E begins to squel and cry.

"You and me both Momma. You and me both." Rose groaned as she retreated further into the ship.

OOC: External radiation from gamma rays is often to be the leading cause of radiation sickness. Internal radiation from breathing in irradiated gas or ingesting something will lead to being internally exposed to alpha and beta radiation, (because alpha cannot penetrate the skin and can only be harmful if it's inside.) Alpha cannot penetrate paper, and beta cannot penetrate aluminum but it can penetrate the skin. Symptoms of radiation sickness, should the subject remain exposed to an irradiated source, include vomiting, skin burns, diarrhea, nausea, and can eventually lead to death.

Bill-E laughs and gurgles at Rose.

Grubbs keeps coughing blood.

OoC: Surely gamma would be the way to go in combat. Moderate amount of damage, can penatrate the most. Alpha would be good in close combat. Wound the opponent, then bombard the wound with alpha.

Thor punches Grubbs away, and turns to Four. "Did that beast harm you?" he asks.

"No, I'm fine. Thanks to you I suppose. Who are you?" Four said to Thor.

"I am Thor Odinson." Thor says.

OOC: That's actually a pretty good assessment as a weapon. I've used gamma before with EMily. I haven't tried alpha on a person yet, because I knew it wouldn't go through. I'll try something like that sometime if something is wounded. (Winona would have to force a neutron to decay into a proton in a nucleus to make an unstable isotope to release alpha radiation.)

Jio's exposure to the irradiated dust on his skin would have gotten worse if Winona didn't stabilize the dust's isotopes, just for my own clarification.

conel saw matt and walked over to him "Hey matt"

Grubbs laughs. " Grubbs was weak. Or as i call him Grubstich!" Grubbs says turning around and knocking Thor away. "Hi Four. Rose is in trouble."

Bill-E turns into fire and burns into Rose's hands.

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