We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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The crowd started to panic a little as Varge seemed to going crazy and threaten to hurt someone.
A Police officer walked up to him and said "Sir, Please lie on the ground and put your hands behind your head..." as he hand hovered over his gun.


Sherlock pushes through the crowd and notices a door, slightly ajar, that should be shut. He opens it and follows the alley. He emerges on the street, and looks around.
Crashed taxi... ambulances... no. He sees the body being dragged out. Not Wesker.
He runs down the street.

*bursts out of the ATM and slams straight into the police officer carrying him across the street and smashing him through the building across the street*"EEEEEEEEEEH!"

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Renlen hooked the strap of the reassembled DBR over his shoulder and picked up and reshouldered his backpack. As he stood up, he saw a strange fellow removing his arm from the sparking broken front of an ATM. "Looks like looters may be present in this town... Looters who take great risks." he thought. He cautiously approached the figure, slipping a hand inside his jacket before saying "Excuse me but you do realise you just punched an ATM right?" in a faux-confused sounding voice.

"Whats all that racket?" Asks the boy.
"I'm not sure" His dad answers, looking out of the window.

Out of reaction his Varger's arm snaps up with the Shard Pistol and fires, the Null rounds obliterating the mans skull. It had happened so fast that Varger couldn't even recognise what he had done. He felt...good. "M.E.A.D system active, comabt stims injected. He notices the text reading KP has changed to say 30. Confused he moves away from the dead body and the panic it had created. He barges past Renlen "Get the fuck outta my way!"

Charlotte and Laura land in the crowd, most of the people given them space. Many of them run off, due to Giant Mechs landing.

"This is not helping..."

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The 'Looter' barges past Renlen. "Charming." he mutters before saying "I don't know how the law works in this universe but from where I come front shooting a guy sporting a badge after smashing an ATM seems like a felony." The mechs then landed. "Well damn."

Wesker was now at a bus stop as he checked his watch.
"0:30 seconds remaining..."
He turns and looks back at the way he came and awaits the blast.

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@Nile Ven killed the police officer, not Renlen.

Sherlock sees Wesker and draws John's handgun and ID. "Detective Inspector Lestrade! Get on the ground!" he orders.

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Captcha: cordon bleu What does cheesy chicken have to do with the situation right now?

As Knife comes to, he's in an ambulance being driven towards the hospital. He groans, and one of doctors speaks up. "Don't try to move, you've just been in a serious accident."
"You...don't....say...." Knife coughs out.

A Blast from the Coffee shop sends the T Virus into the crowd much like back at the station.
In the Time Sherlock Turns back at the blast, Wesker boarded the first bus that arrived.

"NO!" Sherlock yells, and runs after the bus. "STOP!"
He thinks back to the map he looked at at the airport, then at the destination. He rushes down an alleyway, taking a route taking him to the bus' next destination in the same amount of time.

Charlotte and Laura leap into action, withdrawing their beam sabers.

"Here we go again..." Both start hacking at the zombies with ease.

The zombies become highlighted on Varger's scanner and he opens fire. His eye-piece assisted shots always found their mark and took a zombie down everytime his shot. With every kill he felt better and better until he realised he was grinning sadisticaly as he casually walked towards the horde firing as he did so. His KP kept rising.

Wesker Soon sees Sherlock waiting for him at the next stop so he gets off the bus and walks quickly into a busy shopping centre.

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The sudden explosion distracts Renlen from the mechs. "Not this lot again. I mean Ireland was bad enough but now wherever I am has them? Bloody undead." After succeeding in performing a X3 facepalm combo at the current situation, Renlen grips the DBR and raises it to his eye before stating "Boom, headshot." whilst sending a mach 10 bullet through the heads of 10 different undead.

As the doctor fits an oxygen mask over Knifes face, a small blast rocks the ambulance, which skids to a stop. "What in the blazes..." The doctor mutters, before turning to the other medical worker in the back of the ambulance. "Greg, keep an eye on the patient, I'm going to see whats stopped us." The doctor then exits the ambulance, closing the door behind him.

Varger closes with a zombie and as it leaps for him his arm spits at the side and a curved blade folds out, humming as it sliced through the zombie. Firing with one weapon and slicing with another he slices his way through the horde, his bloodlust completely overtaking him and his eyes resonated a blue hue.

Sherlock looks around, and the bus arrives. Wesker isn't on it. "Damn!" he yells, then runs to the previous stop.
"Where could he go? Shopping centre. Crowded, security unlikely to take issue with him, good cover, multiple locations to hide in. Perfect!" he mutters, then runs for the shopping centre.

There were no more zombies around Varger, he fell to his knees. His pistol, eye-piece and blade all retracted and he was sick once more before falling forward and blacking out. Error...initiate reboot.

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Wesker Walks into a Sports-Ware store and grabs the first thing he see and buys it before putting it on.
Dammit! That was my favourite suit... He thought as he put on a Running Top and Tracksuits and left the store, dumping his nice suit into a bin on his way out.

Renlen was periodically releasing bullets from the DBR, taking out large quantities of them with each shot. It was then that his reticle settled on one of the mechs from earlier in the thick of the swarm. He paused for a moment unsure about what he should do. Taking precautions, he aimed at one of the undead approaching the mech from the left and let loose a bullet and waited to see the user's reaction.

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Sherlock looks around. Too many people. How to get people out of the way? he thinks, then looks at the gun.
He raises it, and fires a shot. The people run into the shops and hide.

I was eating pudding. I looked in front of me. There were some strange people there. What's in this pudding?

Wesker plays the part of the Innocent bystander and runs with the crowd before slipping away towards the bathrooms.

As the gunfire starts, Knife starts trying to get gregs attention with the widest range of 'Mmff's available. Lucky, he is noticed, and the mask quickly removed.
"Ok good, now help me out with these straps." Knife says.
Greg does so, and the Mall Fighter is freed. As soon as he is, however, Greg opens the ambulance doors, and is imidiatly pounced on by a zombie. As the mans screams draw more of the hoard, Knife jumps from the ambulance, kicking the zombie in the face and ruining his good shoes in the process.

Where would he go? Sherlock thought, looking around in each shop. "I'm looking for a blond man wearing sunglasses and a blazer." he says, aiming the gun and waving the badge around.

Charlotte noticed the man who fired at a zombie. Nodding at him, Charlotte and Laura lift off into the air and bombard the rest of the zombies with lasers and heavy-railgun fire

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Unsure whether he wants to actually see the mech users reaction, Renlen starts to run for the coffee shop when he trips over the unconcious Looter from before. Standing up again, he shakes his head at the strange man before heaving him up onto his shoulder and carrying him towards the coffee shop. After dumping the man in one of the comfy booths, Renlen retrieves his thermos and heads into the shops kitchen to see if it has anything to make any tea with.

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*rushes past the ambulance Knife occupied hollering and drawing the attention of the zombie horde, before immediately plowing into the horde sending zombies flying through the air as he plows through only increasing in speed* "WOOOHOO HAHAHAHA!! YEAHHHH!!!" *zombies start to follow the crazed juggernaught ignoring everyone else in the immediate area*

The man points outside and Sherlock sees a Blond man in sports gear heading towards the bathrooms.

Satisfied that the zombies were all killed, Charlotte and Laura fly into the Shopping Mall, with their IS armors on. People stare back at them, and start running away.

"Official business... Civilians MOVE!"

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