We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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The servitor shook violently yet again. this time one of the servitors arms scraped against the wall creating sparks. luckily these didn't make contact with the oil.

"I can help with that if you want." Jio says pointing at his left hand.

"Yes-Man, can you help me dump the servitor away from the ship? Please?"
"By all means Jio." She smiled.

OOC: Jio gets the power of OIL!!!

>PS:capchalog OIL i know hes not from HS

"...Why would the turrets fire at puddles of oil?" I ask EMily.

Silver Shadow:
>PS:capchalog OIL

Dafaqu does that mean? You were just collecting oil into your bucket.

"No problem." Jio walks over to the oil and starts using his left hand to absorb the oil.

OoC: @Slenn lol. Not quite. He's simply absorbing the oil into his hand. He can only absorb the effects of O-Parts with the Mark of the Beast. And even then the effect seems to be limited to a quick use or he has to be holding it while using it. Now, if he were using Devil Summoner, that would be a different story.

@Outis, NP. That turret will easily cut through flesh. It will have to hold its beam on to cut through armored targets if it's sweeping across. (like plate armor, not heavy armor). Plate armor it should do fine against, but not in bursts.

OOC: The turrets would normally fire in short (as in nanosecond short) bursts until the target is gone.

"Ever heard of hot shrapnel? That rock you blew up was surely to be hot from that blast."

OOC: @Outis. Why the nanosecond bursts? Why not just have it a steady stream? You're not running a carefully timed lab experiment. XD. The bursts would just make the time average power of the laser less. 8000 Watts in a nanosecond burst will do little to nothing. You need to have it in a steady stream for it to do damage.

If you want to make it a definitively powerful laser, you can always up the wattage by a factor of 10 to 80,000 Watts. :)

>PS:pester Winonoa

"Yes indeed! They are much nicer than the ones we've got back at the Lucky 38! You think I could borrow a copy of the schematics?" Yes-Man asked Tanner. he turned to EMily and said, "No problem! I'll need some help though, we'd need to completely lift him off the ground so it doesn't cause any sparks on the way out!"

"Terminus Turrets don't leave shrapnel, I assure you." I say to EMily, trying not to sound too smug about it.

Silver Shadow:
>PS:pester Winonoa

You start pointing Winona.

OOC: @Outis, made a note for you on my last post.

"Sure no problem, Yes-Man!" EMily motioned for Winona to help her and Yes-Man to get the servitor out of the ship.

"Who keeps poking me?"

Having absorbed the oil, Jio stands, a slight sliver of red visibly contrasting with the blue in right eye. "I'm pretty strong. What do you need moved?"

>PS: ==>

The servitor started to stand before anyone could lift him. while this was happening the voice said again "Critical damage to ligaments temporarily fixed. Unit returning to base to administer proper repairs."

Silver Shadow:
>PS: ==>

You continue poking Winona.


That's mainly taken from the source materiel. I'd assume it had something to do with the threat of overheating the turret. But if you insist...80,000watts it is.

"Well, that can't be good. Should I destroy it?"

OoC: Just what is this thing?

OOC: @Outis It's from the future, I assume, from the benefit of the doubt, that it can handle a steady stream. Power is energy per time. 1 Watt= 1 Joule/second. 8000 watts in 0.000001 seconds deals 0.008 Joules of energy. If you want to, you can make it a steady stream at either 8000 or 80000 watts. Either one would do much better than the burst.

I didn't want to put pressure on you, I'm just stating something crucial about lasers. No hard feelings.

OOC: @Saltyk simply put a human-robot hybrid (Mostly robot) which has no form of emotion and adheres to strict imperial guidelines OR its commanding officer's direct order.

a link if you want more info


Technically it's from the past...but yeah fine. 80,000watts of continuous fire it is.

It's fine by the way. You should have been here when I was lecturing @Gear about Sigmund Freud's Id, Ego, Super-Ego idea.

OOC: I can be little over-apologetic at times, so that's why. :) @Outis: You would probably have a FAR better chance than I would about discussing psychology. XD

>PS: Fall asleep
You fall asleep next to Winona.

OoC: Off to bed! Night!

OOC: Well we all need to have our areas of expertise, don't we, @Slenn?

OOC: @Outis, Indeed we do. It's part of what makes the dynamic structure of the human species (and this thread): So far we have a Chemistry student, a Psychology student (I'm guessing that is what you're studying/majoring?), and a Physics student. I have no idea about the rest of the people here.

OOC: @Wacky .......those two go up and down on each other more than a pair of rabbits. anyway goodnight

The servitor started limping off of the ship,spilling oil everywhere as it limped,it's arms only partially moving.

....(whatching final cutscene in mass effect 3)........ ...... .. WHAT?! nahhh just kidding. i knew what was gonna happen

"Uh, should we let that thing get away?" Yes-Man asked as it watched the servitor slowly limp away.

Four got bored with Thor and started looking around for Tanner.

@slenn im just some guy.. RULER OF THE PLANET EARTH!.. I mean in my 9th(uk)/10th(us) year of school


OOC: ...I'm a junior in high school actually...lol...and I think I've mentioned that before...but anyway...

"If it keeps heading that way the lasers will take care of it." I say as I watch the strange thing hobble closer to the edge of the 'safe zone' that now encompasses the ship.

OOC: @Outis, No worries. I probably wasn't around for you mentioning that fact. XD

EMily and Winona followed the servitor to see where it was planning to go.

OOC: i wouldn't let the servitor get away it has a direct connection to the ork kruzers systems and its (disabled) AI

The servitor continued limping away from the ship.

"Yes-Man, let's toss it in front of the turrets so that it can safely get destroyed." She picked up part of the servitor.

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