We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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OOC:@Saltyk cool now i can murder your friends without interruptions. thanks buddy :)

"KILL DEM WIT DAKKA" Spookums yelled as the ork kommando's revealed their hiding positions and opened fire with their various array of shotguns, big shootas and shootas in general.

Laguna ran out of cover, stumbling from the blast. He couldn't touch a ship like that. He drew the machine gun, looing for targets, and fired on the orks that had just popped out of cover, running and rolling to dodge their fire.

AEanna dropped to the ground, beneath the barrage of gunfire. She fired a couple of ice shards from her prone position, but could not risk moving around too much or she would become visible.

OoC: @Jort interruption? What is that suppose to mean?

Geralt's shield protected him briefly when under fire. Enough time to close on the brutes and throw a Sapum bomb to stun them long enough for him to close and begin swinging at the larg creatures. "Shit you stink." Geralt says, quickly realising he'll have to dodge alot in this fight and wear the brutes down.

OOC: Right I have to head off, Geralt will have these commandoes then either be knocked out or the fighting will end.

The Deuce sped up and drove around the Orks, firing its twin chainguns on the front and dropping land mines from the sides.

OoC @Gear: Personally, I was thinking of...

OOC: @Saltyk well last time i attacked you managed to fight off Kaptin Bluddflagg and cause him to lose his trophy but now that won't be a problem.

As the kruzer established a low orbit Kaptin Bluddflagg and his squad of elite Mega-Nobs teleported to the surface. All of the bay doors opened and ork deffcoptas and warkoptas emerged from the bays guns blazing.

The Kommandos took cover against deuce's chain gun fire and returned the favor. several of them engaged in CQC with Geralt and some were killed from AEanna's ice shards

OoC: @Random I feel for you man. When I was playing Hazama, half of every fight was just skipping out of the way of projectiles.
@Nailik Now I feel like an idiot for missing the painfully obvoius.

Laguna stared the car rushing around the battlefield. "Hey! Mind giving me a lift?"

OoC: Well, there were plenty of reasons you should have failed from a story perspective...

Tophat arrived at Castel Sant'Angelo and opened fire at the orc kruzer with the artillery piece.

Eddie noticed the koptas arive. "Change of plan.".
He made another U-turn and drove straight for Bluddflagg and the Mega-Nobs, firing the chainguns at them. He then activated the nitro boost and jumped out of the Deuce before it smashed into them and exploded.
Eddie grabbed his guitar and and played another solo. "Call of the Wiiiiilddd!" With that, Eddie summoned a Hextadon (Its like a mammoth, but more badass.) to the field.
He then played anoher solo, "Bring it on Home!"
A giant burning zeppelin flew right into the Koptas and exploded.
"Err... a little late, dude." He said to Laguna.

OOC: @Saltyk Well ........kinda.

"Dis guy is mine" Kaptin Bluddflagg said as he charged Eddie. meanwhile the Mega-Nobs engaged in combat with the Hextadon, the ork kruzer took the artillery fire "TAKE DAT KANNON OUT" Mr Nailbrain yelled at the gunnery crew

AEanna began to commando-crawl across the battlefield, trying to get closer to the Orks so that she could use her ice shards more effectively and bring Mehrune's Razor into play. Every time an Ork passed too close, she fired an ice shard at its head.

Tophat kept firing as fast as it could.
"Die you grammar lacking morons!"

Laguna saw the man hop out of his car. "So much for that." He looked up at the giant flaming lead zeppelin, and gawked for a moment before running inside an alley, firing at the orks as he went.

The kruzers gun batteries turned and fired upon tophat, trying to destroy the artillery piece. several kommandos were slain by the ice shards from AEanna but Spookums saw this and looked for signs of AEanna.

Eddie played a few notes on his guitar, with every note he hit, Bluddflag was hit with a lightning bolt. When the ork was too close, Eddie placed his guitar on his back and redied for melee combat. "Holy shit, you're ugly!"
Meanwhile the Hextadon pranced up and brought down its front legs on the Mega-Nob infront of it while the ensuing earthquake knocked the others back.

OOC: @Jort On the plus side, this time infra-red goggles won't work. AEanna has no body heat, so she'll either not show up in the goggles at all, or will show up as a corpse and confuse the hell out of the Ork.

AEanna began to move towards the Meganobs. Rolling carefully onto her back, she sheathed her katana before drawing Mehrune's Razor, and began to crawl faster. She hoped the weird looking mammoth didn't crush her by mistake.

Tophat rolled aside as the artillery piece exploded.
I just realised I'm sitting on enough explosives to destroy this damn city!
It ran back towards the battleground.

Kaptin Bluddflagg was stunned by the lighting bolts but it,seemingly, did no damage."BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YOU TINK DAT POINY EARED MAGIC WILL WORK ON ME!!!!" Kaptin Bluddflagg yelled as he swung his powerklaw at Eddie, he was swinging for the neck.
Spookums watched the fight between the Mega-Nobs and the Hextadon. He threw his grappling hook at the beast.

@Nailik (Powerklaw = oversized jaws of life which replace his right hand)

Tophat ran towards Kaptin Bluddflagg, shooting and cutting down orcs who came in its way.

Laguna ran out of the alley now that the fire seemed to die down. He threw a barrier grenade, ducking behind the resulting sphere, and drew the sniper, shooting at the orks.

OOC: I wonder if @Silver fell asleep?

How did you know?

AEanna got her feet under her and stayed in a crouch, ready to spring. When the attention of the Orks was distracted, she pushed off, her fitness and agility allowing her to pick up speed quickly. Reaching the back of one of the Meganobs, she ran up his back before clinging onto a piece of his oversized armour and began climbing. The Ork was flailing violently as it fought the hextadon, but didn't seem to notice her on its back, and after a difficult climb she got up on its shoulders. Ripping its helmet off, she finally caught its attention, but before it could react she plunged Mehrune's Razor through its skull and jumped off, rolling when she hit the ground and staying in a crouching position.

"PISS OFF YER SNOOTY GIT, IZ BE KILLING DIS POINTY EARED LOVING BASTARD DEN IZ WILL TAKE YER HAT!!!" Kaptin Bluddflagg yelled at tophat while he was attacking Eddie.
Orks Lootas teleported from the ship to the surface, They opened fire in all directions with their rokkit launchers.
Three of the ork MegaNobs noticed AEanna kill the other ork. This caused them to swing wildly in the general direction they saw AEanna kill him.

Eddie rolled back, avoiding the Klaww.
"Never underestimate the power of rock!" He grabbed his guitar again and played a power-chord as he jumped up. When he landed, a shockwave was released knocking Bludflagg back, albeit slightly. Eddie took this window of oppertunity to hack at the ugly dude's leg with hiw axe.

The grapling hook flung around the Hextadon's tusk, as a responce it walked backwards in an attempt to pull the ork over.

OoC: What did I miss?

Tophat stopped, giving Kaptin Bluddflagg a quizzical look.
"What did you just say?"

AEanna saw the three Orks flailing wildly at the general direction of the dead Meganob and chuckled quietly, before skirting around behind them. Waiting for an opening, she used the same tactic again, running up onto the back of another Meganob and climbing to his shoulders. Spotting that one of the Nobs had no helmet, she fired an ice shard at his face, before ripping the helmet from the one she was on top of and stabbing Mehrune's Razor into his brain.

"YA CANT EVEN GET THROUGH MY MEGA ARMOR. WHATS DA POINT IN YOU EVEN FIGHTING!!!" Kaptin Bluddflagg yelled as the axe dinted his Mega-armour. He swung again in a backhanded motion.
Spookums activated the relling system he had connected to the grappling hook line at the same moment the Hextadon pulled on it, causing Spookums to be flung high into the air, but the ork managed to land on the creatures back.
The third ork meganob noticed his comrade be stabbed in the skull so he actuated the suuupa charge of his armor so when he swung he had enough speed to catch AEanna's leg as she jumped off of the dead ork.

Doctr Com appeared beside AEanna, "Hey, what did I miss? Who's trying to kill us?"

>PS: Sleuth Diplomacy, LV 14
You know, these fellows are being rather rude. You better negociate with them.


Laguna ran out of cover, and saw Bluddflagg fighting with the new guy. He ran towards them, firing the machine gun at random orks as he went.


"SURRRRPRIZE" A voice yelled as Brikfist landed directly in front of Laguna "Yous are still property of da kaptin mate!" he said as he swung his power hammer in a large arc towards Laguna.

PS's attacks seemed to bounce harmlessly off of the orks Mega-armor, simple weapons such as this are useless against armor this thick.

AEanna screamed as the Ork snatched her leg and held her upside down. She dropped Mehrune's Razor and drew her katana with a flourish, then slashed wildly, trying to hit the Ork's wrist. At the same time, she unleashed a jet of flame at him from her left hand.

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