We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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OOC: @Slenn Oh God, some of the jokes they were telling last night... If I beleived in a Hell, I'd be terrified.

"Oh Divines, I do not need to hear this." AEanna sighed, getting to her feet and moving away from Grubbs.

mia huged tanner, she felt sad for him"we have winona and emily, im sure if you wanted, they could teach you"

"I disagree. You should always be polite when meeting a new friend. As for music... I don't know. I never really listened to any before. I've always been busy traveling, training, and fighting."

Jin walks up to Eddie and Jio. "Hello. I'm Jin."

Roland laughed, "You want it to yourself, don't you?" He said.

The gerbil, still on Four's head, started crying.

OoC: Can we stop talking about porn and the like? Its getting annoying.

Curly came up to Grubbs and smiled. She then looked at AEanna and growled at her cubs. GRubbs stands up and turns werewolf. He roars quietly. Curly purrs and curls up next to Grubbs feet. Grubs sits back down again and turns human. "Gimme my children or Curly might eat you!"

@wacky exactly
i smile at winona "your getting it quickly" i kiss her on the cheek without thinking

AEanna turned.
"I want nothing to do with your cubs!" She snapped at Grubbs, before looking around for the little beasts. "Where did they go anyway?"

removed. Crap I forgot that Tanner was still in bed.

OOC: @Random. See?! That's why I hate that show!

Winona blushed a little as Conall kissed her. She kissed him on the cheek in response and chuckled.

Four let Tanner cry on her shoulder for a bit. "Sounds like you've had it rough. It's okay, just let it out." She whispered to him.

"Well can you blame me? It's just so good!" Rose said.

"The hell is going on?"
Tophat says, staring disbelievingly at AEanna and Grubbs.

Grubbs stands up and looks around "SHIZER!" He shouts and see's one of the Cubs paw prints on the bridge to the ship. "Shit!" Grubbs said running into the ship.

One of the cubs managed to clap 10 times and a blinding light appeared. It appeared at the feet of Tanner. "Dadda!"

i huged winona and put the guitars on the floor and lay her down on the bed with me "Should we...? you know..." i ask nervously

Eddie waved at Jin, but was silent as he heard Jio's comment.
"You... never listened... to music before?
Oh, you poor thing. It's time we change that then!"

Eddie drew his guitar once again and started playing

"That's rock! How do you like the flavours?"

Roland laughed, "Yeah, but still." He hands her half of the Leek Rings, and picks up the other half.
"That half is yours. Come along!"

He and Rose vanish.

ignoring jag, tanner isnt on the ship!

OOC:Magician+Wolf=Magical Wolf changing baby!

OOC: Let's just assume Tanner is sitting on the edge of a cot for this...naked...anyway

I nod grimly at what Four said. I try to pull myself together. "EMily's just a physicist...no offense intended, so I doubt she could help me..." I say miserably.

OOC: @Slenn Eh? No, I meant at my mate's 21st. Dead baby jokes, and worse.

AEanna looked at Tophat.
"I would be more comfortable not knowing, Tophat. This Grubbs character is vulgar, to say the least."

One of the Cubs claps 10 times and ends up near Conel and someone else. "Dadda....Mamma!" It says clapping.

The other cub strolls through a corridor when he saws a broken down door. The cub goes in and see white stains on the bed. "MILK!" It screams and licks the white liquid.

Bill-E is sleeping in Curlys arms.

Winona was not at all ready for this part.
"U-u--u---u-uuuh.. I don't know if I'm ready to go that far just yet." She rolled away and sat down on the bed.

Doctor Com walks up to Eddie, "Oh please! I can sing better. Never liked heavy rock that much. Would you like me to sing?"

Ferdinand teleports the baby out of the room, and into Grubbs arm before Winona notices them.

"Hmmm. I like it. But maybe that the demon in me." Jio laughs.

"Eh... I guess it's okay. Never really listened to music myself. For similar, but different reasons."

I roll away as well, i wasnt sure i was reay either, i felt realy stupid "Y-yeah your right, i.. i dont knoe why i did that..."

Grubbs holds the baby on his hand. "Okay where is Meera? Come on Shark. Where's Meera?"

OOC:Ha named the cubs after dead people.

"You may not have graduated or whatever, but you're damn good at it. None of us even suspected you weren't a full psychologist." Four said to Tanner.

"Yay!" Rose cheered as she started eating her half of the Leek rings.

Eddie flung the guitar on his back.
"Hehe. Atta boy.
So you're the 'full demon' I've heard about I take it?
I'm a half-demon myself."

Doctor Com shrugs, "I'll sing, for no other reason then just for the hell of it."
He then sung Vida la Vida accapella, including all the parts. Just imagine he sung this.

"I don't know too many songs, as you can tell."

i just though of a fun game, its called 'lets kill all the stupid wolfs'!, Who wants to play?

@Shadow: One more stupid thing, and I'm inclined to agree.

Roland smiles, and walks up to the group, with a fairly large pile of Leek Rings.
"Who wants Leek rings?"

OoC: I have herobrine. And Imagination.

@all ok, triblys word is law after all

OOC: @Outis, Crap I forgot that Tanner was still in bed in another dimension. Let's just say EMily never heard the conversation and that what Tanner said was a thought that crossed his mind. Or should I type it back in there again?

OOC:@Trilby and Silver look flying gay pigs!

"You've heard about me? That makes me kinda nervous..." Jio smiled. "Yeah, I'm Demon 1i of the Reverse Kabblah. Or, at least, he's inside me. Wait. You're half demon?"

@slenn its fine, lets just say mia let emily be able to return at emilys wish since she trusted her

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