We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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@Slenn: That one is cool, but I prefer making water drips (look like they) go up with a light.
It's better for making people think you're a wizard...

The creature was partially knocked off Laguna, but it mass lashed out against grubbs, knocking him out before letting go of Laguna and lashing on to AEanna's arm.
The tentacles began creeping up her.

Geralt saw the his chance as the goop centered itself and was only just spreading out. His cast and Aard sign at it, hoping the force would knock it through the hull of the ship and outside, where his traps were set.

@Ven: We're already outside of the ship. Which reminds me, couldn't we just have Tanner's ship lasers kill the thing now?

AEanna squirmed in horror and disgust as she tried to free herself. Fortunately it had her right arm, she didn't want to think of what might happen if it had gotten into the gash on her left forearm. She blasted it with a full jet of flames, desperately trying to get rid of it.

OOC: @Jag Bed already? Seriously? I thought you and Ven were British, its only 7 here.

OoC @Drak: I figured that since its attached to members of the group, the turrets wouldn't open fire.

OoC: Back, just reading up.

OOC: Confusing!!

Geralt quickly broke off from the fighting to find the trap, he remembered where he had placed it and looks at the device before turning around. He gestures "Get it over here." He says.

OOC: Jag is like 12 and has school tommorow...and the internet is going off soon.

Laguna tore the last tenacles off himself, then looked at the blob on AEanna. He stood a little way back, waiting for a chance to try and pry the blob off.

OOC: @Trilby. That's a nice trick as well. Works off of the principle of total internal reflection in optics.

EMily sent out a 500,000 Watt laser in her Photon Form at the tentacles approaching AEanna and then at the creature. Winona sent out Z0 blasts from her hammers to knock away the tentacles and give them a good beating.

OOC: I'll BRB, biking to a workplace. If anything EMily and Winona will be gathering energy from around a corner.

@Nail: That's fair I suppose.

Four heard Geralt and saw his trap. She ran over to AEanna and began pulling at the monster, the bits that EMily wasn't incinerating anyway, trying to tear it off of her and toss it into the trap.

The jet of flame fired by AEanna incinnerated the last bit of the goo. The sound of clapping echoed through the minds of the group.
Well done. That was most entertaining.
And a good way to buy time too. In the time thou were fighting that thing, I managed to bring down yet another city!
Tee-hee! As I said, I am always two steps ahead.

Laguna made sure there were no more bits of the blob lying around, the sighed in relief. "Everyone ok?" He ignored Regulus.

OOC: @Ven Even so, 7 is pretty damned early. Anyway...

AEanna shuddered violently and brushed off the ashes of the creature, before glancing around at the others as she held her hand over her wounded forearm and began a restoration spell.
"I will be fine. Does anyone else need aid?"

"I'm fine. The Komodo can't walk though. I'm gonna need someone to help me fix it." Four said.

"Hmph." Geralt says, sheathing his sword. "Tell me where this Regulus dwells and I'll give you his head but I need to prepare first." He walks away from his trap closer to everyone. "Regulus is a dark spirit, like many I have fought and vanquished. I need everything on him. Every scrap of information you have collected so far." Geralt planned to go alone, he worked better that way. "I'm a Witcher so I'm the only one here who is qualified to fight that spirit where he lives, give me a few hours to get ready then i'll go get him." He sits down to listen to everyone should they respond. "I expect to be paid as well."

Laguna looked at Geralt. "He's at the Collosieum, and we'll go get him soon."

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EMily and Winona's face grew even more serious at the taunt from Regulus. They cooled down their energy to their ground state.

"Regulus often resides within the Coliseum. A giant round structure with a pit inside that was once used as a gladiatorial arena hundreds of years ago. It has been transformed a little from Regulus' power."

AEanna finished healing her arm and glared at Geralt.
"Even after seeing what he intends to do, what he is capable of doing, you still demand payment to stand against him? And payment from who, exactly? We are all fighting to stop him, and none of us are expecting payment!"

OOC: I'm going to the pub as well so it'll be off when I get back. Geralt is gonna be doing the lonesome hero thing. I'll probably get him finished one way or another on wednesday because I have school and work tommorow, if its cool with you guys and Nail.

"I don't work for free. I have to pay for new equipment, new weapons, new ingredients, books, information, bribes." He stands up, looking in the direction of the arena. "It'll be safer for you if you wait until I get back...and if I don't its because I'm dead." He begins walking towards the arena.

OoC @Ven: Does that mean I get to kill a character? How can I say no to that? xD

OOC: Or I get to kill one, either way somebody is dying. This going to be hard for me because Geralt is probably the second best RPG character I've ever come across.

@ven you dont have to kill him if you just want to change character

OoC: Well, the rest of the group is going after Regulus soonish, so they could come in and save Geralt at the last second.

AEanna looked around at the others.
"I do not know about the rest of you, but I have no desire to sit here while he fights Regulus alone. Even if he can win, Regulus has caused all of us too much suffering. We all owe him some in return." She said fiercely.

Tophat woke up and walks over to the others.
It sees Geralt walking towards the coliseum.
"Where is that bloke going?"

Geralt leaves sight of the group.

OOC: And time for the pub. i'm not sending Geralt to his death, I'm sending him to his probable death, we'll see how the fight goes at the time and it might be a bit of a wake-up call to Regulus. Geralt is by far the most under-pwered character I've played but his strength comes from his experience, he's seen it all and will act as such.

"I agree, AEanna. And by his own rules he said that we can pay him in favors. Then let us return the favor by helping him." She nodded.

Tophat looks at the others.
"Do you have any doubts? About anything? Because if we go to that arena, you can be sure Regulus will use them against us."

"We might as well go help him. Not like he stands much of a chance on his own anyway." Four said.

Laguna nodded at AEanna, then prepped his machine gun.

OoC: From the way he's being described, Geralt just seems to be on the power level of Frank West from UMVC3, but with magic instead of combo weapons.

"I am at peace with my actions, and my own nature. And I am more certain of one thing than any other; I want vengeance against Regulus. Vengeance for his betrayal, vengeance for Dromaeus's death, vengeance for everything he has done to us." AEanna replied with determination to Tophat.

"Very well then."
Tophat checks its sword and pistol
"Shall we go?"

"It threatens to destroy the civilization that inhabits this planet. He has used us and deceived us." She said sternly. "Let's go." And the girls began to harvest energy once again.

Laguna looked at AEanna. "Vengance will only get you so far. I dont have many regrets, least not ones that get to me that much. I'm going in there just to stop him from hurting anyone else and get my friend back."

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