We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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@Shadow: I might give them a go. Literally all I'm going to be doing until June 6th is drawing and painting. I'll just need a basic description of them.
@Slenn: I meant boobs, and such. You lack them, so I doubt short hair would bother people.

Doctor Com shrugged, "I saw one a mile from here."

OoC: Trilby? Mind if I add a plot?

"No I would most defintly not want to go is this one those I have no choice things"
"Come on Rincewind It sounds like fun and adventure"
"I hate adventure and would much rather be bored than have fun"
"Well I'm going anyway here's your three Rhinus for today"

@tribly k, ill think up a description of them and pm you tommorow cos im realy tired

@wacky: Not really.

OOC: @Trilby. There was a stuffed bra involved, however they did not show through the baggy top. And that's where I'm going to stop.

OoC @Gear: For the moment I'm just trying stuff, havn't decided on a actual scene to do yet.
As for when will I have something done? No idea, really.
I think i'll have trouble trying to blend all the difrent art styles, so who knows.

Ferdinand shrugs, "Alright then. Grab my beak."

OoC: Since I didn't say earlier, just thought I'd say that I'm ~14.8.

Miles below Rome, 3000 years in the past, a device is set in place by Scarlet.

Rose let out a big sigh. "Honestly? It's kind of a hell-hole. I mean all the places that weren't rubble were all infested with zombies. I'm just glad we're back."

"Well, I'd love to go and find it myself, but I can't move without falling on my face again! Can I ask you girls to help me out again?"

@Slenn: I'm just saying. Would've made more sense.
But you probably wouldn't suit it... You have sexy hair...
And that's where I'M going to end it.


OOC: Sorry. Had to take care of something.

"Hmm." I say. 'I wish I could have gotten a shot at those two idiots.' I think about Kidd and Regulus.

OoC: @Nailik The art style of most of the characters seems to either be very crude cartoon work or near-realistic anime. Hope that helps, but it's just an idea. Dont mean to push.

Twoflower grabs his beak wanting to go on adventure
Rather quiet in here now I kind of miss thee guy now and potatoes

@tribly ... oh i just found the pic..*lol*

OoC: You forgot, Roland showed her worlds that were earths, but left unscathed.
Roland nodded, "Yeah, this world is pretty screwd up. But still, what about the worlds that were unharmed?"

Ferdinand and the entire boat vanish, and land on tanner.

The small little device is ticking, tick, tock, tick, tock.

"Hmmmm... sure. What are the dimensions of your tire?"

OOC: @Silver and Trilby when he gets back on: Glad you enjoyed the costume. I did too. XD (Even though now the pictures are in storage.)

OOC:Rincewind is in luggage so he doesn't notice yet
"what shall I do now I could wait but I'll need food sooner or later luggage probally has some in here some where and how do I get out Shit

i walk over to winona and give her a little hug from behind, "Hey winona, who's the girl in dark red?" i ask, managing to remain calm even tho im extatic about what i found for 'the plan'

OoC @Gear: I'll probally gonna end up using my own style while staying true to the character's design. lol.
We'll see.
Anyway, I'm off to bed now, I'm nearly falling asleep on my desk.

OOC: Wait what, @wacky? What kind of boat?

"So. Whadya wanna do?" Four asked Tanner, trying to seem nonchalant.

"Well they were much nicer, but it's still nice to be back with the others. I missed them so much." Rose said, leaning her head on Roland's shoulder.

OOC: @Silver Sara's in chocolate brown.

"Oh, hello there. My name is Sara. User of the strong nuclear force." She bowed and reached out her hand to Conall. Her sword gleaming in the setting sun.

Ferdinand stares at the wizard.
"Well, just get out of the boat, and meet your group."

OoC: I think its a canoe.

Roland smiled, "Yeah. No place like home." he says.
Shame you don't really have one. Wow mind, really? Think that up now? Sometimes I wonder...

Doctor Com looks at Conel, "What are you doing?"

OoC: alright silver, its getting anoying... do you think you could capitalize your I's? I'm just nitpicking... but still, its getting annoying.

@slenn i was talking about the text color cos i felt 'the brown chick' might have sounded a bit ofenceive
I smile and ask sara a question "Oh, so your like winona? ...exept your cuter ..." I say the last part quietly to winona. I shake sara's hand and admire her spakaling sword "Thats a very pretty sword"
I try to ignore the pony
@wacky *lol* fine i will

OOC:I don't think you caught on luggage is a supernatual chest made out of sapient pearwood with legs and walks which happens to float and inside is near infinte due to the steep incline Rincewind can't get out

Before I can say anything to Four, something lands on me.

OOC: The color I used is brown for the text, but it comes out as dark red. Don't worry about offense, because I wouldn't have interpreted it that way.

"Winona uses the weak nuclear force. It transforms neutrons into protons and vise versa. She can also create beta decay with her hammers. I use the strong nuclear force, the force that binds the protons and neutrons together. I'll have to be careful around here as I always do. Nuclear fusion is easy to do for me, as well as fission. Nucleosythesis of elements is something else I can do as well."

"Thank you. It's title is Gluon, named after the interacting particle of the strong nuclear force. It is a formidable tool."

Conall gets a mental message.
You have a better chance with Winona. She likes you back.

OoC: Silver, you troll.

The countdown miles below rome slowly beeps down. Further down... further down. 45, 44...

OoC: Tanner goes through a lot, huh? Just be glad it's mostly played for comedy. And canoes are quite light, arnt they?

I remember I still have my portal gun on me and demonstate it to sara by shooting a 2 portal and retrieving my guitar, I hear doc's coment and mentaly sig phew,he only suspects me of hitting on sara, I doubt he suspects what I have been doing

OOC:its not a canoe I explained this in my last post just above

OOC: Edited my last post.

"I see, so I finally get to see the portal gun from the visual reports these two have been giving me."

"Here, take this!" Yes-Man printed out a piece of paper with his construction specifications on it. He circled the tire dimensions and handed the paper to Winona.

"Oh crap! Are you okay Tanner?" Four said, trying to push the...whatever-the-hell-it-is off of Tanner.

i smile at Sara, and begin explaining how it works, after 5=10mins "... and thats how it works"

OoC: So, how big is the canoe?

Ferdinand picks up the canoe, and places it on the ground next to tanner.
"Just be happy its camody. You'll be fine."

Roland looks at Rose, "Who should we talk to first?"
OoC: Remember, it feels like only a week.

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