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Sara became a little saddened.
"I don't really know what to say in return to him, Jin. The energy that flows into the universe is vast. We don't want to hurt others because of the energy we gain. We need it for knowledge and investigation. It is something our creators hoped we would discover along the way, something that we would experience in order to understand the might of the cosmos before ever facing the dark being. I guess I just don't know the magnitude of this 'Satan' and how his power led to his malice. I guess it is kind of a touchy subject for him." She went over to Jin, wanting a hug. Her sisters hugged her from behind.

Realizing that Sara wanted a hug, Jin gave her one, though he was a little embarrassed. "I don't really know, myself. My only experience with Satan was when he killed my parents. He wanted to fill me with hatred. He succeeded for a time... Honestly, only Jio knows the true scope of Satan's power or malice. Something, I suppose we should all be grateful for."

He paused for a moment. "I understand that you don't want it for ill intent, and I think that Jio knows that, too. It's probably just kinda a difficult subject for him."

I'm glad I'm wearing my visor, because it makes it hard to see my eyes, and tears. "Peter Chekhov. He was our junior armorer. A real bright guy. Never made it above private though. He was the only guy I was...I was really friends with." I stop and hug Four close to me. "I...c-can we just...go to bed now. I'm...tired." I say as I try to keep my voice under control.

Sara's eyes started to water, like a tearing towering statue of a goddess.
"Well I'm very happy that at least you can see. Thank you. And now I can understand where Jio comes from." She hugged him again. "Inside of me, I have a burning feeling that I want to go and apologize for misunderstanding. Perhaps the gaining of the energy is by understanding more how a prospering civilization works. How its citizens live and work together, just like Jio said. And that way, we may perhaps discover the key. I've never encountered such a person like Jio before, who's encountered a person who wanted to do the same thing. And now I'm afraid to say sorry."

EMily and Winona were surprised at this.

Four was taken by surprise a little by Tanner hugging her after he spent so much of the conversation trying to avoid looking at her. She gave him a nod and started walking back to the ship.

I'm grateful that Four doesn't say anything. We make our way to the armory and I lie down without disturbing Mia.

OOC: Mmmmm this is some good wangst if I do say so myself (talking about my character obviously).

Four laid down next to Tanner after taking off her shoes, jacket and hat. She said to Tanner, "Good night."

Jin blushed a little, but he regains his composure and returns the hug Sara gave him hoping it would ease her mind. "Well, I don't think he doesn't understand. It probably just brings up bad memories for him. Ones he associates with Satan. But Jio is an interesting case. He's probably the nicest person you'll meet, though he can be rough around the edges at times. I guess that's what you get when a person makes their life goal world domination. You know, he kinda succeeded in that goal, back home. He linked the whole world together for an instant and defeated Satan. He then saved the world from Armageddon. True story."
After a slight pause. "But maybe you should go talk to him. When, you, uh, feel up to it."

I can only give a soft grunt to Four as I pull her close to me. I hug her tight to suppress the tremors that threaten to run through me. I weep for a long time, managing to stay completely silent. A skill I've developed over the years.

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Sara took a deep breath.
"Maybe... No I will. I don't want to leave him like this." She said with determination. She walked up to Jio. EMily and Winona trailing behind.

"Jio, I... I wanted to apologize. I know that our energy grants us great strength and reveals a lot about the universe. And I understand that our wanting to know the universe sounds a lot like Satan's mission. We've been traveling from dead civilization to another dead civilization, showing us the might of what threatens intelligent life. We've only seen a few civilizations that still lived. Perhaps we need another visit to them. Knowing what makes an intelligent civilization grow and prosper, through the power of its citizens working together, that will reveal something. How to survive and overcome the greatest threats. Something greater about the cosmos." Sara hugged him from behind, with great strength too. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry. You've revealed something that of which we must study in order to understand how to work together." She said through her tears.

"Oh, gosh.. she's hugging him. This can only lead to one thing..." She said with a silly smile.

While Tanner wept, Four stroked his hair. She whispered to him, "There there. Just let it all out."

Jin had followed to watch what happens.

Jio sighs and gasps a little.
"I know you aren't malicious in your intent. EMily and Winona couldn't be evil. And I don't think they have a greedy bone in their bodies. I don't know what you will face. But I'm certain that if you and your sisters face it together with trust and love between you, you can win. No matter, what it is you encounter. I know from experience that you can do so. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you..."
He put his hands on her arms on his chest in an attempt to return her embrace.

I just worry that what you face might be me...

"Thank you... thank you so much. And I understand. I forgive you." She sniffled a little.

"Sara, you gonna be okay?"

"Yeah... yeah I'm okay." She turned back to her sisters with wet cheeks and a smile.

"It's getting late."

Sara nodded back to EMily and then turned back to Jio.
"I can tell already that you're very wise for a kid your age. I can't wait to fight along side you. I thank you again. We will do our best to understand the universe and more importantly our selves."

Sara and the others set their sleeping bags under the stars once again.
"Jio, you should sleep under the stars again." EMily said as she tucked herself in.

OOC: Those earlier posts almost had ME tearing up. Sara was always a leader in my eyes. Making her tear like that tugged at a lot of my heart-strings. Anyways, this might be my last post for today.

Tanner had fallen asleep in Four's arms, and before she even realized it she had fallen asleep as well. She purred happily as she lay there in Tanner's warm embrace.

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"Well, I... didn't really do anything..." Jio was a little confused. A kid my age? "But, I... appreciate the compliment." Seeing the tears on her face. "I really didn't mean to make you cry, though."

"You two okay?"

"Yeah, I think so." Looking at EMily, "I usually do. Kinda natural to me." He and Jin each went to find a comfortable place to sleep. They each found comfortable places not far from the girls and fell asleep, Jin using Ashura as a pillow.

OoC: @Slenn Yeah, from what I saw on your deviant art, she came across as the leader of the group. And the way EMily behaves, she didn't quite seem like the leader of the group. Maybe the Raphael to Sara's Leonardo, though. Hard to hurt your creations, I take it.

OOC: Noticed people were listing characters....you forgot Varger....I have failed as a writer.

OoC: @Ven A while back when it was mentioned I think I brought him up. At the very least, I remember him.

The dead corpse of Doctor Com remains where it was earlier that day. He remains dead.

Meanwhile, 3 multiverses away, 5 billion years in the past, but yet a few days, maybe a few weeks, into the future...
"BALLS! Dimensional wavering at 90%! How the hell did that happen!? Time folding at a dangerously low level of 20%, dammit! Where is the wiggily leaver, I need the wigaly leaver!"
There comes a wimper.
"Soory, Just trying to get you ba-SHIT! Wormhole density at 50%! this is going to be a bumpy ride!"

The sound of hoof beats on the cold metal ground reverberates on the surface.
"Come on, right, left, timespace bending, activate the turntable, jump, multiversal leap, come on come o- SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-"

OoC: Guess who's coming...

Ferdinand sits down in his office, thinking.
How... how did scarlet just Drop a bridge on him? Its impossible... How...

@Wacky Captain Picard?
Just a wild stab in the dark...

Also yes. Yes I have.
I told you yesterday.
Though, I didn't draw this one myself... Same character. I just couldn't draw her.
Bloody MS Paint, with your lack of layers!

OoC: @wacky I'm guessing Bob. It's Bob isn't it?

OoC: Hey guys, back. I read up, so I think I got it all. Sorry for not saying when I was going last night, but it was late. So, anyone need me for anything?

@Salt: Is it a coincidence that I just read a webcomic featuring a character named Bob?

@Gear: Laguna's still around, right?

OoC: @Tribly Yeah. Kinda relived, kinda shaken, putting on a brave face.

@Gear: Okay. How would he feel about having

fall on top of him?

OOC: Back.... Goodness that was a nice nap. :3

OoC: @Trilby http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HilarityEnsues

Laguna walked outside the ship, strechting. He had gone inside for a sleep, but now he was up and looking around.

EMily, Winona, and Sara all woke up out of their sleeping bags and got into the ethereal plane to get ready for the day. After a few minutes had passed they stepped out and had breakfast at the entrance to Tanner's ship. They saw Laguna walking off for a stroll.

"Who's that guy with the long hair again?"
"Oh that's Laguna."
"Hello Laguna!" Sara yelled, hoping it would gain his attention

Laguna looked over at EMily and Winona. He waved back, then noticed Sara. "Ah, new girl. You must be one of EMily's sisters."

OoC: @Trilby there were any number of Bob's you could have gone with and you thought that one?

@Gear Did something happen to Laguna?

A figure appears in the sky, with a green glow behind it. The glow vanishes.
The figure gets bigger, and then hits Laguna in the chest, knocking him onto his back.
"Fuck." the woman who is now straddling Laguna sighs.

Jio wakes up and stretches. "That was a nice night's rest."

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Laguna was about to say something to Sara when something knocked him down. He groaned, and looked up at the woman on top of him. "You allright?" He then noticed the position she was in, and his leg started burning.

OoC: @Saltyk Regulus is dead now, but they couldn't get Erica back. He's still kinda kicking himself over that.

"Hello Laguna my name is Sara and.... HOLY CRAP!" She exclaimed when the girl landed on Laguna. She helped get the young lady to her feet. "Are you alright?"

EMily did the same thing and helped him up as well. She snickered. "It seems as though your introductions are always interrupted."

Sara made a fist and knock-knocked on EMily's skull hard. "Two points do not a function make." She snapped.

OOC: FINALLY!!! its funny since when i get back from uni everyone was offline. I now have some time to actually participate instead of checking when i can and otherwise chin deep in ridicules paperwork (F**K i hate david williamson. to anyone who doesn't know he is an australian playwright and he is S-H-I-T!!!!!) .......anyway getting back to the subject

"Kaptin iz got somtin ta tell ya! dis can't wait we's got to do somtin about it NOW!" Mr Nailbrain said interrupting Kaptin Bluddflagg as he was stomping an ork to death "Da power generator was damaged in dat last fight we had wit da humies. Dis means dat if we don't land da ship we's gonna lose power and crash."

"What yer sayin is dat YOU BROKE ME SHIP!?!?!!!" Kaptin Bluddflagg yelled "Dis is no gud, iz is not losing another ship to humie weapons. Nailbrain can't you just fix da generator?"

Mr Nailbrain shook his head as he said "Da power source for dis ship came from both da humie generator and da chaos stuff it collated going through da warp. Dis means dat i can try and fix da generator but dats only half da problem solved, we need more power."

Kaptin Bluddflagg rubbed his eves with his hand. "Dis is hard for me to say boys but da best way of finding power for da ship is to ask dem humies" he said as the ship's lights dimmed "Set da git finder ta pansy we's gonna have to find da humies again."

Laguna stood up with help from EMily. "Thanks." He rubbed his leg tentativly. He could put weight on it. "Everyone ok?"

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