We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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OOC:@Random Rose and Grubbs are alon in the demon universe

mia remembered grubb said he sided himself with regules and said he was his slave, she readyed her sword and brough it down whilst stamping down with her clawed foot on grubbs through
@jag remember Vilians ALWAYS lose

Laguna rolled it around in his head. "I'm presuming you treid another of these, something went wrong, and that's why you turned into the human meteor."

OOC:@Silver You have not read the Demonata

"I can't. You bit my arm and neck. It's taking most of my concentration just to remain conscious." Rose said to Grubbs. She dismissed her weapons and pressed on the locket around her neck. She was zapped back to the Roseland. She slowly got up and staggered off to the medical bay, where she went about patching up the wounds on her arm and neck.

@jag no i havent, your point being?

@Jag: Here, the villains lose.

"No, that involved an unplanned test flight of some wings and a psychopath with a fire axe." R replies.

and with that grubs head was severed and fade into nothingness as his corpse was burned
vilians always lose

"Out of curiosity, what year do you think it is?"
Tophat asks R.

"Hi there Conall. You would not believe how pointless the fight we were just in was."

"Remind me to ask you about that sometime."

Grubbs looks sad as his head is chopped off. There is a clapping sound as Mia severed the head. Grubbs pops next to Rose. "Im going to kill myself to save you!" He says using magic from his last well of it and uses it to make Rose have his limbs. "There you go. Remember me as the weirdo not the physcopath!" He says before slumping down in a chair.

"2010-2020. We keep bouncing around that decade. Probably 2012 based on the fact that that's what my phone says." R says.

@jag that made no sense waht so ever....

"Hold on, you've got an connection?"
Tophat says, looking very suprised.

@Shadow: All I'm taking away from that is Grubbs died.

"You don't?" R asks, surprised. She shows Tophat the phone, which has full bars for everything.

OOC:@Silver basically Grubbs uses his last bit of magic to save Rose then is now dieing from exhaustion and his demon side will come soon. That wasnt Grubbs demon side. Just a little bit.

@Jag: Yeah...I'm with everyone else on this one, that was just impossible to understand.

OOC: @Trilby Bear in mind that every satellite in this world's orbit and the hardware for all other comms networks have been knocked out by the Reapers.

@jag... rose was never dying, grubb cant get to rosland, mia killed him and destroyed him particle by particle... GRUBB is DEAD, Rose is fine, conel is talking to winona

"I don't have a phone, but from what I've heard the satellite network has been knocked out."


Also... disregard that last post...

Grubbs snaps and turns and teleports to everyone. "Hi how are ya! Conel my man you saved my life with Cadvar's blood. WOOH!" Grubbs shouts jumping onto a ruined wall. "When i said im Regulus' slave, I meant it!"

Laguna looked at R. "Anyway, we got some time travel shenanagins going on here. Some guy came Kessler came back in time in this timeline, and it caused a bunch of different worlds to fuse together."

OOC: @Trilby Ironically, the correct caption for that meme would have been exactly the reason why the phone shouldn't work...:)

R looks at Laguna, serious-faced. "What the fuck did you do to him!?" she yells.

OOC:How do you get up Videos?

AEanna was walking back towards R, Laguna and Tophat when she heard R's outburst. She walked over quickly, curious as to who she meant.

Rose stayed on the Roseland while she was recovering for the time being. She looked into better methods of combating evil creatures than just hoping they were vulnerable to Silver.

"We tried to kill him. And I tried to thank him."

@all please ignore jag, he dosnt make any sense

OOC: How do you get up Videos?

"Kesller? We didn't do anything! He came back, fused like 7 different timelines together, took over Paris, Stockholm, Assili and Rome, nuked Assili, and mutated one of our freinds and killed two others! Ok, those two came back, but still!"

"No, look. You guys did something to Present-Him, which got Future-Him mad at you. So he comes back to kill you when you do whatever you did to him that got him mad at you in the first place." R explains.

"Actually it was a mistake, if what he was telling is true."

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