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Laguna had been watching everything that had happened, but he hadn't joined. He didn't want to hurt anyone with friendly fire. He walked up. "We all ok?"

AEanna lowered her hands and ended her spell as Grubb's body vanished, the looked around for injured.
"Does anyone require aid?" She called.

Roland nods, "Its nice. I like it!" he said, kissing Rose.
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>PS: Talk to Laguna.
You can't, you still knocked out! However, Laguna is near you. You try to move.

"Thanks Sweety!" Rose said as she hugged Roland. "Roland and I are fine. I don't think anyone else got hurt." She said to Laguna and AEanna.

Laguna saw Problem Slueth move out of the corner of his eye. "Over here, someone's unconcious!" He ran over, checking for vitals.

>PS: Flail around and dance like an idiot.
You're god damn stuck! You need your VIM to be refilled. that SEPULCHRITUDE took a lot out of you.

Roland smiles, [color=red]"Yeah, we're fine. But it looks like that Problem Sleuth guy is pretty bad.

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AEanna urried over to PS and crouched beside him. She began to check him for injuries, before frowning in confusion and looking up at Laguna.
"I... I do not really know how I can heal him. Most of this group are essentially human in terms of anatomy, or at least animals that I know of, but he is so different. He is beyond my knowledge of medicine."

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>PS: Kiss that gorgeousness dame!
You can't, knocked out. God, your slow.

Roland thinks for a moment.
"Try kissing him." He said.

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"What? Seriously?"

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"Well, we gotta do something." He tried propping the Sleuth up. "Maybe give him the cuchi-cuchi treatment..."

Roland looks at AEanna, "Yeah. I remember reading his story somewhere, and he almost died from the same attack. Just give him a peck on the cheek."

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"Um... alright then. If you think it will help." AEanna leaned close and kissed PS on the cheek.

Roland nodded, "Good. He's awake. Told you so."

"Ah, wonderful! My tutors never told me about that particular healing spell." AEanna said chuckling as she got to her feet and offered PS a hand.

"Yay! Everyone's alright now!" Rose cheered.

>PS: Grab AEanna's hand
You grab her hand, still dazed.

Roland laughed, "Nah, you just shocked him out of the afterlife."
Roland held rose by his side

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Laguna blinked, then turned to the group. "Ok, even I can barely belive that worked." He looked at PS. "You allright?"

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AEanna pulled PS to his feet.

>PS: Respond.
You continue to rub the kiss, still shocked.

"He's fine."

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AEanna glanced up at the sky, surprised for a moment at how late it was getting, then remembering that she had actually slept for half of the day.

"Ah, it is good that things are quiet these days." She said. "If I did not get a chance to sleep properly soon, I think I may have gone mad. Speaking of which, I suppose I had better go on my usual visit to the villages soon enough."

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Laguna looked at AEanna, concerned. "Careful. Those people have been through a lot, and there must be rumours going around by now."

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The pain in Eddie's back finally subsided. He shakingly got up.
"Yup, no need to check up on me or anything. I mean, it's not like I was in agony for the last 40 minutes... or however long it lasted.

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Laguna looked over at Eddie. "Sorry. There's been a lot of stuff going on."

"Oh! Eddie! I'm sorry! We were just so caught up with fighting that monster that...I'm sorry." Rose said as she walked over to Eddie.

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OoC: Hey @Outis. We've made a group decision, ignore Jag. Just lock him out, dont respond to him at all.

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