We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"E-yeah, doesn't matter. I'm fine now."
Eddie said while flexing his back.
"So, can we please go back to doing cool stuff now? Like naming our band?"

"Do not worry about me Laguna." AEanna said confidently. "Vampires are naturally gifted in the art of staelth, and I was taught by the very best." She looked at Eddie.
"Oh dear. I am sorry Eddie, I did not see you!"

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"Dem humies fixed my ship Nailbrain" Kaptin Bluddflagg asked as he kicked the generator "Or have dey sabotaged me ship?"

Mr Nailbrain was studying the work of Sara,Emily and Winona "Dem are rude lil gits but day know how to fix stuff!" he said, prodding the electrical wires.

Kaptin Bluddflagg grinned, a stubbon and angry grin but a grin none the less, and said "Dis means dat dey have kept der side of da agreement so we's will do da same."

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I wake up. I had cried myself to sleep, curled into a ball no less. 'God I'm pathetic sometimes.' I think as I rub my eyes and continue to lay in bed.

"Right! I think Winona had a good name...but I didn't write it down." Rose said, her ears dropping a little.

Eddie overheard AEanna mention stealth.
"Trained by the best, eh? They got roadies where you're from too?"

"I'd still say we go for "Dimensional Distortion."
Eddie said to Rose.

"Roadies? I do not know, what are they? I was referring to my mentor Dromaeus, who was an assassin."

Tanner's been asleep an awfully long time. I should go make sure he's okay. Four thought. She walked back over to the ship and into the armory to check on Tanner.

"Yeah! That name's really good! Especially considering our circumstances." Rose said to Eddie, happily wagging her tail.

Laguna nodded at AEanna, then looked at Rose. "I think Winona said Event Horizon or something to that effect."

R raises an eyebrow at Rose. "Was your father a dog or wolf or something?" she asks.

"Man, the roadies I rolled with were the absolute masters of stealth. They could litarally just fade from sight before your very eyes! Nothing could detect them, not the naked eye, no sensors, nothing.
Hell, they were good."

Eddie looked up at the sky. "Good times."
"That's what I was thinking!"
He said to Rose.

"No. Why would you ever think that?" Rose said to R.

"Rincewind I think Luggage is going to break the hull"
Luggage breaks through the hull
"Very determined is definitely a quality in him"

"Alright. Come on. Pull yourself together you sorry son of a bitch. Stop being such a pathetic little baby and...that didn't really help..." I say out loud to myself as I stare at the ceiling and rub my scalp.

Kaptin Bluddflagg, accompanied by his bodyguard, teleported down to the planet and slowly over to the group.

Luggage spits out Twoflower and Rincewind in the lower decks
Tada everybody we are back

"Aww C'mon, you're not pathetic." Four said to Tanner, standing in the doorway of the armory.

"Dromaeus was capable of exactly the same skill. Even in the middle of a pitched battle, he could disappear right in front of his foe, and then strike them down from behind a moment later. What did these Roadies do? Did they also use stealth for the purpose of combat?" As she spoke, she happened to glance to one side, and spotted the Orkss approaching. Snarling, she drew her weapons.

Eddie noticed the Orks approach.
"Hey, it's those ugly dudes.
Come to get another healthy dose of ass-kicking?"

He asked.

"Well... dogs wag their tails when they're happy. Cats do it when they're annoyed... generally." R says.

"Ah runaway Orcs bad crate yes good hide"
Twoflower also hides next to Rincewind

Laguna saw the orks. He drew his machine gun, but kept it lowered.

Luggage breaks through the hull

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I bolt upright and look at the doorway. "Oh...hey Four...sorry you heard that..." I lay back down. "I'm sorry you had to see me like that last night too." I say.

@Outis: That reminds me, R put a dent in a wall.

"If yer didn't hear ya gi....... I mean, if yer didnt hear. your group and my boys have a parlay, da only reason i am here is ta personally thank yer buddies but if yer gonna be so hostile i might just STOMP YER INTO THE GROUND!" Kaptin bluddflagg yelled at Eddie

@Outis: That reminds me, R put a dent in a wall.


So I've read.

"Huh?" Rose hadn't even noticed her tail was wagging. "Oh. Right. Well I guess I wag it when I'm happy then!" Rose said with a smile. "Still kind of a weird thing to ask someone." She said.

"Eh it's alright. I didn't tell anyone in case you were worried about something like that." Four said.

"Hey Rincewind why don't we go up to the others"
"One tried to kill us with lights of red I don't really trust them
"You don't trust anyone"
"Most people try to kill me Twoflower"

"Thank... wait a minute, what are they here to thank us for?" AEanna growled, her katana and Mehrune's Razor drawn and ready to lunge.

Laguna dispelled the gun, remaining calm. "Well, thanks for coming down personally. I'm glad things turned out good for both sides." He considered it for a moment, then extended an arm to Bluddflagg.

"I fell out of the sky." R says simply.

"...Thanks...I feel like people wouldn't want to take my advice if they knew how much of an emotional wreck I really am." I say slowly as I stand and get dressed.

"A parlay... really?
Allright then. If you're cool, I'm cool.
Afterall, why fight when we could be rocking out instead!"

Eddie replied to Bludflagg.
"so, what be yer name, matey?"

"Okay I think its safe Twoflower we will go up to whats their faces"
Rincewind and Twoflower start to sneak up stairs

AEanna did not sheathe her weapons.
"What exactly have I missed? Why are we sharing pleasantries with these thugs?" she snapped, glaring about her.

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