We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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Imagination sifts through the pages.
"Yes, you write well."
The book vanishes for a moment, and appears in Rose's hand.
"Would you wish for your story to be spread now, while you live, or later, when you die?"

Roland looks at Satan, "You do not know of the multiverse at large. All books written in the first person are written by chroniclers. Fiction or non. I know my master keeps secrets from me, but I know its for safety. And, believe it or not, love is one of the most powerful things in the mutiverse. I have yet to see a ship powered by pure hate."
He stays still, and waits for Satan's move in ignorance. He's surprised, satan might have power, but not knowledge.

@Salty: What can I say? I aim to please.

"Hey! I take exception to that! Nobodies ever had to pay me!" Four shouted at Satan.

Last post.

OOC: its a form of insult like how he calls space marines "Tooled up pretty boys"

OOC: Back.

I stop. 'No. There has to be another way.' I hear Satan scold the others. 'He's just like Regulus...maybe...' I turn off my camo and walk up behind Satan. "Excuse me." I say calmly as I stand behind him.

Regulus walked up to Erica's soul in Deadside.
"Greetings, Erica."
"You... you monster!"
"That I am. Come let us watch the end of all things."
"I would rather stay here, no way that I'm gonna fuel your sick pleasure again!"
"Thou do not hath a choice in the matter."
Regulus absorbed Erica into another Soul Gem and swallowed it. A sense of euphoria overtook its senses as it did.
"Ehehehee! Much better!
Now to watch the show!"

"It is for the weak. Hate is the path to power. You could become far stronger with hate than love will ever allow. Trust me. Hate grants limitless power."

OoC @Salty: I approve of this line. :)

"What do you mean by 'spread'?" Rose asked nervously.

Imagination shrugged, "Implant the story in writers minds so they write the story out in some form. Basically, I'm asking if you want to begin being written about."

OOC: Wow, I come back to check up on things. And shit has gone down.... way down. XD

OOC: What?!?! Another being DARES to question the power of LOVE?!? I will not STAND for this blasphemy! But...I will allow someone with far more skill to explain:

Also, hehe...page 1234...funny.

OOC: Wow, I come back to check up on things. And shit has gone down.... way down. XD


"Um...I'm not sure I'm comfortable with people writing about me." Rose said.

"Fine, you are a slut. But why should that be a surprise? You're nothing but a part of a mad man's fragmented mind. You're barely even alive."

Satan looks Roland dead in the eyes. "Do you really believe I am unaware of what went on while I existed within Jio? I know of it all. Besides, I am a scientist. I knew of the multiverse theory before you were even born. Even if I didn't, you just confirmed it. But you are deaf as well as dumb, it seems. I already mentioned the multiverse myself."

"Ah the soldier shows up at last. I was wondering why you kept hiding. Do you wish to try to analyze me like you do the lesser spirit? Don't bother. You might as well go sleep with your slut over there, as you had already done."

OoC: @Nail I aim to please.
@Slenn Hey, Satan has a gift for the girls!

"No, actually, I was expecting you to analyze me. Although you don't seem very good at it, to be perfectly honest. You only seem to be able to point out the obvious. It's sad, really. Even Regulus can do better then that...barely." I say to Satan in a casual tone.

Roland shrugs, "Yes, but what about the people? The fighters. The multiverse deals with people like you every day, and what happens to them? They die, they fall, they fail. You are fighting a lost cause, satan. The multiverse is filled with people who know about it. You, chances are, are limited to a small little section of it, just like anybeing else. While me and my freinds may not take you down, the rest of the multiverse will. And tell me, how old are you? A few billion? I know people who are trillions of years old, age has nothing to do with anything. You are how you behave. You behave like a intelligent-yet-mad 20 year old who just got access to a nuke, and plans on destroying everything."

Imagination shrugs, "Well, you must remember, chances are you will never read the story yourself. And face it, it has already happend. Do you know wackymon?"

Mr Nailbrains voice came over the radio "Kaptin i t'ink you might want to hear dis. da warphead started yelling about one of da humie gits, he said dat da humie would kill all da people on dat planet den come for us Kaptin. What do you want ta do?"

"Get da ship ready......" Kaptin Bluddflagg said over the radio, he then turned to the group and yelled "Iz is givin' all of yous one chance. come wit me on my ship and survive or stay here and get killed by your friends. YOUS DECIDE NOW!"

OOC: o_O. @Saltyk. I don't suppose you wouldn't tell me what that is?

"Did we get it? Is it finally working again?"
"Let's hope so. Hit the trigger!"

The time machine's gyroscopic mechanism activated and generated a clean portal. The girls could see outside.

"Oh....... no." EMily shuddered seeing Satan once again... along with Regulus. Her pupils dilated.
"It seems as though matters have gotten a whole lot worse in our absence. But there's no time to waste!" She said boldly.
"Let's go!" Winona took a deep breath, despite the terror that was beyond.

The three sisters lept through the portal and Gwen watched them.

"Oh I am very alive! I'll show you!" Four shouted. She ran off as fast as she could.

"Nooo, can't say that I know anyone by that name." Rose said.

Ooc: @Outis I'm drawing a blank on Tanner's past beyond him being not yet licensed therapist.

Ooc: @Outis I'm drawing a blank on Tanner's past beyond him being not yet licensed therapist.

Do you want me to tell you everything, even stuff Tanner hasn't told anyone?

Regulus was watching Satan from a distance, once again laughing as it witnessed the mental agnguish Satan inflicted.
Oh, how I hath missed this...

OoC @Salty: No cheating! D:

Imagination shrugged, and showed Rose a series of posts featuring me durring the san fransico incident with all of its fourth wall breaking.
"You wrote about him. He was brought to this world to be the seed for the story, one that is already being written. You can provide it now, or I can have Roland provide the story. And in all honesty... I'd much rather you'd do so."

OoC: Missed my post, salt?

"Ah, finally the prey that I was waiting for above all else. I am so happy you could join us, girls." Satan throws Roland a mile away and knocks Tanner and Four away with his tentacles. He walks to the girls an bows. It seems odd to see. "My fellow scientists, what a pleasure. I have such things to show you."

ooC: @Outis Maybe later. I got bigger fish to fry. Bwahahaha!

the orks teleported back to their ship as it started ascending, the engine of the ship creating large pillars of smoke.

OoC: @Wacky actually should Imagination and all of them know about some of the things Satan has done. Like the Dragon's Eye Incident? Where he literally destroyed everything within 50 kilometers. People, buildings, mountains, lakes, rivers... Everything! All except for one boy. Cross.
@Drak I knew that. It's why I said it.

Roland shakes his head, "Meh."

OoC: Yeah, they should. I just don't! XP

OOC: @Salty: Quitter! You call yourself a troll?!?!

I get knocked away and tumble for a bit. 'Maybe I struck a nerve.' I think as I wait for my head to stop spinning.

Sara spoke above both her sisters. "And what exactly do you want with us?" She demanded, her voice booming. Her eyes were critically focused on Satan, more so than EMily or Winona's. Her eyes watched everything on Satan, everything down to the meticulous movement of his hair.

OoC @Outis: I know, right? Real trolls don't ask for tips ...maybe they ask if they can turn a char into a vampire... but not tips! xP

"Ooooh, that wackymon! And I'm not quite sure what you're asking of me." Rose said.

"Ow." Four moaned as she stood back up. "Well, at least that wasn't the worst thing he could have done with those things." She said as she brushed herself off.

@Salty: I know. I actually found it endearing. I just wanted to make another joke.

I stand. My legs would probably be shaking if my suit allowed such a movement. "Are you alright?" I ask when I see Four got knocked away as well.

OOC: The leg shaking is from nausea more so than anything else. Just an FYI.

Imagination sighed, "I just want to know if you want your story to be told while you live, or when you die?"

Satan approached the girls slowly. "Why I wish to speak to you without interruptions from these annoying insects." He looks at them as his tentacles move menacingly.

He smirks and then grabs EMily in his left hand, Sara in his right, and Winona with a tentacle. He begins absorbing their energy so that they can't escape, and before anyone can react, they all disappear. In reality, they were moving at the speed of light away from the camp. They stopped and started numerous times to foil pursuers until they arrived far from the group at an undisclosed location. Satan still held the girls and maintained his absorption effect to keep their energy low.

"Much better."

@wacky No interruptions. I wanna do something here.

"Yeah I'm fine. Thanks for asking." Four said as she walked over to Tanner.

"Well if I'm never gonna have much of a chance to read it, does it really matter?" Rose asked.

Once Satan had left, Regulus revealed itself to the rest of the group.
"My, is this not fun?! I recovered Erica just for thi occasion!"

The sisters activated their energy absorption at a slow rate, enough to keep them from falling unconscious, but not enough for Satan to detect it.

"Now what is it that you want?" Her gaze still fixed on his face.
EMily and Winona attempted to struggle but couldn't get out.

OOC: Now, hopefully this won't go on for too long. You know better than I @Saltyk, how our character dialogue tends to drag on a lot. XD

Imagination shrugged, "You might, one day. So, is that a yes?"
OoC: Going to bed soon, just have four answer the question, then to bed.

Doctor Com slowly walks up to Regulus, and slaps him upside the head.
"Gee, your one hell of an ass."

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