We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"Your not seeing the true meening tophat, and Rose, dear sister. why dont you come over here. would you call me insane if i taught my military grade turrest to sing a opera in italian to Winona?" i ask, as I though of Winona i couldnt help but smile

R walks over. "What the fuck are you going on about now?" she asks.

"I don't think I needed to hear that." Four said to Tophat.

"Probably. Because that's a stupid thing to do!" Rose shouted back, still sitting on the edge of the stage.

"Then what is the meaning? Because from what I know all I can think is 'put this boy behind bars'."

OoC: Can't resist the oppertunity to troll.

Regulus' voice echoed through Four's mind.
My, did I ever mention what a poor mother thou art?
When thy offspring art not kidnapped, they turn into remorseless killers. How quaint.

R looks at the world's most fucked up family. "Seriously, what the fuck happened?" she asks.

@nalik oh this will be entertaining

"Well fantastic! This is just what I needed right now, a broken fucking record playing off in my head!" Four shouted as she heard Regulus.

Say what thou will, deep down thou know that I am right.
'What happened to my son'? Thou failed to raise him propperly, that is what.
...Soon the boy will be just like me or Joel...

@kirk when my Portal 2 downloads, do you want to play co-op later

OoC: @Silver Sure.

"It is not my fault my son is like this! He's nowhere near as bad as you monsters! He's still a person dammit!" Four couldn't help but shout into the air.

I noticed Four act strangly, my cheek started hurting a little and i grabed it, I wondered were Joel was, and for that matter Matt as well

"HEY!" Joel yells, unnoticeable by anyone, from behind Conall.

Is it not? How much time hast thou spend with him? Very little indeed...
Children canst be expected to learn what is right and wrong on their own, they need guidance. Something thou did not provide, rather thou were busy sleeping around. Neglectful slut.
Conall is lost, now watch as he slips more and more from thy grasp as he falls into the shadows.

I decide it best to not turn around, that would only atract unwanted atention. i hoped Joel could here my thoughts Gah! what is it?

OoC @Trilby: Allright! Dual trolling! xD

"Fuck you! Who the hell are you to judge me?! I still have hope you disgusting bastard!" Four shouted. She started angrily pacing in place.

Tophat hears Conalls thoughts, but decide not to say anything to see what it could learn.

Neglectful slut.


Hope? There is naught left to hope for, it is already too late.
Gaze into thy son his eyes, can thou see remorse for what he hath wrought? I think not.
Nay... he will turn into the same heartless being as Joel or myself.

"H-He won't! I won't let him walk down that path! Damn you! Damn you to whatever hell you came from!" Four shouted, tears started to well up in her eyes.

Thou will not let him walk down that path? Ha! Listen to thyself, woman.
Thou hath spend not one minute preventing it, instead others had to do it for thee.
Perhaps had thou put some actual effort in being a parrent rather then indulging thy lustful nature, this could all hath been avoided. But alas...

"J-Just...Just...Fuck you!" Four shouted. She fell to her knees and started crying into her hands. "I-It's not my fault...there was nothing I could do...not my fault...not...my...fault..." She mumbled to herself.

Joel reveals himself to Four. "Really? He tried to BLOW UP YOUR GIRLFRIEND. He's skipping merrily in the park at the end of the path. He's not walking down it, he sprinted down it. Also, HI!"

"Monsters...monsters in my head..." Four mumbled to herself as she curled into the fetal position on the ground.

Joel walks over to Four and starts patting her on the head. "It's okay. Soon I'll kill everyone. Then nobody will be alive to call you a dumb, irrational, neglectful, murderous, hypocritical whore." he says comfortingly. "Except me. Because when you die, you'll be stuck with me. FOREVER!"

i think back to joel I think that's enought.Why did you come here, At least it's something to cross of Matt's plan

"Hey, Four!"
Tophat kneels down by Four.
"You really going to break that easily?"
(To Regulus: Fuck off you rotten wanker.)

There was naught thou could do? Is that what thou tell thyself?
Thou lie to thyself... Thou were the one to alow this to happen.
On several occasions Conall was shown to be struggling, yet thou ignored it.
Thou art not fit to be a mother...

OoC @Trilby:

@Shadow: Only Four can see Joel right now.

@tribly Realy? i though he was visible to Conel and Four

Four was completely unresponsive. She continued to lay on the ground and mumble incoherently to herself.

Kill everyone? What is he, a bad JRPG villain or something? Rose thought to herself as she wrote down what was happening in her black notebook.

Regulus' voice faded from Four's mind.
"I should hath retrived Erica before I went to break her...
This would hath amused me greatly."
It said to itself.

@nalik i think erica should return, would make your troling more eficient as well

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